Does Cold Calling Play a Crucial Role in A Large Enterprise?

Obviously, the popularity of cold calling has dwindled in recent years, with numerous leads feeling annoyed by unsolicited calls from salespeople. With such a negative market reaction, do large companies apply this method in their business plan?
Does Cold Calling Play a Crucial Role in A Large Enterprise
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Yes, many big companies do cold calling. Cold calling has been a basic sales practice for a long time, and when done correctly, it has helped many organizations (big or small) get more clients.

Cold calling plays a critical role in inbound marketing because of lead generation. It’s about getting customers to come to you. How? I’ll give you a simple example: make super awesome content so people will come to your website, where they’ll then provide their contact information.

Based on which content they flock to — what pages they stayed at the most, what opt-ins they signed up for, which papers they download — you will get an insight on what their pain points are. This precious data lets you better address solutions to those issues when making your cold calls. Salespeople who can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a prospect’s situation puts them ahead of the pack, helping their prospects genuinely rather than just flat out selling.

Having these insights also gives salespeople in big businesses more focused material to talk about in sales calls. It allows them to have enough grease to move the buying conversation. It’s already a huge advantage to have information captured by marketing automation software, but it’s an even bigger advantage to know how to use this information as opposed to taking and making calls blindly through cold calling and passive inside sales.

Contributed by Brooke Harper, Sales at TenFold (2016-present)

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