How Augmented Reality Can Enrich the Hospitality

AR enables travelers a lot of benefits before they make some decisions for their trip. Some apps support in navigation and transportation, accommodation, catering and tourist’s attraction that we will show you.
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As you know, Augmented Reality (AR) brings a fresh touch to the hospitality and travel industry. Presently, with apps that cost from nothing to a few bucks, you can lay the digital world over the top of the real world through your mobile phone’s camera view. Suddenly data on hotels, shop offers, restaurants, social gaming, even menu translations, is at your fingertips.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Google determines Augmented Reality as “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.”. In other words, this often occurs by overlaying information over a live picture of a physical environment.

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The mobile app is customized, trusted, location-sensitive personal security app that assists tourists by providing personalized and quantifiable travel security content. Augmented Reality is turning to be the tourists’ new ally! Augmented Reality is already enhancing travel experiences in transport, accommodation, catering and tourist attraction with innovative mobile apps.

Let’s see how augmented reality can assist and improve each of these sectors.

Navigation and Transportation

Do you want to identify where to find a flight? This augmented reality app below will help you.

App in the Air is a travel planning app, is easing the quest of finding flights for its users. The app lets users inspect a plane seat at its true scale, enabling them to make better booking decisions based on comfort. With an augmented view of the interior of a flight, travelers can directly compare their carry-on luggage to the airlines permitted baggage size.

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Moreover, we will show you Layar app, within the 3D layer, there’s an AR-view panorama map and a walkable walker route can be shown for every listed piece of architecture within the specified neighborhood.


Using AR to create all-around room tours with accommodation details, prices, service, housekeeping, etc. It is a good option to advertise your hotel and to engage guests to try out a full list of hotel services.

Many hotels are seeing the pros of using augmented reality to make the hotel environment more enjoyable to spend time in.

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For example, Hub Hotel has an interactive wall map in all room, that guests can point their phone to and check local tourist attractions nearby.

Now, we move on Catering section.


Voted by the Augmented Planet Magazine as the best-augmented reality browser of 2010, Wikitude enables users to find restaurants, stores and other places nearby. Using location-based augmented reality, this app recognizes suitable places around for travelers to visit. The only thing they ought to do is point the app to the desired direction.

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The other app you can consider is BuUuk – A restaurant recommendation app. You can see nearby restaurants in camera view as well as where hot deals are available. The data is user-generated, and users can accompany their reviews with their own pictures. 

Tourist Attraction

Discovery tourist destinations and attraction with augmented reality transforms those classic city tours more special. We can travel back in time, seeing the evolution of landmarks in time perspective, enjoy 3D models of places, animals and so on.

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For instance, L.I.V.E. Centre theme park leveraged AR at full capacity in 2018, combining art, culture, architecture, design, and retail with projections, surround sound and special effects.


Layering digital information over existing reality, AR is easing the planning journey and boosting travel experiences for tourists. With innovative mobile apps, these augmented experiences extended to travelers, easing their travel search and building up trust. Experts predict that embracing the power of AR can prove to become a boon for the hospitality and travel industry… So, will you use AR apps for your next trip?

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