3 Web Design Components Denver Institution Should Really Care About

The following three component groups will mainly demand-driven by students and parents, and we need to get it done on your web design plan
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The needs to establish an organization’s presence online has spread to all business sectors.

Of course, educational institutions are not an exception and especially not Denver institution. Students will instantly turn to the website when they need to look for information. Therefore, web design plays a crucial role in convincing visitors to take action or else your site will be nothing less than decorations.

When speaking of web design, there are a variety of stakeholders on which the site will make an influence. Therefore, this article will only focus on the crucial elements affecting the most important stakeholders: the potential student and their influencers.

Then, what are the must-have features of web design components to hold the upper advantage of competition?

Let’s find out.

Web Design Component Group No.1 | Reaching Out

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There is a reason why I named this group: “reaching out.” Mostly because the following factors represent the organization’s effort to reach its target audience. They are

Contact Information

This session is a must-have one. It includes the identity of your school or organization, email address, postal address, telephone number, the staff’s name of a representative who deals with the request from parents and the other staff’s name who deal with third parties, etc. Literally, it’s the list of methods to let people contact you.

Social Media

Nowadays, people do not depend only on what you have to say but also based on the community. As a result, social media footprint is one of the most trusted sources for students and parents to verify what you have stated on your website. On social media, users can express what they want to say, and this can be the ultimate source of word-of-mouth marketing. As a result, considering integrating social media buttons or even social media proof in web design is not a bad idea. It shows your prospects your institution has built an active, engaging, and meaningful community.


Blogging has always been a favorable marketing tool for most entrepreneurs. If your organization’s focus business is on short-term courses or online courses, then, get your web designer to make a blogging section quick.

Blog plays many roles in an educational institution. Many of which is to provide your prospect as much information and sink in your marketing funnel. Also, it will leverage your search engine’s ranking for being so SEO-friendly.

News, Announcement, Calendar

One thing to remember to add into your web design’s references is the section where you can inform your students about the upcoming events, important announcement and school’s calendar or you can call it a bulletin board.

Web Design Component Group No.2 | All Things User

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User means both the students and the parents.

Thankfully, they are all human :). So, Denver institutions should not worry that the following factors won’t affect them.

“Wow” Headline

I’m sure you are fully aware of how much information users take in when researching for the most suitable school? The information varies from the school’s location, the school’s reputation, scholarships, external events, etc.

Too many to handle, too much to process.

So, what would be the best way to leave the best impression? What would make user instantly remember your institution rather than your competition?

A compelling headline would be able to do the trick.

The compelling headline across your institution deservedly earn itself a spot of consideration in the organization’s web design.

Images and Video in High Definition

This factor must be included at any cost whether it’s your picture or picture from the stock market. And then, picture the significant effect of the compelling headline and high-quality media. It makes the user more interested than the dull website. And as a result, it shall convince the visitor to pay more attention and spend more time on your page.

Get Your Visitor Well-Navigated

We know that Denver institution has a lot to offer. A typical website has a vast number of pages, and it’s filled with tons of information. Of course, we do not wish the visitor to drown in the pool of information your web provides. As a result, navigation comes in handy, and the good news is that web designer has a lot of design ideas to choose.

The more intuitive the navigation is, the more time on site of each visitor increase. Because in the end, they are out of the wood and find themselves satisfied with what they came for

Call to Actions

Well, you know what they say.

Call to actions or CTAs is crucial for the conversion from prospect to sealing the deal. It’s not merely what you tell your visitor to do when they are already on your site for a certain amount of time. CTA is the light at the end of the tunnel when the journey you have taken your user go through finishes. The moment is pretty much when your visitor feel like there is something rushing in their vein and requiring them to take on the next step. And the action varies based on your business needs such as email, phone number, survey form, etc.  

And one thing to remember

CTA should never be so dull. It should be personal and natural as if you are talking to your visitor.

So do remember to include this feature in your web design’s references.

Mobile Integration

Leaving out mobile integration for your web design would be unwise. Why? Users, specifical students, are mostly “dwelling” on their phone for most of their daily tasks. And once they access your site, it should be well-optimized to fit with the phone narrow and vertical space. Moreover, mobile optimization also contributes to your site’s search engine ranking which is something worth keeping in mind.

Web Design Component Group No.3 | for the Students

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the second group is more about psychology aspect for the user. Here we are, we come back with the essential components that should be on your site no matter how much information you want to fill within your web design.

Services Packages

An educational institution does not only provide one educational package but many different packages as well. What students and their parent’s desire are how your institution help them visualize the educational picture through web design elements. The elements could be prices, academic courses, expected career path, scholarship, learning environment. And your institution has to deliver this through web design’s interface.

Student Testimonial

The testimonial is something that proves Colorado’s institution’s effort toward the student after they have completed their course. The testimony could be a different kind of formats such as quote, text, video, etc. And testimonial works best with hopeful and full of determination prospect students. Also, it’s one of the best methods to convince the parents to get on board with their child over deciding which Denver institution to invest. Therefore, put much effort into the student testimonial on your web design plan.


FAQ stands for ‘frequently asked questions”. The FAQ is the institution’s representative. They come in very handy when your operator or assigned contact person is not there to answer all the burning question from the students. In that case, be sure to include on your web design detail and well-researched list of problems with a satisfying answer.


As I mentioned earlier, a Denver institution has a lot of stakeholders involving in the value chain. There are application submission portal, student portal, lecturer portal, staff portal, and third-party portal. Do clearly set them apart and give these their section, or maybe even a secondary site linking to your main site.

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