Robotic: A New Era of Innovation

Robots is helping your business to communicate during a crucial time in your development.
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When we look back at hospitality in the 30s, or even 1 year from now, we could wonder how we had managed without the help of robots, Internet of Thing (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI). But now, the 4.0 era is covering many industries such as Healthcare, Logistic and Supply Chain, Education and especially the Hospitality Industry.

In a Nutshell, How to Take Advantage of the Opportunity and Enhance Your Business?

State of the art technology, hospitality is hugely developed and becomes the industry with the highest level of competition. At step by step development, hospitality will have the type of business trends. Moreover, the competition is too high which make the market more exciting than ever before. This means your business needs to meet the demands to keep competitive. Therefore, if your company want to operate more efficiently, you would have to find a unique way to run your business.

Do not worry! Technology initiatives that are transforming the hospitality industry and your business. Robots are already helping, starting to change the way your business!

Let’s start with identifying the benefits of using robots that can help your business!

What is a Robot?

A robot is an autonomous machine able to sense its environment, carrying out computations to make decisions, and performing actions in the real world. Although most of us have a view of what a robot is, it can be more difficult to describe what “robot” means clearly. The term “robot” means different things to different people.

Are you ready to improve your guests’ experience?

One of the reasons why robots come out as a popular technology trend in the hospitality industry because of the idea of automation and self-service play an essential role in customer experience.

So, I will show you some example of the use of robots in the top hotel is using robots. It helps you choose a robot suitable for your business!

Let’s start from the beginning!

Henn-na Hotel

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Japan is a country of potential technological developments. They have been at the head of the hotel robot trend with the Henn-na Hotel which received high ratings in many years. At the world’s robot, from a small robot to a big robot have an enormous capacity for work. There are two types of robot. In the first case, dinosaur robots check you in and communicate in English, while the other one humanoid robots speak Japanese. Moreover, when you enter your room, by face recognition, there is another robot with the name Churi San. It can control the heating, lighting, provide a weather forecast, and sing all at your request.


Yotel robot can independently ride elevators and navigate hallways to bring you snacks and coffee, and there is an app to track their location. Don’t let a fear of not speaking the language keep you from traveling since Yotel is programmed to speak various tongues. Moreover, you’ll find one of these robots hanging out in the lobby where you can ask any questions. They can also play music and dance, or rather, move, with you.

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Hilton Hotel

Hilton hotel has a robot called Connie. They give you dining suggestion and information about the hotel. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Connie can provide travelers with as much information as they require; it even helps to plan a trip.

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Robots are making our lives easier. It’s up to you: Humans or robots at the check-in desk?

Collect Information

Sometimes, hotel staff is not enough to best satisfy your customers. Anytime when they have no capability to make changes or fix the problems, there will be an unhappy or mad guest. However, robots are becoming easier to handle anything that makes the customer feel trouble. Not only that, robots have the ability to remember customers’ faces, names, and preferences.

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Personalization, Personalization, Personalization

The basis of customer experience is the hotel personalization of guests visit. In reality, robots may not have a smile, and it can identify a customer’s face and remember names. Especially, robots can remember guest preferences and adjust the urgency of their communication. This way, for the usual visitor, it may have noted that guests prefer to send a warm towel to the room on arrival or red wine is drunk with romantic dating. Moreover, the information is shared with a team site. Your customer will be surprised by the high-level services and knowledge of robots. Plus they feel the technology is accessible, not just hard and plastic cold.

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Save Time

Thanks to robots, it is a more natural way than ever before to service all guests with a wealth of the information provided. Meaning gives your guests an easy and fast way to book a room, So, it can save time in chores by sending off the facility when old guests come back, robots can take them to the right place and prepare all things that orders. Also, robots can save on staff by providing suggestions or directions, something which for hotels, frees up the time of the team.

Furthermore, with quick check-in, great personal service, easily accessible information and reduced time to wait for a response and room service. Hospitality robotics is undoubtedly helpful, so much so that there are even quick checkouts. A customer’s experience creates memories, and leads to positive reviews, recommendations, and repeat customers.

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Wrapping Up

Their purpose is to create a great customer experience. And, but wait,…To be clear, robots are not meant to replace humans outright, but to complement them. I think for the very near future time, again, what you are going to see with robotics is more around replacing and automating tasks as opposed to full-blown duties of different job and roles. Robots is pretty limited in its capabilities, sure, but only get better at communicating from here. Oh, also dancing. Because why not!

Are you ready to welcome intelligent robots into your business? Want to share your thoughts? We’d love to know, so please share your thoughts in the comment section! And if you want to develop your business, contact us to get more details! EnvZone knows everything about solution development!

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