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    Laborjack began when cofounder Blake Craig needed some extra money during his years as a CSU Ram. He did this by accepting manual labor jobs on the side. This eventually grew into a legitimate business concept. Shortly after, he met cofounder Josh Moser and the idea of easily accessible, high quality muscle took off! Since then, Laborjack has grown rapidly and the founders are working diligently to expand their model.

    Their Mission
    Connect individuals and businesses to a community of enthusiastic college-aged manual laborers.

    Their Value
    Laborjacks do the right thing when nobody’s watching. They are building a team of honest, motivated, and reliable individuals. They want you to succeed as a Laborjack, and in life in general.

    Laborjacks hold themselves and each other to a higher standard. They show up on time, ready to work, with a great attitude.

    Laborjacks work hard and play hard. They always show up with a courteous and energetic mindset.

    Above all, the health and wellbeing of Laborjacks and customers is a top priority for every task.

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