Top 14 Cloud Storage Providers with High Security for SMBs

Cloud storage is becoming more popular and widely applied in personal storage as well as enterprise storage. However, choosing a reputable and quality cloud storage service provider is not easy at all.
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The technological revolution is gradually entering every corner of life. Many businesses are moving and optimizing their entire equipment system in a way that is streamlined and most effective. Your company can go ahead and use the following great applications to improve office work and help reduce cumbersome processes. It’s important to find the most secure cloud storage for your documents. We need to take advantage of the secure cloud storage resource. The cloud storage does not occupy your internal memory, and it is much more convenient than carrying the hard drive everywhere.

When choosing a suitable and secure cloud storage provider there are five things you should keep in mind: Security, collaboration, features, usability, price and the most important: space. There are some cloud storage services out there who have made it their mission to offer cloud storage with strong security at reasonable prices. We’ve created a list of 14 of the best and most secure cloud storage providers for personal and business use.

1. Box

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Image Credit: Box is an emerging application in cloud storage technology. There are many file management applications and other applications that also integrate Box and that’s great. New users can sign up for free personal accounts and get 10 GB of free storage.

Spending $ 10 per month gives your company 100GB to use. The enterprise edition costs between $ 5 and $ 15 per user per month and includes more in-depth features. The application works quite well and it emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. However, businesses that need capacity larger than 100GB will need to use another application.

  • Supported by many applications
  • Business plan with advanced security
  • The limit for uploading a free account file is 250MB
  • Lots of security options and ways to share data.
  • Storage capacity is quite large to 10 GB.
  • Good support features editor, edit images online.

2. Dropbox

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Courtesy: Dropbox

Everyone knows about Dropbox and many have it installed on their devices. It comes with automatic photo uploads, easy sharing options, the latest Android design elements, Microsoft Office support, and the ability to send files to others. This app is a good choice and it also has a lot more features than many other similar cloud storage apps.

Individual accounts receive a free 2GB plan or purchase a 1TB plan for $ 9.99 per month or a $ 19.99 plan that has the same capacity but includes more features. Business users can open additional options available on demand by contacting Dropbox.

  • Provides free and secure cloud storage software with 2GB / account
  • The referral program you use to increase free storage You can proactively store and access data anywhere
  • Easily sync and plan all your data in a single place
  • Data management of computers works more smartly and scientifically.
  • The interface is quite friendly and easy to manipulate data management with users Integration and compatibility work well with most different operating systems
  • Support feature to record all user activity history with Pro version

3. Google Drive

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Courtesy: Google drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular and trusted cloud storage applications available today. Users get 15 GB for free with the ability to back up unlimited photos and videos via Google Photos (with appropriate quality settings).

There is also a type of office application available for documents, notes, spreadsheets, and slideshows. Your business can upgrade to 100GB ($ 1.99 per month) or 1TB ($ 9.99 per month) for quite cheap prices and also has the option for 10TB ($ 99.99 per month). It can be said that this is an office application that combines cloud storage and is extremely powerful, one of the competitors is hard to beat.

  • Provides free storage space of 15GB / account
  • The limit for an uploaded file is 5TB
  • Has a cross-platform App and is compatible with most Android, iOS, and Windows devices
  • Manage and track the changes of data files by each version
  • Feel free to customize and change the content of the files stored directly on the online
  • Google Drive allows integration into applications with 3rd parties.
  • The maximum storage capacity can be up to 30TB / account
  • Deep integration into Chrome and Android operating systems
  • Storage capacity is quite large to 15 GB

4. OneDrive for Business

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Courtesy: OneDrive

OneDrive is integrated into the Windows 10 file searcher. You don’t need to download an additional application. One Drive is handy for those who have made the upgrade to the new operating system. Back up and protect your files with OneDrive. You can easily recover files from accidental deletes or malicious attacks and administrators can manage security policies to help keep your information safe.

The Microsoft Photos app can also use OneDrive to sync photos across all your devices. There is an app for Android and iOS devices, and there’s even an app in the App Store for Mac users.

  • Integrates directly into Windows
  • File recovery feature
  • Free storage only 5GB
  • Support editing, editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.

5. Mega

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Courtesy: Mega

Mega is a consequence of the extinct Megaupload, a secure cloud storage service that was taken down by the government a few years ago. Mega is a service that gives users 50 GB for free. It is the largest login reward that Magenest has seen among all the cloud storage applications and services available today. It comes with a range of storage options that range from 200GB to 8TB.

The app is flashy but still has a few bugs and some users have encountered it. Mega’s biggest feature is encrypting all uploaded files for added security.

  • User interface easy to use
  • Extremely generous free offers
  • The synchronization application is open source

6. pCloud

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Courtesy: pCloud

pCloud is one of the best secure cloud storage platforms for a business looking to back up large media files.  pCloud is a cloud-based digital asset management platform and cloud storage that provides access to all your digital content including images, video, audio, docs, and more- anytime, anywhere on any device. Keep all of your important files safe and centralized in one place. You can share with team members, clients, etc. across the globe and give them controlled access and permissions to your digital library. It has a user-friendly interface that clearly shows where everything is located and what it does. The software is available for multiple platforms – iOS and Android devices, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

By installing pCloud on your computer (through its desktop application pCloud Drive), the app creates a secure virtual drive that expands your local storage space. Every change you make in your pCloud can be seen immediately on your computer, phone or tablet. pCloud’s latest feature Branded links allow you to customize download links with your brand’s style and logo. You can lock individual files with passwords for an extra fee using pCloud Crypto, the service’s secure cloud storage. The company operates out of Switzerland, a country known for its stringent data privacy regulations. This guarantees the protection of your data against malicious breaches.

  • Secure virtual drive 
  • Accessible even offline 
  • Great for large uploads
  • Send secure collaboration links
  • pCloud Drive file preview feature

7. Idrive

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Courtesy: iDrive

IDrive is a software organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software called IDrive. IDrive features training via documentation, webinars, and live online. The IDrive software suite is SaaS software. IDrive is backup software and includes features such as backup log, backup scheduling, cloud backup, compression, continuous backup, encryption, incremental backup, local server options, remote server options, secure data storage, and web access/restoration. IDrive is very reasonable in terms of its pricing. It presents 5GB secure storage at absolutely no cost. However, if you are interested in more storage and features, their IDrive Personal plan will cost you $52.12 for the first year (which is around £40), netting you with 2TB.

IDrive is an all-round great bet when looking for the best secure cloud storage. It offers security for servers, desktops, and mobile devices, all offering decent features and tools. Its web interface can support files from email, Facebook and even Twitter.

IT admins will have access to something called IDrive Thin Client Application. This enables them to backup and restores files as well as managing settings. This applies to all connected computers, all of which are visible via the main dashboard. IDrive allows you to sync and organize photos across all of your devices. What’s more, if you happen to lose your data for whatever reason, IDrive will send you a physical copy of your data allowing you to backup all of your files.

  • VERY easy to use
  •  Brilliant security features
  • IDrive Express offers a physical backup
  •  5GB FREE account
  •  Facial Recognition on photos
  •  Affordable pricing plans
  •  Enterprise packages available

8. SugarSync

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Courtesy: SugarSync

J2 Global is a software business in the United States that publishes a software suite called SugarSync. The SugarSync product is SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. SugarSync offers a free version and a free trial. SugarSync is file-sharing software and includes features such as cloud backup, encryption, secure data storage, and web access/restoration. Product pricing starts at $7.49/month. Alternative competitor software options to SugarSync include LiveDrive, GoAnywhere MFT, and Huddle.

  • Sync Multiple Devices.
  • Automatic Online Backup.
  • Access all your data on-the-go.
  • Data Security & Protection.
  • Remote File Access.
  • Folder & File Sharing.

9. Tresorit

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Image Credit: Tresorit

Tresorit is the ultra-secure place in the cloud to store, sync and share files easily from anywhere, anytime. Tresorit is powered by end-to-end encryption and enhanced with a flexible permission system, therefore it seals your files away from internal data breaches and hackers. All the data is securely stored according to the GDPR in Europe in Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Tresorit helps to secure your team member’s collaboration with shared team folders. Manage who can add, edit or only view the data you shared. Team members can securely access the updated files using their browser, desktop, or mobile device, wherever they are.
Files can be shared with the same secure manners outside your company as well. Replace risky email attachments with ultra-secure share links. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, nothing leaves your device unencrypted, meaning only you and your recipient can open the files, nobody in-between.

Tresorit is based in Switzerland and prides themselves on their enhanced security. They also have offices in Hungary and their servers are in both Ireland and the Netherlands. However, they are pretty expensive (to say the least) compared to other secure cloud storage providers. The lowest cost premium plan is $10.42 per month and that gets you just 200GB of storage, which is pretty steep when you consider that you can get 2TB for less with pCloud and Their FREE service is called a “Basic Account” which gets you meager 3GB of storage space.

When you compare that to the previous providers I’ve mentioned (like pCloud and, that is over double the price for less than half the amount of storage space. Tresorit is one of the most secure cloud storage providers, but it comes with a hefty price tag. When syncing your folders you need to create “tresors” which is the German word for the vault. This makes the process quite complicated.

  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Secure file sharing 
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Decent upload and download speeds

10. SpiderOak

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Courtesy: SpiderOak

SpiderOak is part of a new trend of no-knowledge cloud storage providers. The website states that after installing the client, your data is encrypted before syncing. Unfortunately, since SpiderOak doesn’t publish the client’s source code, there’s no way to confirm this.

The SpiderOakOne app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as Android and iOS (although both Android and iOS are read-only apps, meaning you can only view files and can’t upload or sync anything.). You can also log in via the web interface but security lovers may not like it because it shows your password to SpiderOak employees.

  • Security tight
  • Lots of native customers
  • Limited free offer


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Share and collaborate with ease while keeping your data safe with Sync, a secure Dropbox replacement for your business’ file storage and sharing needs. Trusted by over 400,000 businesses and individuals, Sync lets users send and receive files securely, collaborate and share privately, and access files from anywhere. The platform also offers built-in data privacy compliance, multi-user administration, and backup and recovery features.

For the best security for your files, you need a secure cloud storage service that offers zero-knowledge encryption. This means that your provider does not store a copy of your encryption key. Without the key, the company cannot access your files — period. If the servers were accessed illegally or a government-issued a warrant, your information would still be inaccessible to anyone but you.

Personal accounts start from as little as $5 per month for 200GB of storage or just $8 per month for 2TB. Business accounts start from $5 per month for each user, with 1TB of storage space each. All of these plans are billed annually — there’s no option to pay monthly. Interception during transit and password breaches are the most common methods of cyber-attack. Therefore, the fact that you can select “enhanced privacy” and add zero-knowledge encryption to a collaboration link is a great feature.

  • Password protect the links that you share
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Zero-knowledge security on all of its plans

12. Zoolz

Top 15 Cloud Storage Providers With High Security For SMBs- Image 12
Courtesy: Zoolz

The U.K. based company, Zoolz, offers great features for both personal and business use. Like many other secure cloud storage solutions, it’s very easy to use and has plenty of options when it comes to management and settings.

The company leverages Amazon’s Glacier infrastructure which means their performance versus performance is pretty outstanding. Zoolz can offer extremely competitive pricing whilst receiving the approval of plenty of customers. Currently, they have over 20PB of data stored across 3 million customers.

From just £14.99 per month, you can grab yourself 1TB data across unlimited external hard drives. You’ll also have access to unlimited users, unlimited servers, file versioning, and zero restore costs.

Zoolz offers AES-256 data encryption, which is the best of the best. With its unbreakable security also comes simple user management and 24/7 support if required. 

Zoolz understands that data serves different purposes. It’s for this reason that they introduced what they called Tribrid Backup. It means you can protect all of your data whilst saving on costs, and without sacrificing data. Being able to retrieve data in different ways across 3 storage types: local storage, instant storage, and cold storage. It offers automated backups to each storage type as well as zero restore cost from Amazon Glacier.

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Zero restore costs
  • Tribrid Backup system
  • Unlimited users and servers
  • 1TB is very affordable
  • 10+ years experience

13. Next Cloud

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Courtesy: Next Cloud

The Next cloud is another best free and secure cloud storage that helps in protecting data and has a lot of exciting features that attract users. It provides an excellent backup feature which helps the users to keep track of all the data even after the device is lost. The Next Cloud provides two-factor authentication to its users which in turn, provides extra protection towards account usage.

NextCloud is not an online secure cloud storage provider but offers free software to download and install cloud storage services on your server. Using the server on your home network to cloud storage is a lot faster. You can also enable encryption and ensure information never leaves your home network, which is much safer.

If you don’t have a server or IT experience, you can even buy a preconfigured NextCloud Box from the website that comes with a 1TB hard drive and will work with an inexpensive Raspberry Pi board to hold your data.

  • Innovative self-storage solution
  • Adjust cloud lockers according to your needs
  • The setting is preconfigured
  • Free and Open Source software
  • Complete control of your data
  • A complete productivity suite
  • Useful for small and midsize organizations as well as individuals

14. Egnypte

Top 15 Cloud Storage Providers With High Security For SMBs- Image 14
Image Credit: Egnyte

Egnyte is a company that provides software for enterprise file synchronization and sharing. The technology can store files in a company’s existing data repository, as well as secure cloud storage. Egnyte’s hybrid approach to cloud computing and storage is a cost-efficient, productive solution. It delivers a generous feature set ideal for teams that share documents and collaborate on projects.

Egnyte doesn’t offer zero-knowledge protection out of the box, but if you want to take control of how your encryption key is stored, you’ll need to use Egnyte Key Management. This allows you to manage your encryption keys, either yourself or via a third-party solution, such as Microsoft Azure Key Vault. 

Encryption software allows you to encrypt your files before they’re uploaded into the cloud. Because Egnyte is aimed at the enterprise market, there aren’t any individual plans. If you want to use Egnyte for personal storage, then the Team plan has a minimum of a single user and costs $10 for 1TB of storage.

  • Have file support
  • Let customers integrate their own URL 
  • Provide continuous synchronization between local files and online copies. 
  • Use stringent security measures to safeguard data. 

The Bottom Lines

The solutions listed above are just but a few of the several options available in the market. When choosing a secure cloud storage provider, many people understandably go for the option that offers plentiful storage space for free. Although large spaces are vital, the real value of a secure cloud storage solution comes from how well it serves your business. As seen above, some options are best-suited for a specific operating system, while others cut across all platforms.

Cloud storage technology is rapidly evolving, so be on the constant lookout for new solutions with even better features. There are many good cloud storage applications for businesses to serve their businesses. The best solution for businesses in storage is to apply cloud storage technology. Besides, your businesses will need to apply technology to run well in the long-term. Secure file storage for your business is critical in business operation, your website also deserves its own voice when it comes to management aspects. And if you don’t have an online presence manager to manage your website yet, be sure to check out Small Business plan to start getting one today.

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