Be Alert with the “Amazing” Website Development Experience

Why amazing is in the quotation mark? Because the website development experience will only be truly amazing if you know what you are going to deal with later on.
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Website development is one common area of software development and as a retail business, the importance of the website development weight more than ever. Imagine your customer standing in front of your brick-and-mortar shop and they find the front is way too unprofessional, then, that is a one way ticket to the potential customer Whereas if you put a great effort in making your shop stand out, then, the probability of a customer stays longer or even make a purchase of your product is going to take off. That’s why investing in website development is a serious matter.

You know what they say, website development is a hectic process. Especially building your website with a developer or team of website developers could be a little bit overwhelmed for some businesses. What situations to expect and how to deal with various cases?

In this article, I shall cover some of the most important features for you to give you a bit of head up for your upcoming website outsourcing experience.

For more detail description, quick-and-easy tips: Check 3 quick tips to have a successful outsourcing experience out now

For what it worth, let’s get started!

First, ask your own business this question:

What Do You Really Want for Your Website Development Project?

This is the first of every first checkbox you must tick before finding yourself a developer. What you should think about your business’s goals and needs such as what the business will achieve as soon as the website is integrated to your system, what kind of feature you would like to add to your website to attract customer to purchase or visit your store, what e-commerce theme goes along with your business culture/style and so on. All these elements take much time to conduct thorough research and go through a discussion with everyone on the decision-making group.

Knowing the Difference between What You Want and What You Need

The point that most software development agency is always complaining about their client is that the client always wants more.

Let’s not get your business in the same situation, shall we?

An entrepreneur needs to know that only after you have clearly identified which task, which goal NEED to be finished first hand then you can talk about what you want with the developer.

Let’s me put it this way.

The needs are the crucial elements that drive your website to deliver the appropriate product to your customer while the wants are the elements that drive your website to deliver the fittest or the prettiest product there is. If you are having a promotional program, then a website with promotion tactics will be considered first hand, not the flowery elements. Be aware that knowing the difference will bring nothing but an optimum result to your retail business  

Talk That Talk with Your Website Developer

No, talk that talk’s not a Rihanna’s album.

The talk we are talking about is communication.

Believe me when I say this, but miscommunication is one the most deadly and lethal factors threatening the success of a website development project. Lack of communication drives task to be misplaced, affects the project’s workflow, time-consuming and ineffective cost draining and so on.

That’s why establishing an efficient and clear communication tool for both parties to handle any situation that may arise. Communication tools vary from business to business like Skype, Teams, etc. You just need to find what fits your business best and most efficient for the website development project.

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(Include your website developer in every stage and establish clear communication with them)

More than that, your business and agency both need to do their own homework. What do I mean by homework?

Well, of course not literally, we are not in school anymore. The point here is that you should not get yourself in a situation where you ask your developer to “speak English”. Information technology has lots of difficult and complicated terms and so does your retail business. Therefore, both parties should hit the book and lay all terms out prior to starting the project to guarantee that both sides are on the same page.

Plan the Website Development Project and Remember to Stick to It

Drafting a plan for your business should be an easy task for every business. Deadline is critical to keep the project’s progress stable and it helps anyone who involves a clear, big picture of the progress and the desired outcome. The plan will also point out the responsibility and let the project manager keep track of everyone’s tasks.

Sticking to the deadline is often a tricky thing. We all want to keep the task and workflow smoothly. But easier said than done if you are not counting the feedback, the fixing, the laziness and million other factors that can cause tasks to miss the deadline.

Another factor you need to get things straight in the planning step is the budget. Retail website development could be quite costly. But then again, no pain no gain. If you have a limited budget, tell your developer to set up the most appropriate service package fit with your business capability. If you have more money, you can ask for a consult from an agency or hold a pitching session between various service providers.

And to make the whole project at ease, there are various project management tools for you to implement for your project such as Trello, Bitrix 24, or you could order a third-party vendor to manage the project for you. One outstanding solution provider is EnvZone whose mission is to re-envision your outsourcing experience.

Most website developers are not able to handle multitasking…so,

Give Website Developer Their Ground

Multitasking is something that most employees must take on in the start-up environment because everything is imperfect. However, the rule does not apply to developers. Coding could be quite time-consuming and require precision. One slip tab or missing a semicolon can cause headache to developers. So, instead of hushing them to take on new challenges, support the-front-end by keeping the distractions far away from developers and the back-end by keeping them stay on track throughout the project.

Most of the time, developers are “having their moment” so it’s best not to disturb them

All You Have to Do Is Ask Your Website Development Team

If you have a question, raise it to the team

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, tell them – be sure not to delay your project though. Make yourself feel comfortable and

If you are unhappy with the team’s performance, give them honest feedback

Honesty and straightforwardness always drive better work result and performance for both your retail business and developer

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