Have You Utilized a Real Estate AR App in Business Setting?

In this article, we will show you the way that AR aids real estate business and some features you can use for your app development.
Real estate AR app development
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Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR) is not a far future technology anymore. It’s used in a lot of industry such as entertainment, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, etc. With AR glass and app, AR can help the consumers to be easy, fast and intelligent. Develop a common app is already tough stuff, then AR app development is more difficult.

Real estate is already reaping the benefits of AR. AR app development for the real estate industry sounds quite amazing, right? OK, now let’s find out how AR provides business opportunities in real estate.

Utilize AR App in Construction and Decoration

AR app enables virtual furniture
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AR app will help the architect to generate a pop-up interactive 3D model of the home or the commercial building design structures. In addition, it has some pieces of digital animated content. Fabricators and engineers use digital drawings for their projects and transform the prototype (drawing board) to the construction phase easily.

AR Interior design apps supply the function that you can choose a favorite floor and wall coverings, house furnishing and fixtures for your house. 3D furniture looks great and vivid. You can scale them according to room dimension and swap between different products or even change color and pattern as well. Therefore, it’s helpful for housing renewal and refurbishment.

AR App for Selling

Selling Without Physical Viewing the Property

You can take a quick 3D virtual tours of home or condo building with a simple gesture. Pointing your smartphone or tablet at the brochure image and it will show you the magic. With faraway and busy buyers, it’s the most useful app. Moreover, some real estate investors don’t feel the need to visit the property. They can see layer-by-layer of the future building, even hidden object such as electricity and sewage pipes plan. Besides, it can show you the surrounding area, so you can see which and how many supermarkets, schools, office buildings, swimming pools, restaurants are. This type of app development is a high level because you have to apply the latest technology advance into an app.

Take on a House-Hunting Expedition

When you don’t want to take the 3D virtual tour and want to walk around looking for home sale and rent or available office space. In this case, AR app has a function that shows rented or sold information including price, address, estimated property value at that time, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms, square footage… when you point the camera at the property.

All in all, AR app offers more details about the properties, home tutorial manuals with rich visualization such as image, video, animation.

Benefits of Real Estate AR App

A lot of benefits from real estate AR app development
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As you can see, the AR app supports for several real estate lifecycle’s phases. To sum up, there are a plenty of typical advantages when using the AR app:

  • Easy to explain the property to the clients.
  • Reduce design and construction errors.
  • Save time and expense (operational cost, contact cost, stage-the-space cost and a lot more) for buyers, sellers and realtors.
  • Make the purchase process fast with clear vision.
  • Share buyer’s intend property options for their family, friends and colleagues to have some advice before deciding.
  • 3D visualization is rather than 2D flat format.
  • Effective sale with animated call-to-action buttons.

The Must-Have Features for AR App Development Project

AR view: Obviously, the app can visualize homes from printed brochures.

3D walkthrough: It allows users to navigate the real estate projects in the 3D model using simple touch and swipe gestures and explore different niche areas and features.

360-degree view: The App can also be in the 360-degree mode to visualize the real estate project.

Multi-Catalog: Real estate brokers can save several property brochures within the same app at the same time.

Sales Connect for realtors (call-to-action button): The buyers can connect directly with Sales agents via call button & email.

Project Save/ Load: Scenes of user home, their contents and parameters may be saved to the database. Make sure that it can be reloaded, summarized and reloaded later.

iOS and Android operation system: Possibility of running on iPhone, iPad and Android devices without any adjustments.

Configuration Editor: It allows the user to configure the properties. And then, the configuration can be applied for several object assembling.

Style with CSS: App is customized with HTML and CSS. You can custom the app as easy as you want.

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Typical Real Estate AR Apps for Your Reference

You should consult some typical apps before developing app
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IKEA place: It’s a decorated app. It allows you to enhance your home with their online furniture catalog. You can see how they fit and look with your favorite items.

MagicPlan: It is used to create and edit floor plans, view space in 3D, furnish a home, etc.

Astralink: It’s useful for construction because this app allows viewing the finished door, floor, pipes…

RealAR: This app will enable you to “place, navigate, walk through and around your 3D models” in the real environment.

ARHouse: It allows visualizing projects presentation with 3D model or blueprint and sharing with the customer.


AR applies to app development that helps solve a lot of problems of designing, constructing, selling and buying a property. From app idea to real product is very hard, but it contributed capacity for the real estate industry a lot. Give this gene of app a try and develop it for your agent. If you are a Denver designer, an architect, a construction company, a real estate agency or a furniture company, … Whichever you are, if you need AR app development help, contact Envzone right now.

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