Basic Tools Help Businesses Improve Marketing Strategies

If you can not get the results as you want from your marketing efforts and it’s time to fix and improve marketing strategies. One of the ways which you can do is using Google tools or apps to save your time and get effectiveness.
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To improve your marketing strategy, use this Google tools and apps:

  1. Google Alerts will notify you about anything you create an alert for. For example, you are interested to know when someone mentions your product online. Set up an alert, and you’ll be emailed as soon as something gets published. It is a great way for you to monitor and improve your online reputation.
  2. Make YouTube videos and embed those on your website, share them in your blog content, email them to your subscriber lists or post them on your social media platforms. For example, make a Youtube video about how to use your product.
  3. Google Analytics is the ultimate tool for understanding your website traffic. This way you can learn more about your website visitors. Google Analytics will show you the demographics of anyone who navigates to your site and help you determine whether your traffic is converting.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools will help you figure out how likely your website is to be discovered via search engine. Analyse your search traffic to discover how people are finding you right now.
  5. Google Keyword Planner will help you find keywords and phrases related to your business. Figure out how often specific keywords get searched for, and set a budget based on any keywords you’re bidding on.

Contributed by Vladislav Podolyako, Founder and CEO | Forbes Council.

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