Has Your Business Well Aware of App Development’s 3 Benefits?

App development is one of the key factor ensuring success in this era for Denver's retail and e-commerce SME. Get your mind blown with app's amazing benefits from EnvZone.
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When was the last time you recognized blackberry and apple were just fruit?

And when app development has become so important to businesses?

Well, I guess longer than you can remember

Let’s face one fact.

People spend time on mobile devices on their smart devices. As a result, the portion of the investment in building a mobile interface should be significantly higher than the website interface.

And from a study by Deloitte, the average mobile phone user in the United States looks at their screen approximately 47 times a day. Then, what are the things they are explicitly spending time on so much?

Applications of course, or the preferred term: “apps.”

For an entrepreneur in the retail sector, this statistic means business. That is the reason why so many companies are putting so much effort into creating the best shopping experience for users. Whichever brand or company catches the user’s attention to their application will eventually earn a lot of benefits. So, what are the fantastic application development’s benefits hold that small and medium enterprises (SME) in general and Denver’s SME in the retail industry should pay close attention?

First of, 

App Development Helps Denver Business Serve Customer Better


The most apparent factor is that your customer can conveniently download the app from the App Store (iOS) and CH Play (Android). Also, judging by the number of mobile devices that nearly any individual holds, your customer can quickly check in your app and shop at any time, anywhere.

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Next, app development grants a perfect two-way communications opportunity for your business and customer. Mainly, I’m referring to the post-purchase phase. Finishing purchasing a product or service doesn’t mean that it’s over for your business and the customer.

Through an app, customers can give out their feedback and thoughts which could be a useful source of information, and I shall get to that in the following section. The two-way communication does not stop there.

Through an app, Denver business owners can establish multiple engagement activities with users. The engagement activities vary from mini-game, promotion, live stream, challenges, etc. And during the high tech integrated era, app development offers the possibility to combine digital tools with out-of-home marketing tools. For example, a potential customer standing at a bus station can use the app to experience augmented reality (AR) with your brand and get rewarded. The more engagement they make, the more points they accumulate which in turn would be beneficial for future purchase and customer retention. And that leaves us to the next point.

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One more perk of app development is that it helps customer retention. Once the customer downloads the app, it will be quite difficult for them to not to care about the apparent logo representing in the phone. You can easily schedule push notifications to notify your business’s latest programs, offers, promotions, discounts, etc. Ultimately, for those who frequently spend time on their device and specifically the app, it enhances the conversion rate and customer retention. It’s pretty much like you are interested in your customer a lot, and you continuously ask for attention until your customer gives you a lovely “kiss,” which is when they purchase your product and service. And did you know?

The result of app development also positively affect customer service. For instance, your entrepreneur has limited working hours, and you can’t hire someone to answer all customer’s question 24/7. So, naturally, Denver retail business should consider developing an app so that potential customer can actively search for information from your app. Once the though your business’s presence is always there, it’s only a matter of time for them to add as much as products to their online shopping cart.

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I have mentioned this in other articles but it doesn’t hurt anyone to repeat, and I also want to save the best for the last. App development helps serve the customer better because it has gradually built customer’s loyalty toward the whole shopping and engaging experience with your business. And commitment is something that all business crave for, and I’m pretty sure that app development is one crucial part of your answer.

You see how app development can help your business serve your customer better. Now, let’s continue unveiling more amazing benefits.  

The App Holds a Gold Mine

What exactly is that gold mine?

Obviously, it’s the data.

App development’s benefit mentioned above is just merely the tip of the iceberg. The more mouth-watering parts are more to come. The app holds a lot of information about users, e.g., name, age, interest, email but what should we do with it?

Here’s the differentiating factor between an outstanding Denver business and the other.

From the data the app harvests, which are the feedback, comments, etc. mentioned above, the business can grasp insight like the consumer pattern. From that point, the company should be able to optimize and filter out which product receives more appreciation from customers, then, give it more space on the app’s interface or recommend users to buy it. On the other hand, if one underperform, Denver business owner can quickly make a change or replace it at first hand. And that’s not the end for data applications.

Since every person has a mobile device and each person’s interest is most likely not the same. And it’s tough to serve the customer if there are too many ideas and variables. Well, that’s the case for data and personalization.

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Entrepreneurs who integrate personalization into their retail business based on the data from the app are more open to growth in revenue and profits. And you can learn more about the benefits of personalization in here.   

Boost Revenue and Profit

Every Denver business needs stable cash flow, and part of what makes multiple business invest in app development is the potential. According to Statista, by 2020, the mobile application shall generate revenue of nearly $190 billion.

So, what could take Denver retail business sector to achieve such a number?

The answer lies within how many items the user put into their shopping cart.

Quite similar to traditional shopping, isn’t it?

However, people tend to make a larger quantity if they buy it from a mobile application platform. And that’s for e-commerce only. What would happen if combining online and offline shopping experience? That’s a potential right there.

Of course, as a result, a business can increase sales and experience positive business growth.

Do you see the urge to execute an app development now?

Well, come on then. We, EnvZone, is waiting to hear from you.

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