Are Keywords Necessary to Improve a Site’s Ranking?

If you want your business to be successful in the modern marketplace, your website must appear at the top list. Focus on the right keyword to let your site at a high rank.
Are Keywords Necessary To Improve A Site's Ranking
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Why are keywords most important to rank for websites? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

1. Keywords Help Your Site to Get Listed in The Search Results.

The site which is well-organized and having most relevant content get top ranking in the search result for those keywords.

The user then clicks on the several sites for the required content. This is how optimized keywords help the site to get listed in the search results.

2. Understanding Keyword Types

For better SEO, every professional blogger used to add different types of keywordsinto their quality articles. They use keyword tools to generate related but targeted keywords, particularly for that topic.

But what are the types of keywords you required to know and use?

Short tail Keywords: These keywords includes max three words.
E.g. “Google SEO tags” or “SEO importance”

Long Tail Keywords: These are most used keywords includes more than three words. These keywords or phrases are also named as targeted keywords used in the content according to the user point of search queries (Search volume).
E.g.: “why is search engine optimization important” or “what is meta description in SEO”

3. Targeted Keywords Help to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site.

Any word is referred as a keyword when it receives a significant amount of searches queries from the search engine in a month. Most of the time, user types longer sentences consisting more than 3 words, these long tail keywords are the terms then targeted their content and derived by the search engine. So the long tail keywords are more effective as compared to short tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are good for titles, and long tail keywords can be added in the description since it will help to drive massive organic targeted traffic from the search engine. With the best SEO keywords, your chances of getting higher search ranking on the SERP becomes higher.

4. Keyword Density Helps To Boost Ranking In Your Niche.

Build optimum Keyword Density for Better Ranking

In simple words, the keyword density is nothing but the richness of content that includes the number of keywords. Once you choose the keywords that define the subject of the page and help to derive the interest to your readers, then the search engine determines the topic you talking about on that particular page. When the search engine bots crawl & index your content, it will get understand from the keyword density that for which targeted keywords your page website should rank for. You need to make your content of the blog posts more target rich by adding good and best SEO keywords to create better keyword density for better SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

The use of targeted keyword is good, but overuse of keywords is very bad practiceand dangerous for your search ranking. You can use your targeted keyword for many posts on your website, but that doesn’t mean you to use the same targeted phrase “Google SEO tags” exactly several times on your website. Instead, you can use “SEO Google tags” “Google tags for SEO,” & “SEO tags for better Google ranking” on various pages interlinked with each other and Google bot will crawl and index your contents in a targeted category for those particularly optimized keywords you are targeting.

How many keywords you should target?

Adding keywords more than a limit is dangerous. Google or any search engine will determine it as a spamming. I would suggest you use less than 2% of the content or less than five keywords if you have more than 1000 quality words in a single web page.

5. Keyword Targeting Increases Domain Authority Fast.

Domain Authority (DA) of a website is a score given by Moz that shows how that website perform & rank on the search engine result pages (SERP). The keywords targeting is so important to your website’s visibility & search ranking on the major search engines.

Keyword research is necessary for nearly everything you do online; from searching anything on Google, for blogging, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Along with link building, and content marketing there is a good impact of keywords rankings on Domain authority, and that is why Keyword research is one of the most important SEO factors.

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