11 Recommended Features for a Branded Hotel App Design

An app with cool features that we recommend for you will attract the travelers a lot.
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Nowadays, software design and development (SDD) is more and more popular such as web development, app design, etc. From food and beverage, accommodation to entertainment, we look forward to having a website, an app or any software to discover. As you know, M-commerce has developed, business firms always encourage guests to use an app to buy their products or services. In addition, discount coupon and e-voucher are an attractive gift on an app for them.

Hospitality and travel industry isn’t out of this game. The important issue is the accommodation when the travelers have a travel tour, isn’t it? So, they need a hotel reservation app. Not only it has a booking but also has several features that users need for their trip. In this post, we will recommend some features you can have in your hotel app design. Let’s have a look!

Booking Information

Address, location on the map, price, and deal, maximum number of people for each room category, payment method (usually with a credit card), level and rating, inside facilities such as air conditioner, shower, dryer, iron, bed size… are necessary to show for the guest in your app design. Moreover, you can offer your services such as a restaurant, a spa, a swimming pool… on the app.

Of course, all information about the guest is private. A security data system is very significant.

Room Review

This is the most important feature for your customer should have as many as in app design. How the room would look like for the guests, allowing them to see and even experience for what are they paying. Professional photography and video are great implementations. With 360o virtual tour, hotel panorama video, you can streamline every corner of the room for guest observe. They can see interior decoration lively and obviously. Besides the inside view, you can offer outside view if it’s worth showing.

It’s beneficial, convenient for making a decision quickly and easily.

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Check-In/ Out

Check-in date, check-out date, contact information such as name, phone number are indispensable information. You don’t want to make your guest stand in a long line for check-in in peak-season by check-in/ out online.

Extended Stay Offers

Do you talk to other guys who just came back from vacation and hear them tell you that they hope they could have stayed longer? Let’s face it, a guest possibly arises this need. Instead of renewing another booking, you don’t have to get the guest information again. It’s beneficial for both sides.

Real-Time Content Messaging

Let’s push notification to your guest whenever having special events, news, and activities, updated menu or your restaurant’s opening. They maybe grab the opportunity to have a nice trip with our support. Or when the guests go sightseeing, the app tells travelers the promotion and the nearest hotel branch in the area via GPS. There’s a feature to get these destinations fastly. You can make the change in real-time through pushing notification if they allow your app.

Social Media

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At least you should have social fanpage on Facebook for people can follow your promotion and attractive destination, tips for travel or anything related to travel to reinforce your brand.

Concierges Communication

Chatting or calling with hotel owner or staff to get more information or other additional need during your journey that you can support.

Membership and Loyalty Point

The travelers often change the accommodation location; even they are familiar with your hotel. Therefore, you should have a membership program with a nice gift for guest retention.

People love traveling, and people love being rewarded, too. So, you should build a rule that guests will have a reward after earning enough loyal point or any rule with membership can get the guest’s allegiance.


After enjoying, these guests are able to leave a review or mark the number of stars for the hotel. You can also send out quick 1-2 question surveys right after the stay. With these feedbacks, the following guest will view and evaluate the hotel’s quality.

Potential guests can also leave markers with notes in the AR environment to notify hotel staff about their needs and their sentiment beforehand.

Insights into Guest Behavior

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Does your website understand what’s the next step once a guest checks into the hotel? Can it be smart to guide the next trip? Through Advanced Analytics, big data will be analyzed to increase their satisfaction for guest and driving sales for you. Moreover, any data form a guest can be used to the segment target audience. You can push notification to the right people, the right time to increase the chance to have revenue.

Additional Guest Services

Some lovely add-ons such as Trips & sports activities, spa session, access to flight schedules, car rental, weather emergency, area information, restaurant booking or even food order to room with virtual menu… are integrated all in one app. Wonderful!!! You should look for as much as partners and integrated into your app.

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Let’s make your app special with at least one of these suggestions — not only a regular booking app but also an awesome travel app for your hotel. Putting the guest first and you can get their trust, their loyalty.

Conclusion for App Design

Besides responsive and eye-catching app design, the app’s features are critical. Although there are a lot of features, you need to design an app look clean, easy to use and meet the UX-UI standards. Are you ready to create your app? We hope you have an app with steady download and use.

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