How Technology Has Shaped The Market in Travel Industry

Technology is a crucial factor influencing human decision of traveling. There are many benefits of moving in the era of technology.
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Don’t let your winter be an indulgent season with a warm blanket; winter travel also has its unique features that you can’t resist. But now just staying in the house, with a wide array of new technological advances, we can easily see the vibrant canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands which is like a sparkling art gallery, or you can immerse yourself in ice caves in Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland, etc. There are countless recommendations for a full joy and memorable day trip.

Human beings have undergone dramatic changes in science and technology. Today you just need to sit at home, connect to the internet by phone or laptop and enjoy everything that is halfway around the world or even more than that.

Technology has made a significant contribution to the development of the travel industry.

1. Technology Has Made Traveling More Environment- Friendly and Less Time-Consuming

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Online ticket is a much quicker and cheaper way since you can buy a ticket at home.

In the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, you must be frustrating to queue for train, air or hotel booking tickets. You are tired of waiting around out there! However, nowadays, thanks to online booking support tools and electronic ticket registration, queuing for tickets is almost outdated. Just one click on the phone to access selling airline tickets websites and choose for yourself the best seat without any fears of struggling. Thanks to that innovation of technology, we also can contribute to reducing a significant amount of papers to print tickets and travel guidelines which cause harm to the environment.

2. Technology Saves Your Luggage’s Space

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People currently have a habit of taking books with them when waiting for the plane to take off or bringing an iPod to listen to music. Forget it! We don’t need to bring that much, what we need is a Spotify account or iTunes which helping us stream and play music on the move. The same with “bookworms”, we do not need to hard think about how to bring a book because we have Amazon Kindles, a whole treasure of knowledge comes out neatly.

3. Technology Helps us Overcome Language Barriers

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Previously, when traveling in foreign countries, we needed local interpreters or dictionaries all way long. It takes time to remember some basic sentences to communicate. Today, all you need is a smartphone with applications like Google translate or iTranslate. This application allows you to use the camera to scan words, then automatically translate the language you want. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Chatbots

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Chatbots is a great companion. A lot of hotels and restaurants around the world have provided messaging options for their customers, by delivering messaging capabilities through their apps or setting up messaging channels on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. But the central core is still chatbots that allow users through the interface to chat and exchange information.

For example, HiJiffy – a chatbot used a lot in the hotel via Facebook Messenger. Artificial intelligence allows the chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) immediately so users can check prices, availability and make reservations directly on Messenger. This product helps hotels provide customers with appropriate services at the right time.

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5. Buy the Whole World with an Empty Wallet

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It was thought to be a joke that turned out to be real. What if I forget my purse during travel time? Take it easy!

Since nowadays not to remember your new phone is the end of the world, not a wallet any longer, everything is much easier with electronic payment through payment applications such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Wallet. The most highlighted feature when paying through apps is that it is such a great convenience since we don’t need to carry too much money. It’s time to forget the old times when you must always be aware of being stolen!

6. Technology Allows us to Have Unique Personal Experiences

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It is the chatbots, the proper website, blogs, applications and services that have brought us great lessons. At this time, thanks to the beautiful things that technology brings, we find a paradise to enjoy, private spaces that was only a daydream before. Thanks to the development of technology, creating a personalized travel experience that we expect is now in hand. Technology has changed all of us, billions of people travel every year in the world. Smartphones, electronic payment, AI, IoT, give us great experiences.

Come on! We have all that needed for a winter trip. Now closing your suitcase with warm clothes and a smartphone, then go anywhere you want! You can rest assured to welcome the winter wind. Remember, do not forget to record romantic moments on your trip with your divine smartphone.

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