The Importance of a Website Which Businesses Must Comprehend

The website is your business's online presence. It supplies customers with a clear idea of what your brand is about and what kinds of products or services you offer. So don't ignore its importance!
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Nowadays almost all businesses have their own website. In addition to being an essential marketing tool, a website is also a communication tool that allows the company to exist on the internet and reach more customers.

A website costs around $500 to $2000 but the price is decreases every year. However it’s still too expensive for small businesses. In the U.S almost 50 % of the small companies don’t have a website. For 30 % of them it’s for a cost reason.

However with the rise of business like, you can create a professionally looking website for free or almost nothing.

Other businesses just don’t consider that a website is necessary for the following reasons:

1 – The business doesn’t want more clients

For instance, a restaurant is already full everyday. It doesn’t need more customers. There is no need to spend more time or money on marketing.

2 – The business reputation is already established

The word-of-mouth has already done the job of a website. In this case almost any type of businesses is concerned (food truck, grocery, garage, law firm or a company that sells goods in a shop…) Customers know the basic information to get there. A website is not necessary.

3 – The business works only with few customers

Your business works only with one or two clients. For instance a law firm provides legal advices for few loyal companies. It can be also a supplier that provides one brand with a special product.

4 – The business is already on other websites

You do not need your own website to be found. You can use websites such as or yelp. They will provide the important information such as your address, phone number and schedule.

5 – The business uses only social media

Social media has the advantage to be free and easy to use (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…). They are sometimes more efficient than a website. You can target millions of people. New brands, startups and sometimes new app use a lot social media.

Even if this type of businesses doesn’t need a website, it is always very useful. I definitely recommend you to have one.

Contributed by Alexandra Isenegger,  CEO @Linkilaw | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Top Writer 2017 & 2018

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