Why Does Communication Play a Crucial Role in A Team?

Communication plays such a crucial role in team building and helps the organization extract the best out of the members. Are there any problems happening as communication no affecting?
Why Does Communication Play A Crucial Role In A Team
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Before talking about anything else, take a look at the workplace that communicates effectively.

How A Healthy Workplace with Good Communication Looks Like?

Employees who communicate effectively at the workplace are courageous, innovative and disciplined. These three factors are levers of performance according to the communication survey for 2009/2010 of Watson Wyatt.

A company where employees can voice their opinions, ask for feedback and talk to each other unhesitatingly is a team that communicates well. Every employee is given many chances to perform and communication is never compromised.

The manager of the team is the leader and not the boss and he tries to find the best solutions to the team problems without further ado. The name of the company that strikes my mind thinking about openness and information sharing at the workplace is HubSpot. It was nominated in the list of Entrepreneur’s inaugural top company. HubSpot creates a commendable & unexpected workplace culture. The company has redefined the meaning of transparency in business.

What Is a Good Team Communication?

Team communication revolves around the team’s interactions and organizational transparency.

Good communication is just a stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Good team communication is an integral element of business success. A healthy conversation among teammates mitigates conflict. It is an underlying factor to increase employee engagement.

A company, which promotes communication among the employees, has happy employees. Good team communication is a lot more than lunchtime gossip, chat in the WhatsApp group and share your requirements. But it is to explain to them ‘why.’ It is not what you say, it is more of how you say it. The ‘how’ factor weighs more than ‘what.’

In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly. — Mark Sanborn

The quality of communication at the workplace evaluates a leader. It separates a poor leader from a true leader.

“The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.” — General Colin Powell

Where Does a Team Go Wrong?

One of the most common reasons for project failure is the lack of proper interaction and communication within team members. Why not see it with an example. In a multinational company, the manager used to put his position ahead of the interest of everyone and always desired to be right. ‘Why’ he was honored with that position was of little worth for him. He remained intransigent and seeded precedence in his attitude and behavior.

Gradually, he started restricting his team members to share any information with other senior leaders. Consequently, other employees’ work started suffering. Nobody had the courage to clear their doubts. The work environment deteriorated and knowledge sharing dropped to an all-time low. The prolonged absence of the leader from the office and miscommunication led to missed deadlines. In this way, the team lost sincerity and its productivity dropped down.

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