How Will Search Engine Marketing Be Predicted in The Future?

Many SEO specialists researched surveys and revealed some interesting analyses on the state of the SEO industry in the future. This information about changes in SEO is useful and necessary for businesses.
How Will Search Engine Marketing Be Predicted In The Future
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75% of global SMBs will be run by millennials by 2025.

This matters because we are all either selling solutions to local businesses, we are the local businesses, or else we are the consumers looking for the best-of-the-best in our local markets.

Regardless, the changing demographic of these business owners will have an impact on all of these groups.

These new era business owners are much more technologically savvy than their predecessors, and they have a much firmer understanding of how to navigate the spaces of search engine marketing and other avenues of the broader digital marketing umbrella.

Here is what we will see between now and 2025 in the search engine marketing space:

Banks = Digital Disruptors

Forget the traditional agency or media rep that is selling search engine services, banks such as RBC are entering the space and selling these solutions in a bundle with financial lending programs. This is a powerful entrant in the space being that banks control the dollars and cents for these new businesses. Watch your lunch folks.

Emphasis on The Customer Journey

Search engine marketing is an ever-evolving system, but one thing remains consistent: Search engines base their algorithms on real consumer behavior. This means that those who keep their focus on the modern customer journey will be better equipped to provide these valuable services. Watch the people.

Machine Learning

In a world where everyone will soon be an “expert” on SEM and SEO, an advantage will be given to larger service providers. Why? Because aggregation of their databases of information on what keywords and strategies are working will reign supreme over new entrants and disruptors in the space. Use the robots to your advantage.

Local Is Going to War

It’s the era of Amazon, and some serious questions still need to be answered as our cherished local markets continue to learn how to fight back against the web/retail giants of the world.

Contributed by Brock AndonyMarketing Analyst at VendAsta Technologies (2018-present)

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