Internet of Things: Why Your Nonprofit Needs It Desperately for Your Own Good?

NGOs create mounting systems and connecting people all around the world thanks for internet of things.
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Undoubtedly, in industry 4.0, NGOs need to change their culture, keep up with the trend, put/integrate technology into operational systems and optimize human resources to improve their organization. Moreover, technology allows us to reach out to people and plays a vital role in sustainable development thanks to the positive alternative. And then, the smart devices are helping your organization to make tasks easy and fast. These intelligent devices made with sensors, and related technology, it is the Internet of Things (IoT). The future for your NGOs with IoT can go along to build a better future for everyone.

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Let’s start with the Internet of Things!

What Is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) is an innovative concept which means connecting “things” to the internet. Besides, internet of Things ( IoT) is a scenario of the world when each object and human are provided with a unique identifier, and they can transmit, exchange information and data through a single network without people. IoT has advanced from the convergence in wireless transmission technology. It is simple devices that are able to connect with each other from the internet to the outside of the world to handle any task.

Internet of Things helps your organizations make better decisions, improve your customer experiences, drive costs out of their operations and create new revenue opportunities.

All in all, the Internet of Things will mean a lot of data. and data can be used to increase personalization – vital not only in attracting first-time donors but also in holding them.

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So, What can it do for your nonprofit?

Data Access

A few years ago, donors had just given their money and expected the nonprofit to do the best things with it. But today, donors hope to see specific data about the impacts of their contribution. The process of collecting data helps nonprofits to build an accurate donor person, enabling organizations to better present their cause to the correct demographic. The method of collecting data allows nonprofits to create a precise donor person, enabling the organizations to better perform their purpose to the right demographic.

People and businesses really want to see results from their contributions. Through years of contributions, they want to see details of donations, transparency and open communication with the organizations they trust with their donations. Non-profit organizations are seeing this and more involvement with IoT technologies to collect data and give appropriate reporting for their members and sponsors.

IoT helps your organization to handle this. Furthermore, IoT helps your nonprofit share data with donors and helps you build fundraising efforts more effectively.

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What does this data mean for advocacy work?

There are two cases mobilizing funds for your organization or project. In the first situation, you have problems and the reason why your donor understand, while the other one has the data and solutions essential to fight for your issue. IoT is the main asset in promoting both sides by providing you with the information you need to convince donors to get on board with your force.

A great example of the Internet of Things actively helpings your organization is the case of Habitat Maps and their AirBeam sensor. The environmental justice group, Habitat Maps, has developed an air quality monitor that measures and detects pollution. This portable air sensor of $200 allows Habitat Maps to collect air pollution data in New York City including specific locations, times and air pollution levels. All of this data is transferred using Bluetooth technology and stored in the cloud to be remotely accessed by Habitat Maps.

This data is really important to Habitat Maps since it provides them the numbers to support their case regarding air pollution in the city.

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For nonprofits, the crucial element is the connection with donors. Internet of Things allows nonprofits to use sensor data to help forge bonds with donors and bringing the information they can digest quickly and easily. In many cases, nonprofits can communicate impact from an existing platform, including mobile applications, websites, and events of fundraising.

To give you an example of what I mean, consider a nonprofit organization based in the United States working in developing countries to help poor children by providing healthcare and educational service, while also investing in the community through interventions such as ground access. To attract new donors and create meaningfully and keep lasting donor relationship, the nonprofit can following way:

Your organization should create their mobile application, so donors use it to follow up to date updates to know when they need to support. It is sufficient to show that your organization needs them and their contribution is timely. For example, your organization can reach out members in many ways, including:

  • Making websites mobile friendly and accessible to a potential vendor
  • Messenger allows your organization to communicate with your members, donors
  • Online donation options via your mobile device or text donations
  • Mobile apps for members to access organizational information.
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Right? Of course, there are very inefficient and costly ways to add more technology in any organization, including your nonprofit. So, one should keep an eye on the Internet of things, looks like it is here to stay.

And now, I hope it is not too late to optimize your organization with IoT! If you need a solution for your organization, do not hesitate to leave us your project’s details and get in contact with EnvZone.

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