3 Crucial Logistics’s Technology Trends in 2019

With the significant improvement of digital technology, the logistics industry has importantly contributed to the business expansion which developing services, increasing productivity to gain more profit in recent years.
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Managing the logistics and supply chains have become frequently vital as enterprises enhance to globalize. Digital marketing is the critical point for developing the company business, especially when the company takes steps in globalization and expand into the new market. In order to fulfill the business’s requirement, companies must build proficiency in their logistics and supply chain that are able to face with the complicated and follow the newest changes in the supply chain.

In 2019, the global economy will enroll in the third year of broad-based growth, so firm needs to boost themselves if they do not want to be left behind. This demands the understanding of digital technology’s tendency and catching up with the latest technology’s form. Later we can take a look at several latest technology advance which beyond supporting our business, we can create the own competitive advantage in our markets.

The Growth of Technology in Logistics Industries

2019 Technology Trend Logistics
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This technology appears to sustain businesses in easing the handcrafted task, promptly connect to the database, and advance the productivity via the synchronized technology. Besides, with the growth in robotic technology, supply chain nowadays is a paramount key for business to affirm their quality, especially the well-known corporations are always pioneering in encountering with the new trending.

The robot with the high sensors, high-tech analyzing function, moreover, the optimal features in learning and operating to package, systematize and sort the products are widely used in different supply chains. By using the robot for arranging and transporting commodities, it certainly reduces a tremendous amount of labor cost or transportation fee as well, and even extend the productivity which is much more flexible in warehouse management. In addition, many firms broadly execute the Sawyer Robot system to allocate the goods receipt and goods issue.

Trends in Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology

2019 Technology Trend Logistics
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Augmented virtual reality (AR) system also helps to avoid the mistake during vehicle inspection, optimize transportation, and finally minimize the profound incidents caused by machinery. Using this technology can assist Enterprises to control carrier, launch the repair system, and estimate the operating of each carrier.

In the Logistics industry, with assistance from the virtual reality (VR) application nowadays, Enterprises can minimize the data errors’ possibility, in advance, this technology helps employees identify goods in real time, and optimize training and take full advantage of resources.

The Expansion of Internet of Thing Network

2019 Technology Trend Logistics
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The Gartner reports stated, by 2020, there will be more than 50 products connected to the Internet, which can earn more than 1.9 billion USD to the Logistics industry. The Internet of thing system (IoT) will be widely implemented by several sectors, especially in the goods carrier. IoT will be used in mostly warehouse management system, data delivery, conversion, the information analyzing, and information updating with along parties.

What is more, with the broad connection function, IoT can efficiently encourage the quick delivery of goods, provide efficient solutions in managing transportation, delivery time with the lowest fee. Therefore, most of the issues of orders, production location data will be updated effectively to save time and cost for the business. Moreover, it can propose automatically delivery plan with the data of location, products, means, and quantity. We can see the presence of IoT in most shipping method.

The Importance of the Transportation Management System (TMS)

2019 Technology Trend Logistics
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Due largely to the driver shortages, high freight rates, truck capacity and the high demand from the customer, transportation management systems (TMS) have matured into the prominent key to work through these problems and managed their widely sophisticated carrier networks. TMS is currently one of supply chain factors to increase more sales and better adjustment rates.

The advantage in using this application is charging when taking the best possibility at the lowest potential price, and the software also handles performance progress (i.e., carrier dispatch, rate approval) and establish sufficient plan in the shipping process. TMS results in the transportation optimization capabilities and even advance the key performance indicators (KPIs) with the data analytics.


In the end, we realize that technology has been advancing over the years to enhance the development of several industrial sectors such as logistics, supply chain, real estate, finance, etc. Specifically, in the logistics, the technology’s growth has helped to cover abundant issues and scale up the industry with prominent function.

However, it also contains latent errors that may cause troubles during operating. As we know technology may help us in different roles in our lives, we should not depend too much on this innovation and forget human existence. I can see lots of people exalt technology to the skies and deny the human’s contribution. Thus, we must learn how to balance the use of technology as well as taking advantage of human resources.

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