From Zero to Hero – Which is The Right Trajectory to Nurture a Well-Known Brand?

Branding is the art of making a company or product a distinct personality and image through the things that customers can see or feel. However, it may be a tough journey for an unknown product to be brand.
From Zero to Hero – Which is The Right Trajectory to Nurture a Well-Known Brand
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Product Introduction

This is the first phase of advertising where you tell people about your product. Here you introduce your product to people who we assume knows nothing about it.

You can simply launch a teaser like the ones you usually see on Television, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Brand Awareness

Creating awareness about your brand is what you need to do next. This phase is also known as the trailer phase.

Once you’ve introduced the audience about your product, the next stage is to create hype in the market for it.

Use social media to tell people everything they must know about your product.

Brand Excitement

So now people know who you are, what you do and what your product is. What’s next?

Time to create excitement for your product. Tell the audience about how your product is better than others in the market.

If you want people to buy your product you have to convince them how your product is different.

Tell them about the unique selling points for your product.

Increasing Sales and Revenue

You have already worked so hard for the product now it’s time to earn now. People now not only know about your product but they also know why your product is better than any other in the market.

Provide buy now, order now, and contact number links to get orders coming in.

Brand Recall

Once you are in the houses of the customers, they will recommend your good services and products to others and soon your product will turn into becoming a brand.

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