Online Branding Strategies Are Essential for Both Small and Large Businesses

Marketers are obsessed with generating potential customers and making the sale. In fact that they often discount the value of investing in online branding strategies. Therefore, they need to consider some suggestions following.
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Digital marketing allows you to constantly analyze your brand and product mentions. By implementing it, you are able to not only keep track of the latest trends and offer customized customer services but also understand what your target audience feels about your brand.

But, remember that not everyone knows about your products or services. To get your potential customers to visit your site or social networking pages, you should leverage the power of offline advertising.

People still watch TV, listen to the radio, pay attention to billboards, read newspapers, and collect flyers to inform themselves about various brands and products they offer. We cannot ignore offline users. So you can use a mix of both traditional and digital marketing solutions.

First and foremost, is your website easily accessible on a mobile device? 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales. Therefore if your website isn’t mobile accessible, you need to fix that right away.

To gain the ultimate authority and highlight professionalism, it’s crucial that you spend time on your SEO rankings. Take the time to properly research which keywords your target demographic is using to search for your product/service. Improve your on-site content structure by using H1 tags, bolding, and images. Make sure your URL contains the keyword you are optimizing. Take the time to backlink on high authority sites as well. Check out my SEO Resources.

Search engines are the most important & strongest online entities. Hence, use them for your business. It’s the best way to concentrate on traffic-building efforts to generate search engine traffic.

Start with blogging. Blogging is also a very important branding technique. Hence, the website’s has to regularly update the content because it is necessary for a site, as of the search engines only crawls the updating sites.

Content is king. And to keep up with today’s smart customer who wants to be well armed with information, you have to create good content. Make sure you have a team that is dedicated to putting up well-written articles.

Leverage Social Media platforms. It is the most powerful platform you can think of to market your product. You don’t have to woo these people to your website, you just have to tell them you are there – the reach is tremendous.

Email marketing is an opportunity to create direct links with consumers that, when set up properly, can help to leverage the ROI of any marketing campaign. When planning your e-mail marketing campaign, it is extremely important to mention your brand accurately, so your company will become a reliable reference for consumers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Before trusting the dubious internet to buy a product, wouldn’t you read as many reviews as possible? A bad review anywhere would definitely make a difference. Keeping tabs of reviews will also tell you the opinion of your audience vis a vis your product.

Create and share infographics. Infographics are highly shareable and engaging. Use data and information that you have collected on your own or that you source from other websites.

Take advantage of LinkedIn publishing. Everyone in your network will see your posts and can share them with their own audiences. Plus, people you don’t know can find your content more easily and find ways to connect with you.

Contributed by Suresh Kalyanasundaram, Digital Marketing Expert Trainer (2015-present)

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