Web Design with Artificial Intelligence. Why Not?

Artificial Intelligence helps design a website easy. It meets basic design rules and very potential.
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Web design is an important thing to do when you start an online business in Denver. You can sell food, clothes and accessories, or any products and services on Facebook personal page, fanpage or C2C platform. However, it’s difficult to expand your business without a website. You can do SEO and make your web’s rank increase naturally with not much money. It’s a long-term campaign that you have to pay attention to. 

Nowadays, web design is easier to build. AI assistant will help you a lot or even all the thing if you just need a simple website. Have you ever heard about the artificial intelligence designer? In this post, we will introduce you to a new design-builder so that you needn’t hire any professional web designer. It sounds interesting. Let’s find out.

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Artificial Intelligence: New Website Design Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular word these days. This technology is used in web design. AI is educated to understand creative rules, identify design trend and help you to generate a personalized web design. It covers several aspects of design including photo editing skills, image recognition and creating, font and color selection, etc.

In order to have a full-automation functionality, the AI must be intelligent enough to know all the design and development principles. AI in design is pretty different from other AIs because it’s programmed to be more creative, not only to do some simple task. 

A website is the highest value asset of your business; it helps you earn money and convey your value to the customers. With a limited budget, taking advantage of AI is a clever choice.


  • Free for everyone
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Without Coding
  • Responsive: mobile friendly
  • 24/7 support
  • Cheaper than the salary of the web designer


  • Just suitable and perfect with small company and seller, don’t appreciate to a large company
  • Not unique because all websites are built with available template and layout.
  • Tough to customize to your creative idea.

Now, let’s move on the next part is about the popular web to help you design a stunning web on your own.

Common AI Web Builder

The Grid

As you know, the Grid is one of the pioneer firm using AI named Molly to design web. However, it doesn’t get the satisfaction of the client and left behind.


Drag and drop widgets are the features of Wix. You can change the styles and content of blocks. When you work with Wix ADI, you need to answer a set of question to determine the type of web, required features, contact data, business name, physical location, etc. Next, you will be offered a list of further use instructions.


Say hello to your assistant, Sacha. He will help you build the website by selecting your own font, color, template style, header image, a new section, etc. As you know, Firedrop has focused on designing a landing page.

How Is a Good E-Commerce Web Design?

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There are a lot of design principles need to stick to. Let’s have a look!


You shouldn’t be ambitious in design. You will make your website isn’t clean and fresh with a lot of unnecessary features. It’s overwhelming!!! Keep the site neat and simple enough to show your purpose. The users will investigate your web easily, they find out the value so that your bound rate is decreased and your user engagement is increased as well.

Usability and Functionality

The web design is very important because it’s related closely with the conversion rate. A designer knows which button, which calls to action, which link is positioned correctly. The clear path to lead the customer to the next step, check out quickly and then buy more.


Keep the web stick to text color, text size, headings, sub-headings, button styles… throughout each of the pages. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) will help you match design elements well.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive isn’t be ignored because people use several devices to browse, shopping, work and get information. Especially, the smartphone is an indispensable device, people hold it on almost time.

Color Palette

Color should be combined perfectly. It makes the user comfortable to look at. The poor color palette will lead the user to distraction, don’t use too much color; just 3-4 tones are enough to get a clear website.

Quick Loading

You don’t have time to wait for a page load, do you? A lot of sites are waving you outside. So, you should optimize your page such as image sizes, HTTP requests, etc. Compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript to improve the loading speed. Complete loading within 3 seconds!!!

Easy Navigation

Navigation is the way visitors find what they are looking for. Simple, intuitive and logical is the key criterion of the navigation. Create a clear page hierarchy so that the customers can get the information they need within three clicks.

Will AI Designer Will Replace the Role of Real Web Designer?

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The answer is no. AI is the virtual design assistant that helps designer some stuffs but not the whole job. Designers do a job they do best and leave the rest for AI. The excellent skill of AI is the automated gathering and analysis requirements through a chatbot. It’s not an easy process with the combination of diverse techniques such as machine learning, NLP, image recognition, data extraction tools, artificial vision and algorithms, etc. A voice assistant chatbot will provide a lot of question and detailed description for the client to answer, choose or list. They are collecting requirements and stories of the client to design website and also track the user behavior to enhance the user experience and user interface (UX-UI) day by day because they are the most critical concept in web design.

Although AI is smart and useful, it doesn’t more creative than a human. Web design is a creative work, the web needs to be customized to engage more visitors, more customer with an informative and beautiful interface to embody the unique brand. However, the labor market is hard and changeable. Whoever doesn’t meet the need and the expertise is weak will be extruded and replaced by intelligence machine and robot.

Almost the result of design-related AI is semi-professional and it will be finished by human perfectly. AI can learn the rules but can’t mimic the creativity and the context completely. Getting the semantics on the webpage is difficult. As above reasons, we think AI doesn’t supplant the designers at least in the near future.


AI enables you to design an attractive website without hassles. AI helps you captures the user’s attention and enhance user retention well through data analytics. We hope this AI solution will be developed to augment the web design more and more gorgeous and stylish.

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