Web Development for E-Commerce Startup – Where Is the Start?

The website is very crucial for e-commerce business. Startup from the perfect environment is super advantages for growing in the future.
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Software development in general – and e-commerce web development in particular – is necessary for business. Software development life cycle is a complex process and takes a long time. Of course, web development takes a lot of effort as well.

In this post, we’ll show you some notices in initialing web development to clear the action for startups and where e-commerce startup paradise is.

Your Startup’s Online Selling Platform for Web Development

Two main players in this game you should consider are Shopify and Squarespace. Some criterions such as price, credit card fees, access & features, available templates… will help you have the right fit for your e-commerce website!

High-Quality Product Content

Web Development for E-Commerce Startup – Where Is the Start?
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It’s extremely important to make your customer decide to buy your product. After price, detailed, exact product information and photos are obligatory because they will help you achieve more sale. Choose words that aim to customer persona and need, the product benefit and hyper-specific keyword for SEO.

Build Audiences with Email

MailChimp, constant contact is our recommendation. You can compare both email platform and decide what to use. With email, you can send out the newsletter, update promotions, event, new products, flash sales, cart abandon… However, don’t bother your customer with too much email, they can list you as spam or even unsubscribe forever.

From Data to the Information

Gathering data and convert them to the helpful information for your business.

A website is not only clean aesthetics and intuitive but also aim to the right audience and generate more lead and purchase. So, this is some must-have data you should gather: how old are they? Where do they live relatively? What are their jobs? How much do they have monthly?

“To know oneself is true progress” – let’s find out and analyst top organic competitors, and strong competitors.

The Early Goal for Web Development

Changing the core elements on the website is difficult. So, you must identify your goal and research carefully before starting web development and design.

In-House or Outsource?

You must decide your website project use in-house or outsource. With in-house, you can customize all thing you want with high expectation but it’s expensive. With outsourcing, it’s cheaper than in-house, depending on your budget, outsourcing company will offer you the service equally. The web development part will provide: Security with encryption, design focused on customer experience, robust features, Search Engine (SEO) friendly code, responsive for several devices such as desktops, tablets, & phones; system managing content, advanced options, and plugins, handle high traffic, traffic spikes, efficient programming membership system, auto ship, financing options such as payment processor integration, e-invoicing or billing through internal management software. Top of that is the ability to update and change as your business develops.

Okay, now you must choose the location that can be taken advantage of your business. You can consider Colorado – a state of America as your headquarter and start your dream.

Why Denver?

Colorado was used to be reported as the highest density of tech startups in the USA. Diverse, collaborative is some adjective to describe Colorado tech ecosystem. The state’s economy is robust, and it focuses on scientific research and high-technology industries.

Denver is the largest and capital city in Colorado and it’s eager to become the tech center with the fastest growing. Denver is quickly having several e-commerce firms and tech startups as well.

Why does Denver become a suitable location for e-commerce companies found and develop?

Here are a couple of reasons to consider!

Lowest Corporate Income Tax Rates

In 2017, Forbes listed Colorado as the 8th best state for business in the USA. One of the reason is the lowest tax rates. That makes the condition to start and scale-up your business. In addition, Denver is perfect to scale-up your system in comparison to expensive coastal cities.

Talented Workforce

According to Forbes, Denver is one of the top twenty most educated cities in the country. So, there are a lot of intelligent, excellent and great employees for startup firms. A skilled worker is growing business in “top ten cities of most substantial job growth in the tech industry.” Young, energetic and experienced staffs appear more and more in Denver. 


You can join in so many networking groups, online groups, and mentoring organizations. Ask what you don’t understand or answer and share your knowledge and skill for everyone with the same field.


You need to scale up and you haven’t enough equity to grow. Attracting funding is critical for this period. Colorado is proud of becoming the best-funded location. Venture capital is continued to invest in startup firms. Investors are always interested in Colorado-based companies.

Balance Work-life

Almost company founder hopes all employees are happy, motivated and enthusiastic in order to work an effective work day and make value for the company.

You must work for living, for passion but you need to entertain and live in a comfortable environment. As the capital of Colorado, Denver is the main transportation, best park system, and several mountains, you can enjoy the benefits of this city. Eco-friendly living is always an attractive lifestyle. 

A good lifestyle is necessary for success, isn’t it?


A website is like the face of the company. In some cases, it’s the primary connection between you and your customer. Don’t build your website so complicated and difficult to navigate for your target audience. The stand-out and exceptional website makes a lasting impact on your customer. They will easy to memorize. Hope you to have an intuitive, fast, and responsive website as soon as possible. E-commerce Denver-based firms sound good. It can be a suitable choice for your business. You can tell us know about your experience in the first startup period by commenting below!

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