Can ixlayer Revolutionize Human Care Regime with Frictionless Health Testing

Sustainably thriving within a sphere grappling with new products and solutions on the fly, Ixlayer makes it name by answering one of the most pressing telehealth needs - precision health testing.
ixLayer CEO and the marketing team collaborate at the booth
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Today, health is viewed with many different dimensions, including physical, mental/emotional, social, environmental, and economic – and some recent views put health more correlated. It is this diversity of perspectives on the old and new fantasy that is the key to building a comprehensive human care regime.

For that reason, in 2018, Ixlayer has been founded to build the future of healthcare, starting with health testing. The company provides an elegant solution for integrated health systems to deliver precision health tests for their patients. In addition, its end-to-end solution empowers integrated health systems to improve outcomes that require preventive care, digital health, and patient engagement solutions. That informs patients of their disease risk engage, and connects them to their care team seamlessly, on demand. 

From Testing Programs to a Cornerstone of Moving Health

As I know, Ixlayer has launched hundreds of testing programs for large organizations, health systems, and all levels of government, supporting millions of patients at the moment.

They make it easy for people to test for health concerns outside of clinical settings and take proactive steps toward better health. This San Francisco-based startup makes it possible for leaders in the healthcare industry, reputable brands, and essential service organizations to offer millions of diagnostic tests annually by providing testing environments that are user-friendly and seamless back-end integration capabilities.

Today, 70% of medical decisions depend on lab test results according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The problem, Ixlayer argues, is that 40% of them go unfilled. This makes accessibility to testing key to a patient’s health. Pouria Sanae, Chief Executive Operation of the company, found that if Ixlayer could increase the number of tests, then it will significantly improve preventive care. And that is really a cornerstone of moving health into the home. 

Therefore, Ixlayer wants to create a fundamental change in the way people approach their health — starting with lab testing. First, financially and logistically, the business makes it possible to test more frequently. The most exciting aspect of their solution is that it simplifies and reimagines an intricate diagnostic laboratory testing ecosystem. Besides, the future of consumer healthcare starts with testing, and by removing traditional barriers, they can not only shift the entire paradigm from reactive care to proactive care and improve access but also create new efficiencies for stakeholders across the entire healthcare system.

Also, one of their best tools to identify health risks and develop a management or treatment plan is diagnostic lab testing. The American Hospital Association reports that nearly half of Americans, or 133 million people, suffer from a chronic condition that frequently necessitates ongoing laboratory testing, and another 60 million people suffer from a chronic condition but are unaware of it!

Through lab testing, patient engagement can be well-improved, and patients frequently log into their digital health portals to view test results. However, many laboratory tests are not finished because of transportation issues, inability to leave work on time, lack of access to childcare, and other obstacles. Ixlayer thinks that if they are to alter the course of health care and include more people, when patients are “pre-patients,” then making lab testing easier and more convenient before a condition reaches levels of concern is very essential. And Ixlayer actually performs that way.

The Birth of Lab Testing and The Passion Behind

ixLayer CEO collaborate and a workshop with conference attendees.
Courtesy: ixLayer

Have you ever thought about why lab testing? Let’s get to know the passion of Pouria Sanae, the CEO of ixlayer. In an interview, Sanae shared that he was really into creating impactful change. And his passion was ignited in full at that point. He knew he wanted to next turn his attention to an industry serving the most pressing needs of our human condition: healthcare. Sanae has stated that “If you stop to think about it, we still live in the dark ages when it comes to our health.” For that reason, when Sanae and his partners co-founded Ixlayer, they knew they wanted to change the way people think about their health fundamentally, starting with lab testing.

In fact, each of the co-founders has experienced profound events in their lives related to lab testing – good, bad, and undecided. Their mother or father has to suffer from the disease. And that made them lose the one they love most. This is why Ixlayer founders are so passionate about this cause. They are so committed to ensuring that everyone has access to health monitoring and these life-altering insights far more frequently than just once a year. In addition, Sanae has lived in 12 countries and seen many different versions of healthcare — which means he can identify what is really good here in the US, and what is not working. He forced himself out of his own bubble so that he could drive his innovation forward. 

Thus, Ixlayer enthusiastic team of technical experts, creative problem solvers, and ambitious leaders has been working together to build impactful health products. They provide the platform to power testing programs centered around the patient experience. Ixlayer is also looking forward to connecting with industry peers, forward-thinking experts and engaging in thought-provoking discussions in person, and can deliver accessible, affordable, and trusted health testing to people everywhere.

From my point of view, by providing the infrastructure with white-labeled diagnostics and screening products behind making an at home testing program possible, Ixlayer not only creates a seamless experience for consumers, but also drives customer loyalty and lifetime value through multiple branded touchpoints.

2 Years Spent Working for Health Systems and The Continuous Development

Furthermore, the industry is moving to the new treatment model to ensure appropriate patient care. The best way is to simplify the complex relationship between precision health tests, physicians, and patients, therefore, ixLayer, has launched a first of its kind platform – Precision Health testing. The platform is the result of two years of close collaboration with patients, physicians, clinical laboratories, and health systems, it provides an easy way for community physicians to work in partnership with labs to enroll patients into research studies involving diagnostic testing. The business is also partnering with others like the Innovation Institute, Invenio Genetics…to streamline the delivery of genetic testing and results to its members. 

True to its name, precision care software is valuable because it is the “layer” of technology that connects the essential parts that make it easier to order and get complicated test results. These components comprise direct integrations into laboratories, integrations into electronic health records, on-demand genetic counseling services, patient engagement tools, and digital representation of patient health data.

ixLayer staff answers question from conference attendees
Courtesy: ixLayer

“The most exciting part of this program is that these tests can be ordered online by physicians and results returned through the electronic record. Results will be available to patients and physicians to guide clinical care” says Joe Randolph CEO of Innovation Institute. 

On top of that, Ixlayer has raised $75M in the last series A funding round. They now hold the lead in the health-tech ecosystem as an industry leader, providing innovative solutions to power precision health testing to physicians, health-focused companies, health systems, and pharmaceutical partners. 

Looking forward, ixLayer is laser focused on improving the delivery of diagnostic testing. They strive to provide optimal user experiences and transparency, regardless of whether testing is offered through population health programs, the patient’s physician, a consumer test, or a research study.

Connection With Patients Through Telehealth Models

Hearing from the WHO for swift action coupled with disappointments from their current partners in both clinical lab and digital healthcare systems, the team at Ixlayer has been working around the clock on a solution. They have adapted the Ixlayer testing platform, already being used by several national labs and healthcare groups to offer genetic and precision health testing, to now connect the pieces needed to scale COVID-19 testing, including connecting organizations and universities, healthcare systems and physicians, and clinical laboratories. 

Delivering laboratory testing to patients and healthcare providers can be difficult, even in the best of circumstances. For example, software development being costly and time-consuming, platform development takes time, security guidelines, and regulatory barriers… The user experience has to be developed for both the patient and the healthcare team, which takes tremendous time. For many laboratories, even when there is sufficient time to complete this procedure, these critical steps are not pieces of their core competencies as an organization.   

Thankfully, to date, healthcare has evolved to the point where most providers can connect with their existing patients through telehealth models. At a time when it is not recommended from an infectious disease standpoint to bring potentially contagious patients into waiting rooms, it is critical to assess patient symptoms and order diagnostic tests from a distance.  

Meet More People: “Where You Are”

Due to the effort of Ixlayer team, the execution of every process involved in executing a large-scale worksite testing program has been simplified. It accomplishes this at a fraction of the time and expense required without the platform. Physicians can directly authorize tests for patients based on a personal review of their symptoms. Any physician within the organization concerned can order tests on behalf of members. Patients can self-quarantine thanks to the platform’s direct doorstep delivery of care. Moreover, patients are also provided with a follow-up telemedicine appointment with their physician to discuss the plan of action in the event of a positive test. 

ixLayer team collaborate at its booth at a conference
Courtesy: ixLayer

On top of that, Ixlayer is a trendsetter in the health-tech ecosystem, delivering unique solutions to power population health and precision health testing. As innovators, they are always considering and preparing for the impact of the changes they are creating, and sometimes that can be as simple as reaching out proactively to gain input and educate about consumer vision.

What’s more, the company always tries to become more proactive and requires them to reimagine the foundation and cornerstone of our healthcare system, lab testing. They have also applied some innovative applications in product development. Instead of reinventing the wheel each time a company wants to create a lab testing offering, Ixlayer provides the infrastructure to enable trusted brands to launch accessible, convenient, and customizable health testing programs — for consumer brands, healthcare and insurance providers, biopharma partners, or essential service organizations. Ultimately, this means improved patient engagement and better health outcomes. Ixlayer powers millions of tests each year, this is incredible.

Bottom Lines 

For many years, Ixlayer has emerges as an industry leader in the health-tech ecosystem. They believe that building a precision health testing product is a problem rooted in technology and regulatory obstacles, not science. Their regulated infrastructure enables companies to leverage their internal scientific and clinical knowledge to bring new offerings to market in days, not months. 

Best of all, Ixlayer team of industry experts work side by side with consumer to accelerate innovation beyond any thought was possible. Ixlayer is said to be the company that cares deeply about the end user and patient experience. It’s not enough to sell a product or service, but to create value for the patient. 

The story of Ixlayer has let me ponder more about the role of startups, it is not just about starting a business and profit, it’s all about figuring out the social healthcare and putting efforts to help people access to the world’s best experts digitally from the comfort of their home. All things considered, I hope to see Ixlayer achieve an unwavering drive forward and continue to bring values to the table.

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