103 Essential Online Business Tools Help Simplify Your Business Operation

There are many problem need to be handled when managing a business and they will become harder unless you use online business tools. This article will show you the features of each online business tools to combine them accordingly.
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In the information society today, business management performed through verbal communication is not enough for everything operating smoothly. So that we need to use online business tools to run our businesses as well as other organizations. The followings are 103 basic tools which are useful for businesses that you should use to work easily.

Online Business Tools Support Marketing Strategies

1. Ahrefs

If you lose track of implementing blog SEO strategies and link building, you can sign up for a free Ahrefs account to keep track of your website’s ranking metrics. This online business tool is the best place to help you track a large number of website metrics including how many backlinks are pointing to your website. It builds a platform for you to build your site’s authority and rank well on Google, etc.

2. Buzzsumo

It is used to seek key influencers to help distribute the content, discover the most shared links, analyze content types is best for your business with any topic or competitor, see how many social shares a competitor’s blog post has. Information is provided by Buzzsumo being a chance to build relationships with potential partner sites. It helps you have a good preparation for a new blog post in the next time.

3. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a priceless app for user to build out their entire marketing strategy from one master calendar, collaborate with their teams, and streamline their entire execution process in one place. In addition, it also helps them create a schedule of posting tweets or market their blog posts effectively.

4. EngageBay

EngageBay is a unified sales and marketing software tool for growing businesses. It can consolidate functions like marketing via email, marketing automation, landing pages, web pop-ups, deal pipeline views, a centralized customer information panel, and many other essential marketing features into one hub and this helps you save unnecessary costs.

5. GoogleAnalytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google. It tracks and reports website traffic base on data such as page view statistics, goal tracking, audience demographics, site behavior, traffic acquisition, and other thousands of data kinds. With data result that you receive, you may also think of changing your web design and improve it to reduce your bounce rates accordingly.

6. Google AdWords

Google Ads is an advertising channel that you must pay for Google when using. You can create many different kinds of advertising strategies to find customers and get profit. This is an advertising method evaluated is effective and saves cost.

7. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar helps you generate a list of your most engaged attendees, so your sales team can turn qualified leads into customers based on built-in reports, analytics, and full-service registration.

8. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a powerful, integrated sales and marketing software that helps businesses automate their marketing processes, manage emails, e-commerce, organize their efforts, and sell online, etc. The expense of Infusionsoft starts at $199 per month. It doesn’t suit beginners but once you know how to operate, you can take advantage of its all powerful features and capabilities.

9. JustReachOut

When just getting started, most entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of being able to hire expensive PR firms and they need to have a fancy bio with impressive accomplishments to share with the press either. And JustReachOut will be a great tool which allows entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers to reach out to targeted press contacts to help secure a more regular flow of online and social mentions back to your website.

10. Moz

It is a suite of online marketing tools & content which offer an array of products, services, and content for the online marketing professional. In addition, it helps you find out how to rank your site better in the search results & beat your competition. The expense of Moz Pro subscription is $99 per month.

11. NinjaOutreach

This influencer prospecting and outreach tool can help you find key influencers to help you the right exposure for your online business content. You can find content ideas, see successful posts on different social media platforms, build a list of influencers to connect with them, promote your content, and build a strong backlink portfolio. In addition, you can do all of the outreach right within the tool and that makes the difference.

12. MailChimp

MailChimp is a great tool to build your email list and you can use it to automate marketing. There are a lot of powerful features to be used by hundreds of reputed companies at a price point that works for anyone.

13. MailShake

This online business tool is designed to help salespeople and marketers be more effective at building relationships, delivering the emails timely, promoting their content, and testing out new ways of how to drive traffic. You can build outreach lists, automate the process of sending personalized emails and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

14. LinkedIn

This is a professional social network and the most recommended social media resource. You can use it to highlight your accomplishments, share your content, and connect with other professionals as well as create connections with like-minded people & to share content. Premium accounts start at $24 per month.

15. SEMrush

SEMrush is used by digital marketers for estimating search volume ahead of time on a set of keyword phrases to write new blog content, examining competitor pages, checking for backlink opportunities, paid ad analysis, and more. It is an essential part of the workflow of a content marketer and it allows you to try within 7 free days.

16. Sumo

Sumo is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website’s traffic. They’re easy to install, work on any website, and great for creating popups and opt-in forms to collect email addresses from your website or blog.

17. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is legendary in the SEO industry and its optimization plugin for WordPress posts. Yoast scans your content and gives you precise recommendations for how to further optimize your content for ranking well through sections for meta title, meta description, target keyword which you filled. If you’re starting a blog or relying on content marketing to drive new customers into your pipeline, this is a must-have online business tool for your business’s development.

18. Wishpond

It is an online marketing platform which matches small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to generate leads through social contests, landing pages, conversion-optimized popups, and forms.

Online Business Tools Support Designing

19. Designhill

This is a graphic design tool for small and medium businesses to create the logo, brochure, website and dozens of other design works. It helps you create new designs according to personal demand in minutes, even if you have no experience at design.

20. Designhill Email Signature

A signature at the end of your email to make a great impression on clients and assure them that the email is authentic. Designhill Email Signature generator is a key software helps your company employees and officials to create email signatures in a quick and hassle-free way.

21. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a graphic design tool for a side business starter. There are 1.2 million images and 25,000 professionally designed templates for you to create professional standard graphics and save money on design costs. Especially, what makes this tool different is the ease of use and using speed. On the other hand, there is a full library of premium HD videos which you can choose to make any video projects for yourself or paid gigs for clients.

22. Designfeed

It is a new online business tool for generating high-quality social images quickly. Images are created having the size matching every relevant social platform and connecting with various social media management tools.

23. Explainify

If you don’t have either the skill nor the time to make highly creative videos, custom-made animations by yourself, Explainify is suggested to help you perform this task instead of outsourcing in the beginning stages of your business.

24. CanvasPop

CanvasPop is an easy to use photo canvas printer where you can take photos from virtually any Facebook, Instagram sources. Let’s change your boring office in inspired office by creating your very own motivational canvas prints. According to some researches, people work in an office with personalized decor will have fewer health complaints. Therefore, you should invest in making your space feel comfortable.

25. Canva

Canva offers all great, free, easy-to-use visual design tools for businesses to filter out photos, add graphics and icons to them. Especially,  there are many templates, fonts, styles, and background images to create designs to share on social media from Instagram images to Facebook or Twitter banners, etc.

26. PicMonkey

This is an easy-to-use online image editing tool that can create business card design, flyer design, or shareable graphics for social media and your blog posts. It is free but you can unlock premium fonts and other features for $33 per year.

27. Pop

If you love drafting out my ideas and business concepts by hand first and Pop will help you create prototypes on paper, and moving those designs from paper into digital versions easily for you to perform next stage of your business.

28. Penji

If things you need are flyer designs, business card designs or any kind of graphic design, let’s try Penji. Because Penji is a tool which supports content creators, bloggers, startups, and agencies with regular graphic design needs on a tight budget by offering unlimited graphic design help for a flat monthly fee.

29. Renderforest

If you want to create professional intro videos, explainer videos, animations, slideshows and more, Renderforest online video and animation maker will supply you all the tools you need instead of hiring a video maker or animator on Upwork.

30. Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

If you want to edit or customize unlimited images, Adobe Photoshop is the one tool you can rely on to make your images exactly like what you want.

Illustrator is the industry standard for creating custom vector graphics, illustrations, icons, and anything else you can think up. If you want to become a master at creating high-quality infographics, this will be the tool of your trade.

Online Business Tools Support Storing

31. Amazon Web Services

AWS is a comprehensive cloud platform used widely. It can store data-heavy projects, video files and images on servers that won’t bog down your own site load time. Millions of customers from startups to giant corporations believe AWS to develop infrastructure and decrease costs. You can even get a whole year’s worth of cloud services for free.

32. Bluehost

Bluehost is a quickest and easiest web hosting provider. Their hosting packages have some of the most affordable prices, starting at just $3.95 per month with a variety of different packages to match your growing needs. Furthermore, they supply access to 24/7 expert support to answer questions, troubleshooting, resolve customization issues for their customers. Whether you’re starting your first website or you want to get your online business up and running quickly, Bluehost is the best choice recommended. 

33. Cloudways

Cloudways is a hosting platform which offers easy-to-use hosting choice. It helps customers concentrate on developing the website and their business by an expert support team instead of letting them worry about hosting.

34. Dropbox

Except allowing to store business files safely and securely, it also lets you collaborate with your team for sharing of documents. It is easy to find and safely synced across all your devices and access them anytime, anywhere. So that all time-consuming track works are eliminated.

35. Edgar

Edgar is a great tool for sharing your business content on social media and allows you to store published things in an organized library and arranged them into categories. On the other hand, you can create a schedule that tells Edgar when to publish from each category and it can also recycle your older content.

36. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based system for file storage. You can share and collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, video files, etc and work on so many files live at once. Drive is free for up to 15 GB of storage.

Online Business Tools Support Working Process Management

37. Asana

Asana is a web-based project management system and it helps members of your team work together without email. Users can create and assign tasks to themselves or other team members. All members can follow, access, comment tasks, and update the progress of the team. Sections and columns in any projects can be customized and added structure to match your workflows. Therefore, this tool will help you organize your workload when you provide services such as finance, education, electronics, payment, food, and even graphic design service. Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. But for premium packages cost around $50 per month.

38. Evernote

Evernote is an ideal free cross-device note-taking app for keeping your notes safe, always with you and always in sync on mobile and desktop devices. You can enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings and even handwritten notes are searchable. Premium Evernote expense is about $5 per month or $45 per year.

39. Buffer

Buffer allows you to build a plan for posts quickly and easily by publishing them automatically according to the posting schedule that you set up on your accounts. Furthermore, you can customize your posts for each network, share posts to multiple profiles at once, and analyze the performance of your posts on all your social networks.

40. Basecamp

This is a highly useful project management and team communication software. It organizes, concentrates work for everyone to know what to do, where things stand and they can get what they need without having to ask anyone. Besides working in internal organization, you can also effortlessly work with your clients through this software.

41. Aweber

Aweber is an affordable and easy-to-use email marketing and autoresponder tool. This tool helps you save your time by setting up your autoresponder emails with more than 700 mobile-responsive emails, sign up from templates and stay top of mind with one-time broadcast emails.

42. ActiveCampaign

It is a useful email service provider that you can also use to manage customer relationships effectively to turn potential customers into true customers. It’s powerful and easy to use for the integration of marketing automation, email marketing.

43. Acquire

Acquire is a tool that concentrates on customers absolutely by satisfying them in all its bearings. It is a communication platform that’s designed to help you bridge the gap between your customer relations department and customers with powerful features like live chat, co-browsing, intelligent automation bots.

44. ConvertKit

ConvertKit help bloggers, small business owners manage their email list and set up autoresponders not to have to spend time in sending the response. Besides, it segments email subscribers into groups so that they receive content specific to their individual needs. Its expense may be very affordable about $29 per month. If you want to perform marketing strategies via email, let’s use ConvertKit because it is the best choice.

45. Calendly

It is a simple, powerful,  easy-to-use scheduling software because of the feature of eliminating using email and phone tags for scheduling appointments, calls, interviews, demos, etc. It is innovated by creating different appointment types and availability on your calendar. After that, when anyone asks to book a call with you, it will share the link to your calendar.

46. Close.io

This is the best choice about CRM for small business because it concentrates on heavy data entry and freeing you up to make more sales. Your entire sales workflow is consolidated into one easy-to-read interface instead of waste time for logging phone calls and emails.

47. Boomerang Extension (Gmail)

The goal Boomerang is reminding you to follow up or not to lose track of important prospects by triggering automated follow-up emails, scheduling to deliver emails at a later time, and resurface emails which you want to follow up in your inbox on a pre-determined date.

48. Keynote and Powerpoint

They are presentation online business tools which are used to create professional eBooks, white papers, and design presentations for client meetings and seminars as well as webinars.

49. Lighthouse

This customer support-friendly tool allows you to track your progress on multiple collaborative projects thanks to features like automatically organized tasks, reminders, and document attachments directly into your support emails.

50. Later

Later should be used for scheduling and planning visual content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you’re serious about sharing visual content on social media, this is a real contender.

 51. Pingdom Website Speed Analyzer

Pingdom has a nice free tool to troubleshoot slow load times on your website. Aside from checking how fast a page loads on your website, Pingdom will send you email alerts if your servers are down, and will also show you the exact web elements, based on content types like specific image files, CSS, and HTML that are causing your site to load slowly.

52. Plan.io

This is one of the best project management tools from issue tracking to traditional project management, version control, a help desk, internal wikis, and chat. It’s designed specifically for engineering teams to maximize their effectiveness at managing projects and that this tool special.

53. MailMunch

Let’s spend the time creating content for your readers and to get more traffic to your website instead of building your email list. Don’t turn it into a complicated or time-consuming task by using MailMunch. It is an extremely useful lead generation platform and helps you turn your visitors into long-term subscribers, leads and customers even a quick installation in less than 5 minutes. There are many customization options to make your forms and landing pages more personalized for readers. Especially, the speed as well as ease of use of their tools that make difference. Furthermore, you can access include the ability to split test forms, create custom landing pages and send email campaigns from directly inside the application when using their advanced features.

54. Missinglettr

You can build your brand identity by using social channels and Missinglettr is a useful tool that allows you to build your social media campaign to drive traffic automatically so that you can work efficiently on more important aspects of your business.

55. Rapportive

Rapportive is a free Gmail plug-in that shows contact details & social connections in your inbox with relevant details of who you’re emailing. You can see a picture, their location, their social media links, and even your past email conversations with them. Especially, it can guess email addresses of strangers using common email structures.

56. Scrivener

Traditional word processing programs like Word make it difficult for longer writing projects so that you should use Scrivener to map, outline, research, compose, and edit your long-form book projects. It is an easy-to-use word processor for authors.

57. Spotify

This is a free streaming music player app for computers, tablets, and smartphones. You are listened to the latest hits, your classic favorites, or discover up-and-coming new artists with more 20 million songs in there.

58. Slack

Slack is such a relatively new tool used by millions of people and companies to manage internal communication among teams instead of using email. It operates based on cloud and can remove the tired hassle of checking long email threads for attachments and missing important information. This is a great way to organize your conversations in your team.

59. StockSnap

StockSnap will provide for you free high quality, genuine stock images which you always need in the process of work.

60. Slidebot

This is a great tool which helps you design your presentation and you just provide the text that you want on your slides.  Each slide is specifically tailored to fit with your content and you’re able to present, edit, or export a fully editable version to Powerpoint right away. It takes the manual work out of creating engaging presentations in a matter of seconds.

61. Sked Social

It is an Instagram management platform and it helps everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies save their time by scheduling, posting carousels, photos, videos, and stories directly to Instagram to build a dynamic feed that engages audiences.

62. ScheduleOnce

It is a meeting and appointment scheduling software that help users eliminate back-and-forth emails and phone tag, sync with Google calendar. It is free for users but premium features start at $5 per month, you will have more multiple calendar options and meeting reminder emails.

63. Trello

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. You can customize project board that lets everyone post what they’re working on. Beyond that, it allows you to organize, prioritize your projects flexibly and it is easy to tick off items that are done and contribute to different projects. It’s incredibly easy to use and accessible on any device.

64. Typeform

This tool helps you do market research or creating online courses for your customers by making simple, user-friendly signup forms and surveys, instead of complicated ones. There are many useful templates for specific types of forms, such as market research, customer feedback, embeddable website contact forms, job applications, etc.

65. DocuSign

You are freelancers, contract-workers and full-time employees and need to make your contracts extra official, you should using DocuSign to quickly draft up legally binding contracts in seconds. It helps you save unnecessary legal fees.

66. Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps you manage all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard easily. You can schedule your many posts to your all the social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. Furthermore, you can also spot the trends and performance of your content based on providing real-time analytics.

67. Infogram

You can use Infogram to create beautiful graphic representations of data. It is quite simple to use because of having a flexible and easy-to-use interface, vast template library of graphs, charts, tables, and infographic elements.

68. Unsplash

This web page will provide a slightly more limited catalog of beautiful, free, hi-res images that you can also use without worrying about copyright infringement. It is similar to StockSnap.

69. Weekplan

Weekplan is a weekly planner app helps store the tasks you need to do. In addition, it not only prioritizes your tasks but also motivates you to do these tasks through daily reminders and notifications. You can view your priority list because of allowing to mark tasks as important or urgent. By the end of the week, you can clearly see where you spent most of your time and even can view, goals, a journal, reminders, and integration with Google Calendar. This is a useful tool used by more 300,000 users weekly.

70. Zapier

All of the services that keep your business running efficiently are able to work together harmoniously and can seamlessly & securely pass data between each other through Zapier awesome automation tool. It can connect all of the various applications, online tools, and services that run your business. Once set up, the tool moves information between your web apps automatically, so you can focus more of your time and energy on your most important work.

71. Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension

This is an awesome tool to capture all of the parts of any webpage. In addition, you can also annotate those screenshots, blur sensitive information, download and share them with other people easily.

72. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great tool for you to contact with others such as one person or a group through message, free video or voice calls. It can sync your chats from device to device and keep the conversation going anytime, anywhere.

73. Inbox When Ready

This Chrome extension will help you get distracted when searching your archive or composing messages due to emails flowing into your inbox right in front of you by hiding your Gmail inbox. However, all other views remain accessible as normal and you can check your inbox at particular times of day as you like.

74. Proved

You should take objective survey data in front of a potential audience of millions to validate your business ideas, feature concepts, and product designs. And this awesome questionnaire app helps you instant access to large focus group quantities of people.

75. Voxer

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app for team communication which combines the best of voice, text, photo, and video with walkie-talkie messaging in one free, secure messaging app. You can talk and connect instantly with your team, get important information in real-time, and see who has read or heard your message with timestamps and geotags by just pushing of a button.

76. WebinarJam

This is a webinar platform service you can use for broadcasting an event of your company live on YouTubeLive, FacebookLive, and even on your own web platform. You can also run webinars for your target audience according to the demand.

77. Zoom

Zoom offers remote conferencing services including video conferencing, web conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing. as well as offering both meeting and webinar software. Furthermore, it combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration.

Online Business Tools Support Financial Management

78. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is accounting software which can invoice, organize expenses, track your time and follow up with clients in just a few clicks automatically. It is suitable for running small businesses easily. With living in the cloud, you can securely access it anywhere, anytime. There is a 30-day free trial which helps you experience useful features of Freshbooks about managing the money side of your online business.

79. Bonsai

Bonsai is a super simple tool to help freelancers get paid on time with a workflow of freelance contracts, e-signing, invoices, and payments. You can create and send a freelance contract for free in a few minutes or can also send automated invoices and set up reminders that ensure get you paid on time even 14 days faster.

80. Gumroad

Gumroad is your shopping cart software which is used to create your digital products. It is easy to install this software on any website. Its look & feel promotes high-converting checkout processes, and the software can automate the delivery of digital goods & support pay-what-you-want pricing. There is no cost for setting up but charging 5% of each transaction.

81. Mint

Mint is a free and easy-to-use, web-based personal financial management service through creating budgets, paying your bills, categorizing your expenses, receiving alerts for unusual account charges, and even tracking your credit score. You can take advantage of useful features to reduce your troubles significantly when starting an online business.

82. Hurdlr

Hurdlr is a tool which helps authors, speakers, digital entrepreneurs, and even Uber & Lyft drivers save time by managing their finances through tracking earnings, expenses, and calculating taxes automatically. They can maximize their income because this took will suggest on how to lower their taxes.

83. PayPal

You can use PayPal to securely link your bank accounts, Visa Debit cards, credit cards, and send money, make an online payment, set up a merchant account or accept money from almost anyone in the world because it is the faster, safer way.

84. Stripe

Stripe helps businesses for accepting payments through the Internet by making credit card acceptance safer, cheaper, and simpler than ever. It is usually useful for digital products online such as online courses by making these sites as part of your day-to-day functioning of a business.

85. YouNeedABudget.com

YouNeedABudget allows you to prepare a personal budget for small businesses, couples, and individuals. This is the way to track your expenses, debt, and income. The software is $60 after a 34-day trial.

Online Business Tools Support Discovering and Finding

86. Airbnb

Airbnb is the high-flying startup with model connecting tenants with individual homeowners in all over the world through the mobile application. Prices vary by location and amenities but generally range from $50 to $200 per night.

87. AroundMe

The free AroundMe smartphone app helps you save your valuable time when discovering nearby restaurants, cafes, ATMs, parks, and other attractions. You can use this business tool to search by keyword or store name for more specific results.

88. Brevity

If you want to update what’s new in your industry, Brevity is a must-have tool to help you get summarized detail information from new content in an array of relevant fields based upon your preferences by delivering directly to your inbox.

89. Behance

If you are a professional graphic designer and want to look for some new ideas, this is an ideal website which you should visit because of having great works from other designers. There are many other business categories that suite businesses and individuals from different interests and sectors who are coming for inspiration.

90. Crew

If you are an owner who has more financial resources than time to build an app or launch your website for your business development, Crew will supply leading designers and developers for you to have a strict managed system and manage account easily. After submitting a project request, you get matched up with several hand-picked freelancers to built products that are used by millions of people. You should choose freelancers that have experience working with companies like Google, Uber, Apple, literally hundreds of other top startups and companies around the world.

91. Curator

Curator is a great iOS app that’s perfect for collecting inspiration from around the web and brainstorming ideas for you to put them together into simple presentations.

92. Digiserved

This freelance community offers creative talent and pre-packaged services like logo design, image editing, newsletter design, blog post writing, crafting press releases, or even whipping together designs for motivational quotes. Their difference is quick and simple checkout process helps save time to search for freelancers, negotiate on price, and worry about deliverable timelines.

93. Devumi

Devumi is one of the social media marketing blogs, it shares insights and commentary on the world of social media marketing, with a focus on Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, case studies, etc. Their content is designed to teach readers how to grow their businesses through social media.

 94. 99 Designs

99 Designs is a marketplace with thousands of highly skilled freelance graphic designers. When you submit a design task, dozens of designers compete for your business by submitting their information to you. You only pay for the ones whom you think they are the best choice.

95. Google Trends

Google Trends is a great free service provided by Google which displays how often specific keywords, subjects, and phrases have been searched for on Google over a period of time. It helps you know topics are trending upwards or downwards in popularity to change your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

96. HackerNews

This is one of the longest standing and reputable forums in the tech community. It is contributed an amount of insightful news and learnings from the world of startups with content skews more toward a high technology by developers and growth marketers.  If your product or service is technical by nature, let’s join in this HackerNews community.

97. JobRack

Hiring talented freelancers from Eastern Europe is a growing trend because of their work ethic, language experience and significantly lower wages than Western Europeans and JobRack is a job board specifically for hiring high-quality Eastern European contractors to help you grow your business. You can outsource to perform projects outside of your area of expertise through JobRack to get higher quality results.

98. Meetup

It is used to find local gatherings & networking events matching interests in your niche for getting advice on how to start an online business. Meetup is always free for attendees, and if you want to host a group it’s just $5 per month.

99. Sewpor

Sewport is an affordable, trustworthy clothing manufacturer based around the world. It can supply for you things such as sportswear to women’s high fashion, accessories like sunglasses, belts, and shoes. If you want to outsource the manufacturing these things or eCommerce-driven business, Sewport will be a must-stop destination and more 7200 companies and entrepreneurs are already using the Sewport to find and work with high-quality factory partners.

100. The Hubspot Blogs

The Hubspot Blogs will extremely powerful, well-written sources of knowledge for anyone trying to grow a business. There are many a lot of real-life content marketing in action and they are useful for you with each post with a new skill or test to try out within your business.

101. Upwork

Upwork is a well-known place for businesses that need to connect with skilled freelancers in the field of programming, writing, web design, and many others. Just as you post a job, Upwork analyzes your requirements and then it sends you a shortlist of the potential candidates whom you can contact.

102. Discover DHL

To stay ahead of the game in business, logistics, e-commerce, operations, and culture, let’s take advantage of Discover DHL to get tons of helpful content for seeking new ideas. Contents include many topics such as how to design your packaging for today’s visual world, reducing your cart abandonment rates, marketing a subscription business, weekly e-commerce trend recaps, etc.

103. Virtual Staff Finder

This tool will help you create a job description like a high-quality virtual assistant when you are looking for the best employees and need to hire them through interviews.


Apart from these basic tools, there are a lot of other great tools. Each tool will help you perform certain jobs. Therefore, you should learn about them carefully and combine them during the working process to get the highest effectiveness.

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