How Email Marketing Empowers You to Boost SEO Performance

None of the channels in a digital marketing strategy should exist in a vacuum – email marketing and SEO are not an exception! In practice, the combination between them proves to be powerful when it comes to boosting site rankings and search visibility.
How Email Marketing Empowers You To Boost SEO Performance
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Email marketing still remains one of the best value oriented way to engage with your customers. For one, you need very little in terms of tools to get started. SEO is a way through customers find your content easily and it helps in high ranking on search engine results page (SERP).

The relationship between email marketing is often blurred but both support each other. The main essence of email marketing is to drive traffic to your webpages. If you have better engagement with your customers, then search engines will notice hence helping in your web ranking.

Here are some key reasons you should consider email marketing for SEO

Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site

The best part about email marketing is it helps build relationships with your customers. The kind of traffic that originates from email marketing has a higher chance of conversion than anywhere else. The main reason is that you can personalize your emails to boost outreach. According to research email marketing is 65% more likely to result in a personalized experience than other digital marketing methods.

If you want to win the game of personalization, then segment your email list. This means categorizing your list based on various criteria like geographical zones, income levels, gender or unique customer preferences. Once this is done you can offer differentiated products to your email list groups.

Social Shares

If your content is engaging and addresses the needs of your customers, then you are going to be seeing more social media shares. As your subscribers share your content online you also get additional subscribers through referrals. While social media is not recognized as a ranking factor, it does help build brand awareness hence leading to more referral traffic to your website.

Boost On Site Engagement

Email marketing is a great way for bringing in organic traffic to your site. Since most of the readers have had some awareness of what your company does through email marketing they are more likely to stay on your website and engage with your products. It is highly likely that you first heard of a particular product through email marketing then clicked on the links provided to the webpage. If people are staying more on your webpage then you are going to see a higher rankings on search engines.

Contributed by Vladislav Podolyako, Founder of Folderly and Belkins | Forbes Council


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