6 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Edtech Companies

Marketing is complex and diverse toward different industry. There are countless marketing tactics out there, but not all these tactics fit your industry demand. This post provides marketing tactics for edtech industry only.
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What are the best go-to-market strategies for edtech? What companies have done it effectively? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Edtech is extremely relevant in this day and age, as it makes the learning process more efficient. Despite its importance, however, marketing it can become a challenge considering the number of emerging players in the industry.

Edtech Marketing Strategies

What marketing strategies could prove to be the most effective in this industry? Here are a few that edtech experts use:

Ambassador Programs

No matter how good your sales reps are, teacher ambassadors would still make a better case each and every time. Educators build better trust simply because this is their expertise, their arena. You also get the advantage of getting direct feedback from someone who is living and breathing education techniques and strategies.

Launch an ambassador program by allowing educators to test your product in their own classes, then encourage them to share their experience with their peers.

Product Reviews

Teachers are experts at research, and you can bet that part of their research strategy would be looking at edtech product reviews online. Find influential blogs, online publications, and other media where people can review your products. This will be a great way to introduce your products to educators, and to make them realize that it could be something they need to help them make their job more efficient.

An Active Blog

Note that we’re not just talking about a simple blog here, we’re talking about an ACTIVE blog. Don’t just post anytime you want – have a regular schedule that will allow people to know when to look forward to your next post.

Just be careful not to focus on your own brand or product here. Your goal here is to establish your brand as a subject expert. Avoid too much sales-driven content. Rather, focus on the kind of information that would benefit your target readers.

Resource Sharing

Educators can never run out of space to store resources. They are always on the lookout for new things to add to their already overflowing stash of knowledge. By having your own educational resource library and sharing everything in your database with educators, you can start earning their trust. This would make them see you as a credible brand who’s not just out to sell a product, but to actually help out in educating people the best way you can.

Market Focus

Edtech covers a lot of ground. This is why you need to focus on a market that you want to cater to, and stick to it. Create buyer personas, then design and develop your strategies according to what these personas would prefer.


One of the most appealing things about edtech is the fact that it makes education more accessible for people. Don’t make your product or service scarce. Don’t make it complicated to use.

You can tweak these 6 strategies as you see fit; there is no strict pattern. As with anything, it is important to tailor-fit your strategies based on what you want to achieve for your brand, products and services.

Best Edtech Companies

What companies have proven to be efficient in the edtech field? Here are a few:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Donors Choose
  • Kramer
  • ExecOnline
  • Story2
  • Blink Learning
  • Kaltura

Visit the websites of each of these edtech companies and gain more insight on how they market their products. You’ll see that although each of these companies use a different approach, they have all achieved success in their own niche through efficient marketing practices.

Hope this helps!

Contributed by Geri Mileva, An engineer in marketing

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