The Latest Operational Efficiency Tips for Real Estate Tech Startups

Every business desire to deliver the products or services at the lowest cost with the best quality possible. To do that, industrial organization specifically real estate industry should drive the right model in their operation.
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Nowadays, we can undoubtedly see the exponential extension in real estate tech startups. It is not hard to understand that startups companies desire to gain revenue as much as possible at the lowest cost since its inception. Why? Since they need money.  The most obvious reason which leads to the failure of several startups is running out of cash.

Have you ever heard about Shark Tank? It is a TV show for startups company join to ask for the venture capital (VCs).

Many entrepreneurs received huge VCs from different investors yet in the end, they ended up bankruptcy since they do not run well their operational efficiency. So, what is an excellent operational efficiency model? It is when the company knows how to enhance product features while reducing the development costs, overhead costs by leveraging the options of outsourcing as an innovation part in business operation plan.

The Real Estate Tech Startup’s Purposes

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As I stated before, startups undoubtedly run out of cash unless they have a suitable operational efficiency plan. The key points when they establish their own business are within these reasons: firstly, they have suffered enough as a worker and desire to create their emperor themselves. Secondly, they want more money. Being an ordinary worker can earn money, yet they feel it’s certainly not enough, they want more. Therefore, we have a term called “startup”. However, some startup leads into bankruptcy, even though huge VCs invest them.

Real Estate Decision of Operational Efficiency

Here, I can list several lessons according to successful real estate operational efficiency. In modern days recently, it requires enterprises to follow the faster pace of trends by using outsourcing company, a higher rate of workforce agility, and the procedure to create products with high quality.

The necessity to reduce the rate at which you are burning through capital is serious questions for every real estate tech startup since they need huge amount from the beginning to run their business model. Hiring high paid programmers from its inception may negatively extend the company’s life. Using outsourcing is one of the common ways to substantially minimize several costs particularly labor costs.

The demand to impact property decisions result from different parts of the entrepreneur, and eventually, the decision makers are shifting that influence on various sectors such as HR, CEO, CTO, etc. By using appropriate outsourcing company, we can lower the cost of goods sold and gain more revenue. For instance, in the past, when you want to establish a company, you have to go to lease an office space, have a meeting with them, fill several forms, and calculate to hire initial employees in different sectors.

We can make a rough estimate: renting an office, labor cost, facilities in the office, etc., everything requires overhead costs. From the inception, if we spend too much in these expenses, they can imagine a future of business failure. Nowadays or even in the upcoming years, outsourcing company becomes a vital role in operational efficiency for startups. Moreover, it can maximize your product’s quality from the first place since we ask experts to handle it. Instead of wasting money in several areas and we are not sure about the result, we can seek for right partners that can save enormous fund for our business with the optimal quality.

Some Tips to Enhance Business

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Realize that real estate is a prominent hub, according to Forbes, in 2017, VCs deployed more than 5 billion USD in real estate tech, over 150 times invested in 2010, notably the development of the two most valuable startups in the US, Airbnb, and WeWork. To implement adequate technology and software, real estate tech companies should find the right third party, particularly outsourcing company. The failure mode that really notices me is when entrepreneurs listen to bad advice from the wrong people. They should know that nothing is 100% excellent, so we need to find sufficient partner outsourcing company instead of hi-tech with high cost company.

Whether you are a startup is seeking to augment your existing company, outsourcing can be ideal solution. You need to find a reliable advisor that can consult and introduce you connecting companies that specializes in your company’s specific technology to handle the manpower and skill sets issues. This method offers you the manpower required to enhance your software, also necessary technical skills your team might not possess. Indeed, offshore firms which involves working with developers from other countries can be considerable, since it can help to develop software quickly due to the time-zone and even the labor cost is cheaper with the same quality compared to the inhouse company if you choose the right firms.

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However, using outsourcing company cannot replace employees. Entrepreneur should have a plan to retain high-profile individuals as a core management team to oversee the outsourced development work. They need to learn how to stand on their own resource, yet at the start, outsourcing company is best choice in order to save the fund from its inception.

Therefore, finding sufficient outsourcing company may scale the business up. The vital reason to find right partners is that specializes in matching you with top-notch outsourcing company and save time in researching. It leads to the lesson that we cannot freely listen to everyone; we have to sort the information and analyze does it actually fit our model.

Besides, catching the newest trend is also essential to extend the business. Hence, choosing the appropriate, reliable outsourcing firm is extremely crucial to avoid any issue in using technology. We are not expert in the technology field, but we can find an expert to handle jobs for us.


Producing high-quality product with the minimum cost of goods sold is an ideal business term that every real estate tech company wants to achieve, especially while the sale price is too high particularly in the US. They hope to fulfill their customer with the best quality product, also gain more revenue.

Therefore, implementing an appropriate technology can solve these issues and bring more advantages toward both the company and customer with several function display on the company’s website or application, which lead to scale the productivity up and lower the burn rate which is a serious problem recently.

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