Construction Marketing Ideas for Contractors

Marketing for construction products is an important way for construction company to grow long-term. The key to successful marketing is how to show the clients their products properly.
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Introduction of construction marketing

Marketing is a very important way for your construction company to grow long-term and develop a sustainable business. Especially, marketing for construction products and services requires more skills and sophistication. For that reason, homeowners finding for interior design, house repair, or builder settings usually choose their construction partner very carefully. Even in some cases, they don’t bother much about the price, only focus on the value. And the key to successful marketing for construction companies to approach their clients is how to show their product and service properly, which helps to establish credibility and reliability and then generating leads.

How do construction companies get Ideal Clients

An Ideal Client consists of three factors: demand, royalty and recommendation. In other words, an ideal client is the person who are in need of the services or products that your company provides, be loyal to the company, frequently uses or buys your products or services, and is likely to recommend the company to their family and friends.

The business owners who see lasting success are the ones who know who their ideal client is and have a plan for engaging with them and marketing to them consistently.

So how can we get them for the business?

There is an important point about ideal clients: “Quality is the best, not quantity”. More number of target clients you found doesn’t bring you more profits. The more narrow and detail features you found out of your client will perform a significant process. Just imagine you implementing a marketing campaign for apartment renting which targeting on a group of 400 consumers who are in demand of finding a new home. But the point is you have to make sure that 400 consumers all have exactly fit features with the products you provide ranging from location, interest, time, price,…If there are only 50 in 400 consumers match the standards, the rest 150 is a waste of your time, money and energy.

These are the 4 basic steps to marketing to your ideal clients:

  1. Identify Ideal Clients: Listing all the typical features that are totally matched with your company products, functions, goals, and segment.
  2. Figure out the problems they are facing: Identifying your target market’s problems is the most crucial part of launching products, that is why customers need your product and service.
  3. Develop a solution to solve those problems: Once you found the problems are only half of the process. The best part is to work on packaging your services and crafting your message for the clear solution to their problems in a logical flow.
  4. Effective communication that builds trust with those ideal clients: The communication methods will be specific to your particular market as well as the product field. This type of message and presentation can be baked into your sales literature, your face-to-face meetings, the way you describe what you do, your website, your advertising, the conversations you have at industry events, and so on.

Focusing on value is the key leading to customer’s choice

Every business has its own core values. The right prospect is to show customers the values that you can provide to them in a proper way, which in turn makes your services less about price and more about how to help them solve their problems. You will constantly tweak this as your market changes, the problems in your industry evolve, and as you learn more about your ideal clients. This is one strategy that really helps to give you focus on your marketing and business development efforts.

Here are some questions to consider about your target market:

  • Where do they spend their time – online and offline?
  • How do they make decisions?
  • What factors do they consider before making a decision?
  • Whom do they consult before making decisions?
  • What’s most important to them?
  • What do they read, listen to, watch?
  • How do they think about how the world operates?
  • What problems or pain points are they facing?
  • Where do they struggle to take action due to lack of information?

After defining and attracting your ideal clients by your clear solutions, you are on an important stage of making the task of building trust and managing your system smoothly on the purpose of keeping your clients stay longer to promote your service. As a contraction, what are necessary standards you should require from your marketing provider to carry out a construction marketing campaign.

Five Contractor Marketing Questions You Should Be Asking

Here are 5 questions you should ask your marketing provider to ensure your time and money are working hard for you, instead of the other way around.

What is your overall marketing strategy for my business?

Having an overall plan is always better than not having anything. Seems simple but it takes a long time to complete a full-detail plan with objectives, goals, strategies, methods and measurement. All of these elements play important roles in connecting to make an overall cohesive strategy. As with any other business strategy, you should ensure that each prong of your marketing program directly supports your overall objectives and puts you on the most direct path to success.

How is the efficacy of each prong of my marketing strategy being measured?

Measuring results is an indispensable step in your thorough plan. It will help you to figure out whether you are in the right direction or not, collect assumptions and develop a better approach with more exact features. You should be measuring the results of every piece of advertising, every flyer, email, phone call, etc. This can be done by way of unique phones, unique email addresses, unique websites, email marketing tools, and more.

How are people behaving on my website?

There are simple tools that enable you to track user behavior on your website. With website measure tools we can know how many people visit our site each day, which pages they visit, how long they stay on the site, whether they contact us through the site, and from which page they exit the site. It’s extremely valuable information. The metrics reflect exactly how well you are doing on your marketing campaign. You create content, design graphics, run google ads, develop SEO to get people to visit your website. The more interaction they make on your websites, the more quality service your company is performing. Therefore, it’s really worth optimizing your website to maximize user experience.

What don’t I need to do?

In today’s world, there are countless marketing strategies and tools available to small businesses.  Each small business is different, and each business needs to adapt the strategies that work best for it. Don’t listen to the marketing guru who tells you that you need all the latest bells and whistles. Just focus on your own methods and specializing them, expecting results will come out.

How can I grow my business?

The purpose of marketing is to drive sales to grow your business.  We can always do more and better marketing. Your web provider should always have a few ideas on how to increase your sales with effective marketing strategies. The opportunities that small businesses have in 2013 to improve their marketing systems are countless, and due to the increased popularity of digital marketing, the costs have plummeted.

Five fantastic construction marketing ideas

Those 5 questions above are the basic requirements for every marketer, which involves many marketing professional skills and knowledge. But it just stops in marketing general level because it can apply in many cases with any type of product. So what about construction industry-a complicated filed to be specified for marketing. Let’s start with 5 great construction industry marketing ideas below! This will show you what need to do in your marketing campaign to help your business attract more potential customers and lead the business.

Interactive screen provides project information

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Nowadays, people seem to be attracted to beautiful graphics applications. It would be a loss if not take advantage of technological innovations for marketing and business development. It’s time you need to bring those things into your construction field.

Many walkers look at the construction works and wonder: “What are they building?” Who is the contractor of this project?” But most of them just wondered and went over quickly because they didn’t see anything attractive to learn. How about creating something lively and intuitive put in an interactive screen right in front of the project. This can be an effective way to build marketing and will be extremely impressive to the people on the road and help your brand become “floating”.

You should show interesting and useful information, such as:

  • The project is designed and built by: engineers, architects, contractors etc.
  • Time: Total construction time, planning year, etc.
  • Materials: concrete type, steel type, pipe type etc.
  • Image of project design when completed, design of model house
  • A brief biography of your construction company
  • Directions and weather forecasts to get attention to pedestrians

Attending trade shows

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Attending trade shows is a construction marketing concept should not to be missed. There are many trade exhibitions in the field of construction held annually. If you are a startup, do not hesitate to participate in these events. In addition to creating connections with other local industry providers and businesses, this is also an opportunity for you to find your target customers and enhance your business scope. On the other hand, through such exhibitions, you can conduct a secret exploration of market demand, thereby giving new, more timely marketing ideas.

Generating on social networks

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For most businesses, social networking is a great place to get closer to target customers. If you are not actively involved with users on social networks every day, it means you have missed the opportunity to grow your busines. So which social media channel is suitable for your business? LinkedIn is best advised as a popular social network for B2C as well as B2B business. LinkedIn is a great place to interact with other businesses and senior leaders.

Provide free value – Sorry for bothering

This construction industry marketing idea may sound a bit funny, but it can help you score plus points in the eyes of the community. So specifically how? Construction works often create noise and discomfort for people living in the neighborhood. This can make your image uglier in the public eye. Therefore, it would be very wise when the contractor appease the local people by leaving the sign “Sorry for disturbing!” And bring some value for free. Free Wifi can be a great deal in this case. You should leave a remarkable message like “Sorry for the noise! Enjoy our free Wifi: [Wifi name coincides with the Company or project]; Pass: [Company hotline number].”

Implementation of environmental protection activities

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This is a good idea to carry out construction marketing campaign, which will effectively builds trust to your customers. For a long time, construction was “estranged” by the level of pollution that the industry caused to the environment. So in order to change this thinking of the public, you need to be good as a business with a mind and know how to protect the environment.

You can organize a contest or exhibition with the theme: Calling people to recycle construction scraps and turning them into works of art or useful life items. If possible, entice a few more local celebrities and artists to join in to become more widely known.

Another idea about environmental protection can also be applied to construction businesses: “Cutting down a tree – Replanting a new tree!”. If you wipe out the entire forest just to build a commercial project it sounds “cruel” to mother nature. You should beautify your image by replanting the trees you have cut off. Put a slogan outside the construction site: “For each cut tree, we will plant a new plant instead!”. This gives the community peace of mind and confidence in your construction company. Can cooperate with the charity to do this work. If there’s a bit more budget, try recording a video to record the entire process and turn it into a powerful communication message.

Sum up

From the individual handyman to the multi-tier construction company, everyone in the construction world today knows about competition. To be a construction business to stand out and stay successful, it needs to constantly find and develop relationships with new clients. To get more clients, collaborate with a professional construction marketing company is key. The best marketing strategies for construction companies will start with a thorough analysis, cohesive plan, and significant measurement to build a strong foundation and draw clients. Through effective construction marketing, a business can generate and convert leads, increase visibility, improve branding, and have the tools it needs to stay busy all year.

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