LinkedIn & Brilliant Practices to Generate Reliable Streams of Leads

Probably considered as one of the overlooked and underrated social media platforms from marketers’ perspective, LinkedIn – once smartly leveraged – can be an awesome platform for lead generation.
LinkedIn & Brilliant Practices to Generate Reliable Streams of Leads
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Lead generation is an important aspect of any organization. You’ll need a steady stream of leads if you wish to pay clients.

Here’s how to use LinkedIn to get leads without wasting your time.

Make Your Profile More Appealing to People Who Want to Connect With You

In many circumstances, you’ll be interacting with folks you’ve never met before. As a result, you must ensure that your profile is as optimized as possible, otherwise you risk being flagged as a spammer (on top of getting poor results).

Concentrate On the Decision-Makers

When you’re producing leads, it’s critical to keep the sales cycle in mind. It covers everything, from getting a lead to nurturing that lead to closing the deal.

Prior to Pursuing New Leads, Follow Up with Old Ones

If you target enough people, you’ll eventually make a sale. However, the quality of these leads is also critical. Many people gather a large number of leads, initiate contact, and then stop. The process is then restarted. What’s the problem with that? There will be no follow-up.

Use Content Marketing to Put Lead Generation On Autopilot

LinkedIn’s publishing platform is one of its most powerful features. There is no better way to convert customer than to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Create an Enticing Opening Message

When you contact someone, you have about two sentences to come across as professional and courteous.

Use these strategies, and you’ll get more high-quality leads without putting in a lot of time.

Contributed by Shawrya Mehrotra, Founder and CEO at Metvy. TEDx Speaker. 50x Keynote Speaker.

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