Fantastic Aspects of Medical App That You Must Know

Learn how stakeholders-doctors, patients, and hospital beneficial from integrating medical app to your institution. With three point of view stated in the article, you shall begin to understand why it’s critical to own a medical app now.
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The app is essential to every phone. And in modern life, we may sometimes are clouded with too entertaining distractors that we forget other important apps.

Medical app is what I’m talking about.

According to R2G – Research 2 Guidance’s report about medical app integration in 2017/2018 period, the attractiveness of the US market is enormous compared to other countries in the list which prompts rooms for the healthcare innovation to grow exceptionally.

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From the statistic above, I do believe you have somehow grasped how big is the market of medical app.

Then, what medical app has to offer to its stakeholders which are patient, doctor and healthcare institution that healthcare institution must pay attention?

Let’s find out!

First of all,


Conveniently Medical App

It’s alarming to know that not everybody who is on medication takes medication properly. They tend to skip it without realizing how awful their action could affect their health. A study by Risk Management and Healthcare policy in 2014 stated that failing to take prescribed medication shall make the diseases more progressed and possibly even complication. As a result, billions of dollars are wasted just from one single forgetfulness. That’s why one of the essential roles of a medical app is to be a reminder for people to take pills on time.

Besides being a reminder, mobile health app also shows its convenience by allowing users to actively prevent diseases and put on a more positive lifestyle. The medical app can suggest users optimal meals for their goal. More than what you eat is what you should do to prevent diseases such as putting on more clothes because of the weather. Such a feature should never be missed out when you want to offer people our institution medical app.

Medical App Connects Patients Circle

First one in the circle is the doctor.

What’s more satisfied for your user when your institution offers an interactive way of communication with caregivers through the medical app. Even better, a real-time consultant whenever they need. I haven’t found any healthcare institution integrate these features into their system. So, why don’t you?

The second one in the circle is the love ones

User from the medical app is not only from the patient but also from their family and loved ones. This work best for the family member who are at a far distance from home but still want to get updates about the patients status. All they have to do is wait for their notification bell on their phone with a detail description of the patients. The love ones can even make a video call to interact visually.

Reduce Medical Bill

Of course, with all the bright side mentioned above, user or patient can definitely expect a decrease in medical cost. As long as they don’t turn off the notification and avoid appointment though.

Next up,


Customized Healthcare Experience Powered by the Medical App

With a medical app, doctors can spend more time focusing on patients because of all the available data that the app holds. Caregivers can also streamline the healthcare process in every patient’s touch points from diagnosis, medication to follow-up. If the medical app somehow has the ability to figure whether patients understand the instruction or not, it would be the most personalized and well-dedicated healthcare experience for them.

And do you remember the doctor section of “Medical app connects patients circle” point?

It’s practically the same here. Caregivers can utilize a mobile health app to actively conduct a quick check-up with patients who need special attention. they can even schedule an appointment with the patient in order to complete the healthcare service process. Hence, the patient-doctor relationship shall become more transparent and efficient.

Medical App and Data

An app with a certain amount of users will generate a fair amount of data for the administrator. The data from the app serves a lot of purposes. For example:

From the data, the caregiver can learn a patient’s health pattern, therefore, make diagnosis more accurately and map the most optimum treatment plan for patients.

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Moreover, data can be shared among physicians where they can exchange ideas and skip the need for physical meetings. This work best with the rural area where resources are limited and doctor’s consult from more developed areas can boost up the treatment process for patients.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Of course, with such an amount of data like this, you cannot expect doctors to manually type in each query which means they shall have more time to establish a more meaningful relationship with patients hence enhance the healthcare service and efficiency of your institution.

Too much statement? Let’s add one quick number.

According to mHealth statistic from GreatCall, the number of caregivers who believe that medical app can improve patient’s health tremendously is 93% and Skycure also stated that 80% of physicians use portable devices to support their day-to-day practice. That’s a big number, isn’t it?

Lastly, the one stakeholder that shareholder do really care about,


Integrate with More Medical Tools

Medical app is just one of the medical advancements of healthcare technology. And we know for a fact that institution may utilize a lot of healthcare software to enhance productivity. That’s why synchronization across different platforms pose a lot of benefits for the organization. Tools such as EMR and EHR is not only integrated within the organization but also with external organizations.

More Dedicated Staff – More Brand Love

Brand love means something to the institution.

We all know the one factor that affects the satisfaction of healthcare service is the people within the hospital.

The dedicated staff.

Such service powered by medical app brings nothing but positive word-of-mouth marketing effect for the hospital which means more people use your institution service. As a result, the revenue will come flooding in.

Reduce the Paper Workload

According to a survey by Harris Poll, 79% respondents said that they feel more interactive to caregivers who don’t take too much time on paperwork during doctor visits.

And this statistic also coordinates with the technology advancement where paperwork is increasingly declined by going through the digitalization process. Moreover, a paperless hospital help cut cost for office supply and become a more environmental friendly for patients and stakeholders.

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