Inventive Ideas That Empower Brand Building Efforts on Social Media Scene

Social media is no longer a nice-thing-to-have for business. Actually, this proves itself as a powerful tool to reach out to your customers, offer valuable insights, and foster your brand “health”. Hence, be creative when it comes to social media strategies.
Inventive Ideas That Empower Brand Building Efforts on Social Media Scene
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Branding is all about interacting with your audience to keep them engaged and sub-consciously connected with your brand name. Thanks to social media, building a brand has become a comparatively less arduous task and a quicker one at that. But the challenge is no less. The time has passed, when a great product used to be enough to be a successful brand. Now it has to be backed with a very creative, eye-catching and smart marketing and advertising.

Here are a few tips for your brand to explore on the creativity part.

1. Minimalism:

If you go with the trend, or even if you don’t, minimalism is what makes a brand stand out. Master the art of telling your stories in the least words, attract your customers with just one-liners, use minimalist designs for marketing, etc. Less has definitely become More… more effective that is.

If you want, you can check out poster ads done by McDonalds for their 24-hr open campaigns.

2. Curiosity:

The post which can make your audience look twice, wins! Using puns, limericks and jokes are as effective as contests and games. Let your audience stare at your post and rattle their brains a bit. If you can come up with creative ideas to build curiosity, you can definitely get noticed.

In a very recent campaign, Doritos has dropped their logos from all their packets and print ads. Want to know why? Bet you’re curious right now…

3. Taglines:

Some of the best brands have become famous because of their taglines. A catchy tagline gives you the opportunity to showcase your creative side at the first go. And if it sticks with your customers, you can be assured your brand will stick with them forever.

4. Music:

If you can influence your audience with some kind of creativity in Musical form…. Just Do It! A catchy tune lasts way longer and remains in the heads of your customers after your post has been seen and liked. And if it is good enough, it may end up as the thing that can make your brand go viral on social media.

For starters, one can focus on these 4 points. Apart from them, there are many other points which need to be examined for creative ideas of a product branding. Apart from these, other criteria like knowing what’s trending and using creativity to connect your product with that trend, or simply projecting emotions, be it funny, sad or heart-felt, are also necessary. But it would do you good to take one step at a time.

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