Guidance to Choose CRM Softwares for NGOs?

Nonprofits thrive on long-term relationships. With a customer relationship management software development, it is easier to build such bonds, because it eases the communication process.
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Have you ever had to jump in to solve a problem?

The answer is: Yes!

It is important to remember that every issue has a solution. Do your organization need a solution to help you strengthen and grow whether you are big or small organizations?

CRM software will help your nonprofit get an opportunity to connect and maintain a healthy relationship with donors all over the world.

CRM software development services play a crucial role in your nonprofit overall fundraising and management strategies. Let’s start with identifying the problems that can be solved by CRM software development.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and relationship data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal of improving customer service relationships, driving sales growth and stay connected to customers, it also could improve the company’s website, telephone, live chat, mail, and social media.

Nonprofit organizations use CRM software to is a donor management software built to help you create and enhance your relationships with your donors. A nonprofit CRM software helps your organization attract and keep members who are willing to financially or voluntarily support the organization.

In the 4.0 era, people are attacked every day with thousands of messages, so your nonprofit has to stick out of the crowd.

Why Should You Use CRM Platform for Your Non-Profit Organization?


Data is the key to any nonprofit organization’s growth. It can help retain relationships with donors and provide valuable insight into how your organization can grow. They keep the lights on, and the world saved. So, every donor is vital for your organization.

How to Choose the Best Customer Relationship Management Software for NGOs?
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Each nonprofit use different systems to store and manage contact data. Usually, they use excel to manage donors, volunteers, and funds. However, the challenge is that storing data in a different database and controlled by different people. This mean is the result in incomplete or out of date data. Moreover, this is not only time-consuming but also your data will be an error in a long time. A CRM allows your organization to handle all data all in one which can be easily managed by your team members.


Centralized data not only improve your nonprofit’s communication with donors but also your communication with your staff

The system is integrated on a platform, employees can control, update and interact with donors. Thanks to CRM software, they can contact donors and keep up with workflow in the organization. Furthermore, this information easily accessed, no matter where they are which department they are from.

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Without transparency, employees will lack direction and information. customer relationship management software will make it easier for staffs to share knowledge, connect with the right campaign, person and access the right content. The key is ensuring that it fits your team’s workflow.

For example, you want to send an appeal email for your upcoming Giving Tuesday campaign. If your team can update information quickly, they can to reach out to the same person for donation at the same time. This will prevent your employee from leading to a different campaign. Transparency leads to trust! Every staff keep an eye the flow of communication with each donor and need not to waste too much time to checking with the team to ensure they are not targeting the same donor at the same times.

Top Donors

CRM software will keep track and record activities of your donors. By analyzing your donor’s actions, such as the events that have attended or the most recent volunteering campaign they signed up for, the customer relationship management gives you an overall view of your target donor’s behavior. This data will provide you with the insight to build a relationship with the potential donor. When specific data can be pulled on time, your nonprofit capable of target the donor you want to encourage and work together in the future.

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How to Choose a CRM Software for Your Nonprofit Organization?

There is some CRM software out there. So, you need to know the benefit and differences between each of them to choose the suitable CRM for your organization. Let’s dive into these essential tips!


Does the CRM software provide the features to support the operations of your organization? Remember, unless it makes it more functional, your organization should not need to change its operations to use the system. If there is no functionality, it only means this system is not suitable for your organization.


Almost nonprofits are very sensitive to the budget. So, this is an important question that will impact the decision-making process. Because most CRMs vary on prices based on the number of users as well as the numbers of contacts.

Existing Tools

Which of your current tools and platform need to match your CRM? At a base level, the CRM software you choose should be well- matched with your website. However, you also want to connect to your email marketing platform, social media accounts, and your timesheet management system

CRM systems can it help your business grow and succeed. It’s the quickest solution. It helps keep the donor happy and does to your organization. Is it time to invest in CRM? If you want to know more, write to us. We will help you choose a suitable CRM software to solve your problems. Do not hesitate to leave us your project’s details and get in contact with EnvZone.

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