Winning Practices to Effortlessly Migrate Your Business to E-Commerce

Based on the digital conversion along with the Covid-19 pandemic, everything will be digitalized at an unprecedented rate. Trying to stay ahead of the mass conversion to eCommerce and digital is challenging for businesses as well as retailers. “How to adapt and make difference in various similar businesses?” is a popular question with unlimited answers.

In this conversation, there is the presence of Rytis Lauris, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Omnisend. He will show us the method of the seamless merging of brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce based on experience gathered in the last decade.

He built and bootstrapped startups and making his mark in the e-commerce world successfully. Furthermore, he landed Omnisend in G2’s selection of the Top 50 Products for Marketers. Since 2014, he has used his platform to empower small and medium-sized eCom merchants. He realized that merchants need to stay ahead of the curve, and omnichannel marketing is essential to retailers.


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Rytis Lauris

Co-Founder of Omnisend

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