11 Decisive Factors for Property Management System in Your Hotel

Making a purchase usually is a difficult decision-making process, especially for property management system in your hotel. Recognizing this problem, this post gets you through 11 factors of a worth buying system.
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Hi. Below are the top factors to be considered while purchasing a property management system for your hotel.

#1. Flexibility of Operations

Is the hotel software scalable to cope up with your growing hotel business? Is it easy to manage operations like adding new rooms, adding new hotels at different locations etc.

#2. User Experience

How easy it is to use and maintain. After all, a PMS is supposed to streamline operations and it should not be an added burden.

#3. Managing complete operations

Does it offer additional operations like housekeeping, laundry etc so that you can manage all operations from a single system.

#4. Latest Technology

Does it operate on latest cutting edge technologies that can help you in better handling and streamline hotel operations?

#5. Third-party Integrations

Third-party integrations can really super-charge your PMS and boost productivity. Integration with existing hardware/software tools like PABX, Door locking system, Cash drawers, Payment Gateways, ID scanners etc. will boost operational efficiency.

#6. Secure

How is the software vendor going to handle your data? What is the security? Is the vendor PCI-DSS compliant? Does it take continuous backups? Is it using secure and reputed cloud computing solutions like Amazon AWS, Google cloud computing platform etc.

#7. Reliability of Vendor

How reliable is the vendor? Is the vendor ready to provide you post-sale support whenever you want? What is the vendor’s reputation? Check its reviews on third-party sites like capterra.com. Also, check the vendor’s experience in the hospitality industry, its clientele and credibility.

#8. Reports

Reports help in decision makings. Make sure you will get comprehensive reports to understand your property performances on various parameters so that you can always improve upon.

#9. Accessibility

How accessible is the PMS? Does it stick you and your staff to the desk? Can it be accessed on the phone so that you and your staff can provide support to your guests as and when required? Also, you can check hotel happenings on the go. A mobile PMS app like eZee Absolute can further enhance the experience while allowing you to do most of the hotel operations on the go.

#10. Post Sale Service and Support

Does the vendor offers free 24*7*365 live support? Does it offer free training and onboarding support? Is the support team friendly and able to provide instant resolutions? Well, you can get to know about some of these using third-party reviews as well.

#11. Price

Does it deliver the value against your investment? Will it save your and your staff time? Will it be able to deliver you proper return on investments and peace of mind?

Also, based on your property size and internet connectivity at your property you can choose between a cloud-based and on-premise solution.

eZee Absolute offers a free 14 day trial with live support and training. You can discover more about it here and signup for a free trial and demo here.

I hope this helps.


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