E-Learning Web Development in Denver: Full Tips for Building a Successful Marketplace

An e-learning web development is complex and need a high level of focus. Full tips for building a successful marketplace will surely help you out.
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Cutting-edge technology is now creating a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. When you want to find out something, you go online. And the same with learning, when you want to educate yourself, you also go online! The use and accessibility of high-speed internet are totally changing the traditional ways of education, moving it towards “an e-learning platform” web development. Find out more about e-learning web development in Denver because of its promising potential!

E-learning platforms help us in discovering new information, catching up with what is happening in the world, specializing in industries, and thus enhancing your own skills. Hey, is it good attending classes and broadening your horizons without the constraints of time or place just right at your home! 

In its recent review of state online programs, the Colorado Department of Education lamented the shortage of online-teacher training and recommended that more online programs should be created, according to The Denver Post.

Moreover, it is predicted that by 2019, 50% of all classes will be delivered online, according to Imod Education.

And Research and Market also stated that the global e-learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025.

Since you are living in Denver – the new tech town in the world with fast-growing technology but the shortage of e-learning marketplace, if you want to contribute to this industry, it’s now time to take advantages of the shortage and prepare for the hard work to build an online web development in Denver.

What Is E-Learning (Online Learning) Web Development?

An online learning web development is an integrated set of interactive online providing e-learning content like tools, resources, any information related to education to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Classification of E-Learning Web Development in Denver

  • Open-source learning management system: The greatest advantage of open – source learning platforms is that they provide you with the opportunity to customize your organization’s software, select the most essential features, and make changes whenever needed. To make your learning courses more informative and engaging, you can integrate third-party add-on. Another benefit is that a community of developers is always testing, finding bugs, and improving platforms of open source. Some examples of this kind of platform are BrainCert, Claroline, DotLRN, etc.
  • CMS – content management system: CMC helps in generating content within system and allows you to develop any complexity of websites and web applications. You can select the required components, integrate third – party plugins, and at any time extend the functionality. Some popular CMS platform is PHPNuke, Drupal, etc.
  • Massive open online course: massive online course mainly provides for large audience who has Internet access. They often specialize one industry or offer different study categories and fields. The common thing of these massive courses is that they are provided by top universities and companies, giving students the chances to get an online certificate. Udemy, Coursera are the best example for this platform.
  • Web conferencing software: this kind of web development carries out online conference chats, video calls or classes to help in especially complicated topics or one-on-one tutoring.

Why Is Online Learning Web Development Marketplace in Denver Important?

  • Learning is putting under pressure because of the cost pressure and this rises because the investment in expensive technology, teacher salaries, and administrative costs. The Internet makes education much easier! Universities with costs as an arm and a leg, online learning can help in reduce overheads (manpower and classroom-based resources) and can also help with scalability. Forget about one teacher and many students putting in the room, with virtual realm, space and resources are unlimited.
  • The demand for flexible and continuing education is on the rise.
  • Corporate learning goes online making it easy to upskill employees.

Tips to Create an Engage E-Learning Web Development in Denver?

Now, it’s time to roll on your sleeves and start to prepare for the best e-learning web development ever. But first, think about what you want to create.

Doesn’t make sense? Then the notebook’s ready?

We start to make it all clear!

Planning Stage

1. Define Your Target Audience:

The creation of an e-learning web development requires setting up the target audience and defining the issues that will be resolved after the implementation of digital solutions. To establish a group structure hierarchy and build learning plans around those groups to meet the specific learning needs, you should map the overall learning goals.

2. Research Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors means knowing your core competencies. Do research about what kind of platform your competitors did, analyze its efficiency then try to think about your platform features which help it outweigh your competitors’ one.

3. Set a Clear Learning Objective

setting an obvious goal is an important step that help learners get to know your course easier. Leaners nowadays move at a fast pace so it is crucial to leave them a clear impression of the course which will make them stay. A clear goal also assists students in giving an overview for their outcomes after the course.

4. Create Great Content Which Can Make the Course Interactive

When learners visit your website, they want to find your value, they want you to impress them! Giving various kinds of content like texts, videos, audios, slides, the infographic will help you in attracting more learners! Why? People perceive content in different ways, some likes to study through videos, some prefers to learn through visual aids, however, they have one common thing, they want to be interactive, they want to get involved into what they are studying! Things like a pop-up quiz related to what they shave just learned will not only help them in memorizing but also intriguing them to go on your platform. That’s why creating the ability of interaction will increase your value a lot.

5. Engage a Good Educator

Good educators generate good learners! And great content is surely delivered by skilled educators. Just a professional trainer with passion, brand image can inspire your learners to start a course.

Kicking off Your Website Stage

1. What Features in the Platform That Customizes Your Learners’ Needs?

Make a list of it!

Here are some suggestions for common features. However, you can customize your platform by adding on more features accordingly:

  • Registration via email or social media
  • Filtering courses by category, language, age, price, etc.
  • Reading detail information about the course
  • Enrolling on courses
  • Creating profile
  • Calendaring with upcoming classes
  • Certification
  • Notification
  • And so on

2. Think about UX Design

Focusing on the usability and appearance of your e-learning space. Make sure interface elements are easy to access, adhere to a simple page layout, use soft tones and place all website elements carefully. People find you to help them learn so don’t get them distracted by many unnecessary details.

Elearning Web Development Denver-Fig 1
Courtesy: Coursera

3. Consider Building a Reward System and Offer an Online Certificate

For all students who complete the course, giving them an online certificate to verify them passing the course. For the best-performing students, give honors and discounts for other courses. This kind of encouragement will boost students’ self-esteem and help them in their future.

4. Test on Real Users

Test your platform after having a web development with potential users. Coming up with an idea is great but the feeling of real users is much more important. You’re not the one who uses all these things, that is your potential learners!

5. And Let Your Audience Leave Feedbacks and Ratings for the Platform

Students or learners will exactly be the right ones who can help you improve your marketplace. Giving the opportunities to leave feedbacks or ratings on how your website works is supporting you in standing out your good educators and how great the platform is.

The Bottom Line

“Online Learning is not the next big thing, it is now the big thing” – said Donna J. Abernathy.

E-learning platform is complicated and requires a lot of attention, especially when that web development is in Denver. Then, outsource a dedicated team, sweep out all complex steps, why not?

There is no need to be that hard working since you can outsource the dedicated team that is ready to get to know you, to listen to your requirements and make it the best! And that’s where EnvZone always came for! In the cutting -edge technology world when slowing 1-second means being left behind 1000 steps, no more hesitation to contact us today and all you need to do is immersing in the best experience ever!

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