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Chatbot is a useful technology that helps customer access to healthcare service easily and to the healthcare business owner, it is a tool supports in attracting more customers who want to have new exciting and convenient experiences.
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In Denver, for anyone who would like to start a healthcare business, big or small, website creation is a top recommended thing to do. In the 21st century, all data are uploaded on the internet and the official website is the most reliable place for the customer to look up the information so the importance of web development is undeniable. In healthcare website development Denver, there is chatbot, a tool supporting you to solve the doctor and patient problems 24/7 without any human effort.

Roles of Chatbot in Healthcare industry

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The chatbot is now used in many aspects of life, one of them is healthcare service. Of course, chatbot cannot as smart and human as Baymax – a healthcare robot character in the Disney movie “Big Hero 6”, but at least, a chatbot can ask you “On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your pain?” and give you some useful suggestions.

In healthcare, chatbot offers various benefits which will definitely surprise you. In 2019, the healthcare industry will be a fertile land for chatbot technology because of the potential use for both doctor and patient in Denver.

For the Patient:

  • Symptom checking: Some people who have regular illnesses such as headache, fever, vomit, etc. don’t want to go to the doctor because they think they needn’t bother specialist with fleabag. Healthcare chatbots can give them a hand in diagnosing mild healthcare problems.
  • Medical suggestion: After symptom checking, the patient can get the suggestion such as what food he or she should eat, what supplement should take, where to get them and real doctor meeting recommendation.
  • Emergency help: Someone gets bit by a snake when hiking Front Range and you forget how to treat at first? Don’t worry, chatbot can give you the correct treatment information and help you to describe the situation, send it to the nearest hospital and help you book a video appointment with a human doctor while waiting for the ambulance.

For the Healthcare Specialist:

  • Quick access to specific information: For some patients requiring personalized treatment such as pregnant women, people with allergies, etc., chatbot can help the specialist check the safety of medications balls to the wall.
  • Diagnosis through video appointment: The meeting may meet the articles as the long distance, bad weather, incident, etc., chatbot can arrange for both doctor and patient an online meet, to help doctor check the patient’s condition preliminary before doing a real medical examination and treatment after.

What Chatbot Really is?

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If you have accessed many service websites, you may notice some of them will have a messenger box appearing with the first message which will probably be like “Hello, how can I help you?” and it will answer your question typed down immediately. With more upgrades, it can also communicate with you via your voice though it’s still quite awkward and rigid.

So, what “magic” runs the chatbot? Well, chatbots are software applications that are programmed to mimic what people speak or write for the purposes of making a conversation or interaction with a real human.

There are many kinds of bots, but according to the way bots are programmed, we can categorize them into two groups: simple chatbot, working based on pre-prepared commands and trained chatbot, which is much smarter.

Simple Chatbots

Simple chatbots work according to keywords that are programmed by developers. The developers use string analysis and regular expressions to write commands, these commands make chatbot react with user’s keywords and give the best response.

For example, if there is a request such as “I want to buy something that can measure the blood glucose level”, it will define the keywords are “buy”, “measure” and “blood glucose level”, after analyzing, chatbot will share the link of some medical shopping sites or address of medical stores had blood glucose tests for users to choose. If users haven’t asked a question with programmed keywords or it’s so complicated that the robot cannot understand what he or she means, as a rule, the chatbot’s respondent will be like “Sorry, I did not understand, please ask another question”.

Smart Chatbots

Smart chatbots are based on artificial intelligence technology, their intellect develops when communicating with users. Unlike simple chatbot, smart chatbot works without pre-prepared answers. There is big data storing an enormous amount of customer’s questions and staff’s answers, all the words they have communicated are saved for processing progress. Chatbot has to learn the situation, common answers over time to bring great conversation thereafter.

Right from the name, making simple chatbots is a lot easier than making smart ones. Smart chatbot developers and designers are like the parents: they have to educate their children, the chatbots, continuously, gently and correct them little by little. They also have to expect the teachers, in this case, are the customers, to teach them more “knowledge” so that their children can enhance experiences during the process, then be able to answer any questions in different situations.

How to Create Chatbot?

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Simple chatbot can be created by amateur via available platforms. Some platforms that have been used regularly are WotNot, Chatfuel, Botsify, etc. Because of its simplicity, this kind of chatbot just can do uncomplicated jobs such as greeting and giving scripted answers for scripted questions, so it is suitable for small businesses requiring auto-answer for ordinary conversations.

However, in healthcare, everything must be professional and leading-edge, that’s why smart chatbot should be on the top choice. As smart chatbot is based on Artificial Intelligence, an advanced and innovative technology, it expects specialists to develop. Programming smart chatbot is a work required a lot of effort, time and cost, however, the result you receive is worth investing.

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The key challenge of creating chatbot is teaching a chatbot to understand the language of customers. In healthcare, customers interpret themselves in a different way, the expression of their situation, illness, etc. is sentient rather than logical. That’s why training a healthcare support chatbot to understand correctly everything the customer says needs a lot of efforts.

The web developer may have to understand generally about the healthcare industry and get clear what you need. They should speak your language and make sure that you can follow what they are doing. If you are not confident about finding your true developer, do not hesitate to contact us, Envzone, the top provider of custom software development and IT consulting services located in Denver with over a hundred IT and software developers located internationally.

Bright Future for Healthcare Chatbot Technology…

Giving your customer personal healthcare experience is essential. With the ever-increasing growth of chatbot, it’s becoming a glimmer of hope, rather than the shtick it used to be. There are endless options for healthcare chatbot, from customer service to dependable diagnosis of mild conditions, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited about the future of this technology in healthcare.

In 2019, the population of Denver is over 700,000. About 25% of the population is above 50, the age of which the demand of medical support is high, a huge number, any tool that can help to make healthcare service becomes faster and more convenient is promising.

…and Website Development Denver!

Many healthcare business owners are just beginning to understand what benefits chatbots can bring to them. The chatbot technology is still at an early age, its competence continues inflating and the best chatbots haven’t been born yet. That’s why you should invest in building a chatbot for your business and be the leader of healthcare technology innovation in Denver!

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