How to Be Professional at Sales Like an Expert, Not A Salesperson!

For those who always reach high sales targets, they carry themselves as experts in their industry who can solve tough matters for their customers. So, which relevant skills do they have for such achievements? What should you focus to be one of them one day?
How to Be Professional at Sales Like an Expert, Not A Salesperson!
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Because if you play your cards right as an expert, you’ll make the whole selling process almost resistance-less and dare I say…fun.

In Fact, People LOVE Giving Money to True Experts, Seek Them Out and Gladly Give Them a Lot of Money!

Why is that?

Well, have you ever needed a doctor because you were in intense pain or had a nasty infection?

If so, then you know exactly how elated you were, as the doctor calmy told, “It’s nothing serious. We’ll administer some antibiotics you’ll be fine.”

And what happened?

The next day, after you’ve taken your medication, you are already A LOT felt better.

And although you now owe your doctor $369 for a 15min consult, you’re very glad he could help you end that nagging pain.

Can you see where we’re going with this?

Being The Experts Means Being a Welcomed Guest Instead of Being a Pushy, Non-Liked Salesperson

In fact, being an expert means, you don’t have to go the in-efficient, rejection-prone and downright depressing path of “cold-calling” and “closing”, like traditional salespeople do.

Just like a good doc, you’ll have people seeking you out and gladly giving you money.

Here’s some actions step you can take to sell like an expert….

Your Product or Service Must Genuinely Help People Solve A Painful Problem

The more painful, costly in time and/or money…The better. Most important point. All the other strategies won’t work, if you can’t solve or identify your markets big, painful problem using your expertise in combination with a service or product.

Expert Status in Your a Market + A Unique Angle

Critical. You must be the expert for a particular area BUT…. You can’t be just another “personal trainer” or “financial planners”, just like all the other personal trainers and finance guys out there. You’ve got to have some kind of unique angle and standout positively. How do you develop a unique angle, making you perceived as one in a kind? It mainly comes from your own views and methods on how to most effectively solve your market’s problems and your unique personality, which you display. Oh, and you also should have gotten results for real people.

A System for Attracting People (Patients, Clients, Leads…) To You

The fastest way to attract people to you, is by running paid ads that resonate with your market (not necessarily online ads, btw). But there are also ways to increase your attractive pull organically. Books, articles, blogging, FB posts, etc. are all ways of getting organic traffic and attention.

Be A Master of Persuasion and Ditch Traditional Sales Advice

Salespeople have such a bad reputation for a reason: Many of them use pushy tactics and try to manipulate their prospects into buying stuff that might not even help. And far too many salespeople, only care about their commission and can’t even spell ethics. Therefore, if you tell people, that you’re in sales, buyer resistance goes up. But as a persuader, you’re the expert. You’re uniquely qualified to help them and charge good money or it.

To Be a Master Persuader, You Must Be a Master Listener and Interviewer

Contrary to popular belief, effective salespeople DO NOT talk the whole time. And they do NOT try to convince prospects to buy with insincere charm and flattery. Quite the opposite…. Getting people to buy without resistance, is more like being a doctor…You ask smart question, listen intently to accurately diagnose the problem. You get a feel for the needs of the other person, and their emotional make-up. THEN you suggest a solution (your product or service). But here comes the kicker…If you can’t help people, or they’re NOT a good fit because they’ve got unrealistic expectations or are simply dumb, you won’t “close” them or try to v them, like salespeople would.

Contributed by Micheal Contini, Built 7-figure businesses from the kitchen table.

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