Cartasite is leveraging realtime telemetry to streamline operations, reduce risk, enhance security, and ensure effective utilization of critical assets for some of the world’s largest energy and natural resource corporations.

The Company has deployed sensors in 38 countries monitoring everything from pickup trucks to offshore drilling rigs for global enterprises like ConocoPhillips, Anadarko, 3M and Freeport McMoRan. Cartasite doesn’t build hardware. It builds the algorithms that sift through the torrents of data streaming into two, fully redundant clouds identifying the anomalies that direct more efficient response from field workers. Cartasite has well established, multiyear, recurring revenue service contracts with over 70 enterprise customers.

As one of the fastest growing Industrial IoT SaaS companies in the energy and natural resource verticals, Cartasite has established a reputation for superlative service and pragmatic innovation. The Company’s realtime geospatial dashboard, worldVIEW, is used to monitor operational status and orchestrate response to critical events. Thematically, Cartasite has a disciplined focus on those industries that must increasingly operate as a geographically distributed factory floor. The Company believes that realtime operational intelligence and geospatial business process optimization will be critical differentiators in the Industrial Internet of Things.

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