8 Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins for Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing is always an important part in business improvement. To integrate this performance to your website, WordPress Newsletter plugins can effectively help you out.
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Today, online marketing is performed in many ways of digital methods such as SEO, google ads, Facebook ads, etc., to draw audience attention, but email marketing is still considered an effective traditional marketing method due to its direct approach to the target audience.   

Having a subscriber email list is always important for any business. The first step to getting started with e-mail marketing is to build email lists. Now, the idea is how to build it and how to get people to follow you. One of those ways is to give users something useful and you also give them enough options to subscribe. WordPress Newsletter plugin, used by many websites on the Internet, is considered an effective tool to perform this function in email marketing. 

About Newsletter Plugin

The plugin gets your subscriber emails to build an email list. When displaying email subscriptions, most websites prefer a newsletter subscription form. The email address of the user is entered in the form.  It can be also set up to appear as a popup in most of the websites. When the designation button is clicked, you’ll get one more new email in the list.  

Then you can use that list to send various updates about your website to the subscribers to give them useful information or provide something free to keep them in touch with you and keep the website visit rate stable.  

Benefits of Newsletter for Website

Help new subscriber return to your website  

If there are first-time visitors to your website and they find your content interesting, then it is likely that they will subscribe to newsletter email. This will help them come back again and they can become regular visitors and also become your potential customers for the services you provide 

Increase website traffic 

When readers subscribe to a newsletter, it means they are interested in the niche of your website. Therefore, whenever you send the newsletter with updated content to them, they will definitely go to your website to get what they need. Having targeted visitors is important for any website and newsletter, it’s the best way to get them to visit your website on a regular basis. 

Boost interaction with visitor 

Newsletters are not just for the promotion of your website or for gaining more visitors. It is also a good way to get feedback from your regular visitors. You can send a newsletter to your readers to inform you about new services, any milestones you achieve or any interesting features you introduce to your website.  For sure that you will get authentic feedback from readers. 

You can easily get these benefits with lots of WordPress Newsletter plugins available to create email subscription forms and popups. That is why we have listed out the best WordPress newsletter plugins for you to grow your email subscriptions in this article. If you do not know how to get user email, please read the 8 WordPress plugin collecting user email to better understand it. 

Top 8 Best Newsletter WordPress plugins for Email Marketing in 2019

#1. MailPoet

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Courtesy: Mailpoet

MailPoet is a powerful newsletter and email manager that seamlessly integrates with WordPres with a plus 100% free up to 2,000 subscribers.

Its popularity can be measured by the number of more than 300,000 websites using MailPoet to keep in touch with their subscribers. MailPoet works seamlessly with your favorite CMS so you can start sending emails out right from the WordPress dashboard. Another advantage is adding content and images directly from your media library without uploading files to third-party service.

Additionally, customizability is a powerful feature of MailPoet, which enables you to customize your email templates as your will. In this feature, you can choose where you’re creating a newsletter: an automatic signup welcome email or automated “new post” notification. Then select a ready-made template and you’re basically ready to go!

Key Features:

  • Send Automated Signup Welcome Emails
  • Multiple Responsive Templates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • WooCommerce Emails
  • Superfast (50,000 emails per hour)

#2. The Newsletter

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Courtesy: WordPress

As mention in the name of it, Newsletter is a WordPress plugin designed perfectly to match with a WordPress setting website to grow your management in email subscribers.

The newsletter plugin is really great when there are no restrictions at all with allowance for unlimited subscribers and an unlimited number of newsletters sent. Sound so good, right? Also, it provides the statistics for your website so that you can have an overall view with a conclusion on your website’s operating results. Moreover, it also checks for spam subscriptions, ensuring security for your website. This is done through the domain or IP blacklists, Akismet, and Captcha.

When creating your emails with the Newsletter, it offers full of options. For example, you can use the drag and drop editor to create custom email layouts, add content blocks, hero images, headings, calls to action and more.

Key Features:

  • Delivery Speed Fine Control
  • Drag and Drop Composer
  • WPML Ready
  • Multi-list targeting
  • GDPR Compatible

#3. Mailster (Premium version)

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Courtesy: Mailster

Mailster is a versatile WordPress plugin for your email marketing campaign. Its functionality is very great in Premium version with allowance for unlimited subscribers, unlimit lists and unlimit email subscription form. It is considered as a professional and cost-effective plugin for anyone who are looking to handle mailing campaign and auto responders. Great flexibility, quick support, nice solution and friendly interaction are also recommended for this plugin.

Detailed statistics are great great plus for Mailster. Everyone need to know how their campaign is working and analyze real-time metrics to find solution. Mailster will provide a significant report for your result with the number of opens, clicks, and bounces. Additionally, you get detailed statistics of each individual subscriber and see exactly which actions triggered while viewing the campaign.

Key Features:

  • Auto responder
  • Drag and Drop Composer
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Segmentation for target audience
  • WooCommerce integration

#4. MailChimp

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Courtesy: WordPress

Mail Chimp is a popular service for email marketing campaigns, offering an effective Newsletter plugin in a WordPress website with a plus free for up to 2,000 subscribers. Usually, startups will choose MailChimp for the free version in the first stage and upgrade it later for more prior advantages.

With Mailchimp for WordPress plugin, it offers built-in integration with various other plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms 3, BuddyPress, MemberPress & several others. All of these integrations allow you to subscribe your visitors to Mailchimp from any form on your site.

Furthermore, in reports field of MailChimp plugin, every sign-up attempt is displayed in pretty line-charts so that you can discover which of your sign-up methods & pages are performing best. And all sign-up data can be exported to CSV just in the click of a button.

Key Features:

  • Styles Builder
  • Reports with Visual Charts
  • Email Notifications
  • Well Documented
  • WooCommerce Integration to Record Sales from Emails Campaign

#5. Email-Subscribers

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Courtesy: WordPress

Email-Subscribers is a newsletter plugin for WordPress that won’t make you disappointed due to its fulfillment all your Newsletter needs. It can serve for various purposes on website, that is why it is suitable for many types of website owners including bloggers, marketers, and even developers.

As a result, it performs all the basic standard for a newsletter email such as sending notification emails to subscribers when new posts are published, collecting customer emails by adding a subscription box, allowing double opt-in and single opt-in methods for subscribers, providing an unsubscribe link for each email.

Key Features:

  • Send Automated Posts on Published Posts
  • Create, Schedule, and Send Broadcasts
  • Collect Customer Emails
  • HTML Editor
  • Include/Exclude Categories

#6. JackMail

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Courtesy: WordPress

Jackmail is a WordPress plugin dedicated to create and send newsletters with your WordPress back-end. It has a built-in SMTP service, which ensures that all messages are sent quickly and reliably.

Jackmail EmailBuilder is very responsive, it helps you create newsletter in the smoothest flow with the drag and drop content builder. With Jackmail, you can easily send nice newsletter with the supported tools in graphic design and developing. If you want to automatize your newsletters, Jackmail also allows you to start automated workflow.

Jackmail has also plugin connectors to help you collect optin address from ContactForm, NinjaForms, WPForms and more. By this way, your email will not be stuck in the queue or moved to spam inbox. Jackmail is one of the first WordPress newsletter plugin ever to integrate a professional routing platform with a greatly free offering for 3,000 emails per month.

Key Features:

  • Drag&Drop EmailBuilder, with responsive mode
  • Automatic newsletters based on triggers
  • Opt-in forms and widget
  • HTML Editor
  • WooCommerce compatibility

#7. SendPress

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Courtesy: WordPress

SendPress Newsletters is an easy to use WordPress newsletter plugin that has all the features you need. With the plugin installed, you’ll have access to a simple code-free newsletter editor, responsive newsletters with tracking and scheduling, customizable templates, signup form and widget, as well as single and double optin settings. In other words, it enables you to create newsletter in your style and edit content like in WordPress, import post content directly from your site and send great newsletters right from WordPress dashboard.

Other noticable plugin features of SendPress are SMTP compatibility, Auto Cron (which ensure all your newsletter emails are sent), and helpful online documentation. If you want to move on the next level, you can also upgrade to the Pro version to get access to API sending via additional SMTP options, automated bounce management, reporting, customizable HTML newsletter templates, spam score and premium/priority support.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Responsive Newsletters with tracking
  • Simple editor. With code-free experience
  • Single and Double Opt-In
  • Customizable Newsletter Templates

#8 Mailjet

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Courtesy: WordPress

Mailjet is a WordPress newsletter plugin having strong features to develop your email subscription as well as managing email system with sign up forms and contact lists. Besides creating email content and customize templates, you can also manage all your marketing and transactional email with ease directly from the WordPress admin panel. 

There two ways to build your automated contact synchronizations. You can do this both through user roles and through comments of writer. This newsletter plugin for WordPress also provides an alternative for WooCommerce clients to subscribe to your newsletter.

In reports task, access real-time statistics on your campaigns shows opens, clicks, geographies, average time to click and more to optimize your email performance.

Key Features:

  • Campaign Builder Tool
  • World Class Deliverability
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Translation Ready for up to 5 Languages
  • Real-time Statistics


Each plugin subscribed to this newsletter has unique features that stand out from other plugins. Direct management plugins on WordPress always have a bit of a security risk compared to plugins hosted directly on WordPress, so if you have a large number of subscribers or email managers, you have might want to consider external email management systems.

However, these plugins have a great range of functions that support all the requirements of individual bloggers and small businesses. Hopefully, these plugins will be helpful for your business. As you grow your audience, you can switch to the premium versions for the more outstanding features to increase the revenue. So pick a plugin that you think best suits your needs and start receiving subscriptions from users today!

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