Great Advice You Should Refer to Before Starting Your Small Business

Starting a business is exciting and scary. In order to boost the excitement, shrink the fear, and fully prepare for what's ahead, the below advice may be helpful for you.
Great Advice You Should Refer To Before Starting Your Small Business
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What was the best business advice you received when starting your small business? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others, and better understand the world.

This is advice I picked up indirectly, from reading one of Doberman Dan’s books.

Selling is hard in general.

Selling a $1,000 product is almost as hard as selling a $50 product.

But selling a $1,000 is many times more rewarding than selling the $500 product.

So why not go for the higher ticket sale?

It takes the same skill level…

The salesman selling $10 circus tickets at the fair needs as much salesmanship as the salesman selling $12,000 Rolex watches.

And so I decide early on that, if I were to put in the work to sell my services to somebody, I will do so to people who can afford to pay more.

My time is very valuable to me — and the older I get, the more so…

I don’t want to waste it picking up crumbs.

I’m a shy person and I’m naturally intimidated by people whom I perceive to be way higher on the social scale than me.

But I learned to fight and control my natural tendencies, and resist putting people on a pedestal.

We’re all people — just wearing different clothes, and driving different cars.

Still not convinced about how much of a difference it makes selling to more affluent people?

Let me give you an example…

I used to sell my signature car cleaning package for $50 to $70 (depending on the size of the vehicle)…

Now I sell the same package — which takes me as long to complete — for $297 to $347.

Same package — different clientele.

I can work the same amount — or less, because I don’t have to clean as many cars to reach my target — and make more money.

Simply by targeting a different clientele.

One who can afford to pay more for my service.

Now, there is a system to this — it’s not as simple as raising your prices and expect people to gladly pay them.

If you do just that, you’re going to see 90% of your current clientele disappearing overnight…

The key is to completely re-position yourself and your business to attract a different type of customer — and in the same time, repel the wrong time of customer.

Yes, you read that right… you want to actually repel certain people.

The tire-kickers, the time-wasters, the looky-loos, etc….

The ones that ask, but never buy.

And once you put this system into action, you’re going to see your whole business — and your life — transform practically overnight.

Contributed by Alex Draghicescu, Self-Proclaimed Expert in car cleaning and detailing

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