Chatbot Changes the Hospitality Industry Nowadays

A travel bot can help save users' time such as organize their trip or recommend places to visit and all this is available on our favorite messaging apps. The bot will be accessible all time 24/7, support different languages and give an immediate answer to travelers' questions.
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Chatbots and travel go hand in hand! They help travelers and companies simplifying travel arrangements and streamlining business procedures. In today’s blog, we are looking at the way chatbots affect the travel industry.

Book Appointments, Airline Tickets, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals, Cruises and Vacation Packages

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Ask information using Messenger directly and even pay via Facebook Messenger (or via your website), using the fully automated live booking system technology.

Through this technology, the customers receive a booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass and flight status updates, check-in times, vacation packages or even reserve a car rental and a parking slot. Moreover, users just need to open Facebook Messenger and tell the bot a little bit about their travel plans. Once it has enough information, the most popular and suitable hotel recommendations in the location that you chose will be displayed. By clicking on any of the hotel’s options, the user will be re-directed to a website where can book directly. The booking is done, the users will receive a message in Messenger with a link to the itinerary.

In addition, the customer can send service requests for laundry pick-up, order room service, order amenities, book a spa session, and leave feedback and reviews.

Create a Virtual Tour of Your Restaurant

You can take panoramic pictures with your camera from several angles then you can link rooms together placing clickable markers over the image and finally customers mark available tables which can be reserved.

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Order the Meals Directly on Facebook Page

By simply choosing the favorite dishes in the menu, setting eventual additions to the ingredients and lastly move on to collect them at the restaurant at the inquired time or have them delivered to their room by your own delivery personnel.

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Find the Desired Place and More Information by Image

A chatbot that would answer tourist questions, such as, “Where can I eat?” or “Where can I buy a local souvenir?” Travelers would be able to use the app to make a note of places that they want to visit and later be notified when they’re in the vicinity. For example, the chatbots identify photos that a traveler uploads of a monument or attraction they want to visit. The traveler does not need to know the name of the attraction – the chatbot identifies the image in the photo and provides information about the site, how to get there, and other relevant details. The chatbot would help when detecting that users were skimming articles without finding their desired information.

Get Benefits

There are some brief benefits that you can get when using chatbots:

Save Time

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Instead of requiring your employees to spend time to answer inbound questions, a chatbot can help you do it quickly with available answer set.

Generate Leads

Gathering necessary information such as email address, telephone number for sales representatives can follow up and get revenue for your company. You have to create an excellently useful material to make the users input their information.

Give the User Guidance

By asking a list of suiting questions, you route users to the best place for them to find the information they want, such as:
• What problem are you trying to solve?
• What are your goals?
• Where are you located?
• What department are you in?
• Would you like personal support?
• What would you like to go?

Support 24/7/365

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The chatbot doesn’t take a break, it can answer the customer’s question quickly all the time. Take this advantage from chatbot!

Real-Time Booking System

Only the available dates/ times will be presented and then subsequently blocked out once the booking is confirmed. Customers will receive a timely warning via Messenger.

Customers’ Engagement and Personalize the Travelers’ Experience

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Chatbots explore new ways to provide a fabulous, personalized but at the same time fast customer care and that’s why they opted to build a chatbot. The chatbot was built with the intent of being a vehicle to facilitate an even more personalized, gratifying and seamless travel experience. Bots are a great profiling tool, by collecting data such as purchase history, they can personalize the travelers’ experience. This will bring the particular touch expected by the travelers for a long time!

Travel Chatbot Case Study

If you’ve ever gone to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, you know it can be hard to get around. For instance, getting around Japan can be tricky, especially for visitors who don’t know the Japanese language. Chatbots allow visitors to obtain real-time answers to their travel questions as they explore Japan’s major tourist cities.

Besides, they help everyone who moves — including business people and tourists traveling around Japan by foot, train, subway, bus, car, or bicycle. They can offer recommended restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. A growing number of travelers are using the chatbot not just for sightseeing but also for experience-related searches, such as sampling Japanese food and renting kimonos.

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Chatbots ensure enhanced clients’ engagement more than an app. In addition, chatbots by working routine queries, save valuable time of customer care service agents, allowing them to do more complicated problems and tasks.

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