15 Roofing Marketing Tips to Build Brand Awareness In Customer’s Mind

Any products or service always need marketing plans and a roofing company is the same thing. We're here with the top 15 best marketing tips to help you drive customers for your roofing business.
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Roof maintenance is an essential part of most home improvement projects, and homeowners spend a good amount of money to hire professionals on this type of project. You are an owner of a roofing company and you have professional roofers, the skills to provide homeowners with the roof work they need, this article will guide you to succeed in this business. The only way to get a lot of business is to market your name out there. There are a lot of advertising methods that are effective but they do not last over time. Your mission is comprehending how to use and combine roofing marketing strategies accordingly at the right time. Besides basic marketing methods, the contents below are marketing strategies to attract customers and promote the development of your roofing company.

1. Make a website friendly

In the digital age, there is nobody goes around the world to look for a billboard or flyer that will direct them to a business or anything else they need. Most people want to have information just as soon as they realize they need it and the fastest way to get any information is going online.

When you establish a business and supply products or services, it means that there are people who need them. But unless they know, how do you supply services or products for them? So for the owner of a roofing business as you are, an online presence is necessary, namely a website.

That’s right! Your business can not lack a website. Most people will do multiple searches of your business when they need. If you create your business website, you should optimize it for the web and mobile devices. It must be easy to read and quick to load. Don’t let customers go away because of an unfriendly website. A website is a way that customers learn about your product, service, contact, and useful information. In addition, a review website is not a direct way that can help your business grow and generate potential businesses but your online reputation is one of the most important aspects of the success of your business. Customers feel confident to choose a business with high interactions.

2. Content

Let’s write engaging, helpful content that can provide visitors valuable information based on keywords to look for new customers. Content can be different according to each specific target group as long as keep visitors coming back to your website when having roofing questions.

The best type of content for a roofing company may be blog posts in the form of questions and answers. You should find out the the-most-asked questions of customers and create a blog post title with these questions. And the content of answers must be as much detailed as possible. Furthermore, the more qualified your answers are, the more reputation your business gets. Let’s show them you are an expert in the industry.

Customers need to see what you can do instead of what you tell them, so that you should show your customers how incredible your work is by taking before-and-after pictures of a completed job. The combination of contents and images will do credit to a business.

3. Video marketing

Video is one of the most underutilized ideas in roofing marketing due to many people more enjoys visual image than the content they have to read. You may be missing out potential customers if you don’t have a YouTube channel since YouTube is the second-biggest search engine but people still don’t make the best use of its strength. People think that create a video is expensive or troublesome. But actually, it is easy even a student of high school can also create a basic video.

Your customer will not care about how good your product is since they are not an expert that determine which is good or bad. What they need is the connection for them to comprehend your business. You should create a video with the content being process of working at the customer’s house. It includes matters which you encounter when you’re up on the roof, technique error, states of disrepair of roof, etc. After having done your work, you recommend the homeowner give you some reviews and this content should be inserted at the end of the video. These types of video will explain with customers what you do and specific service or product that they buy. When understanding what your business does, customers will be ready to spend money on your product and service. Companies have more reviews and realistic statements from the mouth of their previous customers are more believed than others. All of these things spread your company’s name and prove your expertise.

4. Research keyword to find out demand

Firstly you have to examine the search volume since this is a research which shows how many homeowners are actively looking for roofing contractors around your area by keyword research tools. Besides, long keywords are also used to find a business like yours and a nice idea for the long keyword is using your particular location in some of your blog and social media content such as “Colorado roofing”, “protecting roof from the sun in Denver”. These keywords target potential customers in the locality. 

5. Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click is advertisement which you see at the top of the page when searching for a term in Google.  The results will be charged an amount if someone clicks on. In spite of the rising costs, Pay-Per-Click is still one of the most effective and fastest ways to start generating potential customers for your business. Within a week, you must see the efficiency of this method to adjust strategy accordingly.

6. Direct mail

Most people discuss the work via email and they tend to ignore advertising or spam email. Therefore, you can another old method that is still effective that is direct mails, postcards, and door flyers. This way help you give information about new roofing business spread to neighborhoods near you.

7. Email

Despite being around for close to 20 years, email marketing continues to be a quite an effective online marketing channel. This is an alternative to using postcards, you should consider the email element. When most people wake up, they will check email. Therefore, you should take advantage of their habit and send them a greeting email or funny advertisement in order to stay top-of-mind with customers.

8. Advertisement for each season

Roofing is somewhat of a seasonal business so that you can develop roofing marketing strategies with seasonal weather topics. In the fall, you can place some image of snow damage to a roof, leafy buildup in rain gutters isn’t as big of a problem in the spring in your advertisement. This helps your potential customer think of previous damage and they will choose your business when they need if your advertisement is really impressed.

In addition, you need to show your services and their ability to change with the seasons and don’t let your business come off as immaterial because customers don’t know whether you can provide the services they need based on the time of year. While letting customers know that there are problems that might need to have addressed based on the time of year, you should also advertise your most relevant services for the time of year.

9. Discount for each kind of customer

New homeowners spend over $10,000 to purchase and repair their house for the first year after they move in. You can introduce your service at an exclusive discount price to help them save money. A similar idea is damage roof after the storm. Most people will not think of their roofs until storms destroy them. In unexpected situations like this, spending money on undesirable things make homeowners uncomfortable. Price discount will make them more comfortable and choose your business will be a matter-of-factness.

However, if your products or services are really good, the old customers will come back and new customers will visit because of word-of-mouth form. Let’s take full advantage of word-of-mouth form to up your marketing game since it is the best advertising way in spite of all available digital marketing strategies. You can recommend people that they can receive incentives, discount in the future or gifts if they refer others to your company.

10. Co-market with a relevant business

A roofing company may partner with a gutter-cleaning company discount for customers who choose to combine the services of both companies at the same time. On the other hand, roofing companys can created partnerships with the dominant suppliers in the market to increase brand awareness.

11. Make a difference to your roofing company

You and your competitor are in the attracting customer fight and you need to make your business stand out from your competitors. You need to bring a fresh angle to your marketing efforts such as building an eco-friendly roofing company you there are a lot of options that customers can choose at your company. Make it clear to your customers that you have unique things which your competitors don’t have and answer the question ” Why do they have to choose your business but not others?”

12. Be present on social media

Social media accounts can help your marketing strategy because it is simple, free even easy to engage with your audiences. But most people use them for entertainment so that you should not post evident advertisements. You only post content such as images of your teamwork, re-tweet happy experiences from customers, create contests or gifts on Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter. The more you engage with your audience on social media, the better your chances to reach potential customers.

Nevertheless, many businesses say that Facebook and Instagram are cost-effective ways to find new customers. But for a roofing company, you have to create the right strategy in place to make an impact on your business because it is not a normal product. In addition, Facebook business pages have difficulty that posts are unnoticed. Therefore, you must use the charged Facebook advertising strategy to attract the quantity of audiences.

13. Optimize SEO

Building content to make sure that your website gets a high rank. SEO content will help your website connect to new customers more easily while they are searching.

However, a lot of business make a mistake is hiring a SEO company. It may be a company from the local area, national SEO company and work in more industries and have no focus on a particular industry. It means they will work more hard if they have a new customer because of trying to get a website ranked. But they have another way that they have a network of roofing websites and blogs already established and they just plug you into instead of the traditional way. You will see a good result but only in a short time and they will help other businesses like yours. So that let’s look at the whole picture before choosing to work with an SEO company which promises to bring customers to your business.

14. Open the communicative channel

For most review sites, you can respond to customer complaints and questions. Be sure not to devalue what others say, you have to make problem clear which unhappy customers complain and you’d be happy to help them in whatever way you can. By responding quickly, you show others that you care and are willing to correct a negative situation.

15. Innovate to keep up with the changing world

Trend, demand, taste always change over time and this matter affects your business. Unless you keep up with them, your roofing company will soon collapse. Even when your business develops strongly, you must also find out a new business idea for your business existence assurance. In a roofing company, you need to stay on top of technologies, styles, prices, materials by updating trends of the world. Your products services must be the best and newest which generate success for your roofing company.


These are marketing strategies which are extremely helpful to gain new customers and keep current customers coming back. You should try a few strategies to find out the best choice for your roofing company. You can hire a marketer if you don’t know how to promote your good products or services and innovation will bring your business to success. Let’s look for new ideas every day! 

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