Udemy vs Teachable: Which one is right for you?

In teaching online area, Udemy and Teachable are the most two popular education platform that helps course creator build and sell their courses on marketplace.
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In recent years, online teaching has been no longer a strange concept in the education world. To help teaching and learning to achieve optimal efficiency, more and more schools, training centers, or even businesses are applying online teaching methods in their training and teaching processes. Along with that is the rapid development of online teaching platforms. It can’t be not mentioned the most two popular platform that create online course, namely Udemy and Teachable.   

To have deeper understanding of these two platforms before setting a plan to create an online course for business, this article will show the difference in features and function of Udemy and Teachable that will help you make a right decision.  

Udemy vs Teachable: The 7 Main Comparison Factors 

1. Udemy vs Teachable: Overall features 

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Udemy has a great feature set that provides everything in a good shape on the first sight of a new user. To be a course creator on the online course, you just simply go to the website, sign up and upload courses to the already preset interface. Also, other feature of Udemy is that you can create video, audio, and text lectures, along with various options on the interface.  

Here is the summarizing of Udemy’s best features: 

  • A popular marketplace for Udemy users to search for and enroll in your courses. 
  • Several categories that make it easy to classify your courses and make it easier for users to find them. 
  • Tools for sending direct messages back and forth between students. 
  • Support for promotional videos. 
  • An area to show instructor announcements. 
  • A built-in customer review section. 
  • Bookmarks for your students to save your courses for later. 
    Question and answer tools. 
  • Options to give out certificates of completion. 
  • Downloadable lectures. 
  • Supplemental resources such as class exercises and worksheets. 
  • Quizzes to test how well your users are doing. 
  • A mobile interface. 


As you see, Udemy is has more options for user to create an online course immediately but offer less of customizable platform. With Teachable option features, you will easily find out the difference based on its built-in tools for things like hosting and page building on the purpose of creating your own website. 

Here is the summarizing of Udemy’s best features: 

  • Support for a wide range of multimedia options such as audio, images, videos, and PDF files. 
  • A drag-and-drop page builder for constructing your entire website. 
  • A mobile interface. 
  • A built-in payment processor that accepts Udemy credits, PayPal, and all major credit cards. 
  • Sales pages to show prospective students. 
  • An option to use your own domain. 
  • Quizzes and completion certificates. 
  • Discussion forums and messaging tools for your students to
  • A student feedback form to include surveys and Google Forms. 
  • Integrations for things like customer support and email marketing. 
  • Excellent marketing options like coupons and promotions and advanced pricing. 
  • A complete affiliate program to convince users and bloggers to share your courses. 
  • A beautiful dashboard with student insights and extensive data on your revenue. 
  • A connection to the Stripe payment processor for credit cards, as well as the option to connect through PayPal. You can also take payments from over 130 currencies. 
  • A complete website building interface with hosting, data ownership, and an SSL certificate. 

2. Udemy vs Teachable: Design Dashboard 

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Both Teachable and Udemy offer a dashboard that lets you: 

  • See your published and unpublished courses 
  • Create course content 
  • See revenue reports 
  • Manage comments 


Udemy is quick and user-friendly. The only drawback is that you’re bound to the branding of Udemy so that you can’t customize the page layout. For your course to be published, you also need to meet specific criteria that can get annoying. 


The dashboard is much larger, with more options for the platform. Teachable allow you to have full control over how you create your course. You also get cool features such as Drip which lets you release content over time. 

Overall, Teachable wins in the design area because of its complete customization options and wide variety of easy templates to use. Udemy is great for complete design beginners, but it is not designed as beneficial for those who want to create on their own businesses. 

3. Udemy vs Teachable: Marketing and Sale 

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Udemy has a larger marketplace, which is one advantage for its marketing function. The Udemy marketplace is a hopping place, so it might be the push you need to get your courses out there. For example, if you’re someone who’s new to online marketing looking to get started working with Udemy could be more advantageous because the marketplace could drive people to your course. 


Teachable performs this marketing area better to those who actually want to build a well-branded business. So you have to ask yourself if you want to launch your course in the platform’s marketplace or create the brand on your own. 

4. Udemy vs Teachable: Pricing and Fee 

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If you successfully sell a course by your own marketing effort, Udemy pays you 97% of the revenue. 

However, if a student discovers your course through the Udemy marketplace, you only get 50% of the revenue after the sale is done.  


Instead of taking 50% revenue for a course sale on marketplace, Teachable sets different pricing options: 

  • Basic – $29 per month and 5% transaction fees. 
  • Professional – $79 per month and no transaction fees. 
  • Business – $399 per month and no transaction fees. 

With this setting, Teachable pricing and fee might be makes far more sense than surrendering 50% of your revenue to Udemy. It focuses on your marketing effort to make revenue. For Udemy, it can serve a purpose when you try to expand your own user base or just get the word out to a wide community of people about your courses. 

5. Udemy vs Teachable: Affiliate Program 

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Has its own affiliate program that you don’t have control over. 


You can start your own affiliate program, control the commission, see reports and manage your affiliates inside your Dashboard. 

6. Udemy vs Teachable: Email Marketing 

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Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers and students about the value that your courses bring to them.  It’s simple considered as an email sent to your audience whenever you release new content, launch a new product or share some free information with them to build trust and relationship. 


You have a built-in messenger system, but you’re not allow to promote your courses or link to anything. 


You get access to a basic email marketing tool that you can use to contact students and promote your courses with. If you want to use a better email marketing tool, ConvertKit would be a perfect choice for you. 

7. Udemy vs Teachable: Integration 

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Udemy let you insert tracking code for Google Analytics and Google Adwords. This is for figuring out conversion rates, visiting page view, or judging the success of a Google Adwords campaign that you’re running to your course.  


Teachable, on the other hand, you can integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and thousands of other apps plus use Zapier to integrate even more apps.  

The bottom lines 

So now, after this Udemy vs Teachable comparison including good and bad features, you can easily find out which one is best for your business, based on your technical requirement as well as pricing budget.  

With Udemy, it is suitable for those who want to take advantage of the popular marketplace. It’s a great place to get more students, without putting too much effort in your own marketing efforts. 

With Teachable, it is suitable for those who you plan on building your own business and controlling everything from branding to email marketing.  

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