How Chatbot Is Helping the Travel Agency?

Most travelers plan travel itineraries before starting their trips, and they may be seeking for somebody or something not only to help them with their needs but also not to interrupt their fun of the flights. I think Chatbot is a suitable one.
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In the hospitality industry, the success or failure of an enterprise depends on its service and speed. According to Oracle research, 80% of businesses incline setting up their chatbot. Thus, it is essential to identify the key feature of your business. Chatbot, which interacts with its customers in a friendly way and provides all kinds of information that customers are looking for, has become a crucial custom for the travel industry. From booking tickets to discovering new places, the bot supports tourists enthusiastically to satisfy them regarding their budgets and programs.

Today, there are a number of unique challenges when it comes to attracting and selling to customers across online and offline channels. Travelers are using the web and mobile devices to research, book and pay for trips; there are many travel agencies, participating in passenger’s travel which makes them confused. So how can attract customers but make them feel comfortable?

Do not worry! A chatbot is the best tool to attract and connect with your potential customers.

So what is it?

What Is Chatbot?

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Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone. It answers questions or messages automatically as a human. Its creator determines the scope and complexity of the bot.

How Chatbot Is Helping the Travel Agency?

1. Open 24/7

Users can initiate a chat with the business and get a response from a real human. But sometimes the user may not get an answer at all if it is outside of business hours, this makes the user feel upset, and they will go to a competitor.

So, no problem!

Chatbots never feel tired that bring a good customer service 24/7 has a positive impact on your customer satisfaction.

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In addition, with the help of chatbots, your business can handle more tasks at the same time so that no customer has to wait. This will allow your companies to scale up their operations to new markets globally without multiplying incoming requests to be handled.

2. Save Time

Human can only communicate with only one client at the same time but chatbots have the ability to chat with thousands of them. Many people spend so much time thinking how they can create a compelling content to start or reply a conversation. It doesn’t have to be! No matter how much time of the day or how many people contact you at the same time, each of them will get the answer immediately. Therefore, you do not need to hire staff for customer service. Chatbot will help you tackle as soon as possible.

3. Boots Your Profit

Chatbots are properly designed to propel brand values to a wide range of prospects. They provide friendly interaction and a good relationship with customers.

Chatbot offers many options for booking holidays may send and makes reminders about the booking date, schedule, etc. Chatbot can solve customers’ questions, provides effective solutions, and makes perfect suggestions for them. Accordingly, chatbots can keep customers on your website longer to make more deals.

Below are some points which help to meet customer needs and boost your profit:

Better Open Rate

  • Better operation rate: Chatbots proactively interact with customers and give a quick response to them.
  • Better engagement: Chatbots sends visual content and gives information regarding discount offers, or product information to keep the customer interested. This boosts customer engagement.
  • Personalized Experience: It’s important for any business to deliver a personal experience to the customers across many touch points. Creating a pleasant Chatbot interface will increase the efficiency of Chatbots. As a result, it will be able to increase sales and give more satisfaction to customers.

Costs Saving

To hire someone for a job is never an easy way. You have to waste a lot of time to find who is best suitable for your organizations. Moreover, if your employees work inefficiently that would result in a decrease in the revenue of your business.

4. Data Access

Chatbot records all conversations of users. Thus, it can recognize their customer preferences, what they are searching for, their purchase history, and the trend on the market.

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On the other hand, your organization can follow the user’s commands and responses to the chatbot, predict the responses based on consumer language and direct the bot to suggest a different or a more useful product or service to the users.

The bot works remarkably well to comply with its users’ requirement, which enhances travelers’ experience as never before.

5. Collect Customer Feedback

Chatbot is based on Machine Learning which allows chatbot to keep the conversation rhythm to collecting customer requests, then they react to written or spoken requests to deliver a service.

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Customers are among the most valuable sources of information when optimizing web pages and their elements. In case the website receives traffic but cannot convert potential customers, it is possible to set up the bot to perform detailed surveys to modify aspects of the travel agency.


Smart tourism will be an online data platform, connecting solutions, organizations and methods to make travel more attractive and convenient for visitors. To provide excellent customer service, you need to understand who your customers are and what they want.

With an interface such as a standard messaging chat frame, friendly and smart interactive screen, no need to download, chatbot brings convenience and ease of use for visitors. Chatbot provides information quickly, instantly, at all times and brings a personalized feel to visitors.

Billions of people are already using the bot, so it’s time your business did too.

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