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These services are chosen from standard online retail websites.
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Nowadays, a website is very critical to any enterprises. It’s not only a simple reference, but it’s a main commercial channel. Website interface reflects and affects your brand and your business. It will make or break you. Especially with an e-Retail company, a web design, which is beautiful, distinctive and gets high traffic, will help the shop have more and more sales. To be a web design company for the e-commerce industry, you have to offer some superior services fit with your clients’ business process. Let’s explore!

Beautiful Interface, and Delightful and Lighting Fast UX

As a web design company, you should give some advice to your client idea. Build a pretty and user-friendly website is your responsibility. It will become a reliable website if you focus on the right UX. To an E-commerce website, cart, path to purchase, call-to-action is very useful, so it needs to be intuitive and clear visual. Don’t build a complex website, keep it neat and functional.

Responsive Web Design

You should build a website that is accessible on laptop, desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. Make sure it looks great for everyone. Compatibility is very important as you can generate leads from customer on all devices.

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Custom Web Design Solution

Say no with theme and template. Come across which the design that your client would like to do. Tailor crafted e-commerce website, adapt your client’s needs and wants. Offer them several features and advanced plugins and options. It’s helpful for the client to carry over.

Sometimes, you have the unique client’s requirement including a financial option, billing, invoicing, membership page. Of course, you have to customize for them! Prove that you are the top-of-line, you always offer the flexible solution while keeping the web fully functional.

Database-driven Web Development

Robust online products inventory to be stored in online database. You will build database architecture and category structure intelligently. Besides product information, there are a lot of data such as user profile, payment profile, etc.

Intelligent CRM and Professional Customer Service

Manage customer relationship and sale opportunities will come. Implementing CRM to manage and analyze customer’s data, follow up customer lifecycle and measure sales effort. There are some kinds of analytics, metrics, graphs and reporting to track, interact and show sale conversion rate obviously.

Track Site Visitors

From traffic and user interaction to significant revenue. Handle the traffic and make it increase more and more. From analyzing the traffic, you can have the solutions to optimize the conversion rate for the website.

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Fast and Easy Check-out

The check-out option has to be one-click away from any pages in the website. It helps increase sales. As you know, the success of the online retail website is not only base on how good the product is but also how effectively the website performs. Checkout is the critical step, keep it simple and fast.

Order Management and Other Reporting

Easy to search, sort and view the order information and purchase details, update and note order status, view shipping details, ways to communicate about the orders, export to Excel, etc.

The insight of website owner’s business will be presented by charts, graphics and detailed statistics such as new and return customer, the number of customer, lifetime order, top selling product, inventory, revenue, charge, profit…

Marketing Tools

Don’t miss the powerful marketing tools build-in. Let’s have a look!

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E-Mail and Social Media Marketing

Send automatic email blasts to some segments of email addresses with newsletters, social media event, promotion, coupons, announcement and custom email (branded emails, an email with Call-to-action (CTA)…). Show landing page with good visual aesthetics and actionable lead magnet to build the email list.  In addition, you can track interaction such as open rates, bounced emails and site visit.

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Automatic Reviews and Ratings

The whole process is simple like this:

Step 1: Sending automatic email for review requests

Step 2: Screening the feedback, responding to a negative review if it’s necessary.

Step 3: Posting feedback to the website and send a nice small gift for the customer.

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Organic SEO and Content Marketing

Publish blogs, post case studies, update and distribute the content from anywhere as much as possible. Upload unique, high-quality and relevant content frequently to drive the customer to your website. These content with keyword and meta data regularly will get high customer engagement.

Additionally, the CMS works well, requiring no technical skill and knowledge. This powerful content marketing tool help you post from anywhere, any devices, just go to the website, log in and post.

Also, you can schedule and push the content to social media channels automatically.

Organic visibility needs a lot of smart and skilled on-page content creation. You are a competitor of a myriad of website, to be top 1, you have to make effort and keep update about SEO every day. Do more research about the user search queries because it controls your SEO productivity.

Remarketing Campaign

Driving visitors back to your product’s page by following around the individuals that have had a look at your products or even visited your website. This is one of utilized sale opportunities ways works.


Besides creative, fresh and pretty interface, a website needs to easy to navigate for the customers and easy to control for website administrators. With these services, your web design company will deliver exceptional website whether it’s a new website or an existed website. Especially, powerful e-marketing services is the highlight for your company to differentiate from your competitors.

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