Relationship Matters for Personal Professional Growth & Brand Development

Digital marketing is a highly complex business full of technical strategies. Besides, Jeff Lerner has worked on all sides of the market such as media, the agency, corporate marketing, etc. Based on the difficulty in the market and working experience, ​he learned how to use digital marketing to reach customers and build meaningful relationships.

With his knowledge and experience, he has contributed remarkable effort to Flockfreight’s success as Vice President of Marketing. If you are very curious about him and what he made it done. The content in this conversation is for you. Jeff Lerner shared some information about:

· How does interviewing for a job at Google like? What experience of working there does he still carry with him? Why did he make the decision to leave?

· Why don’t we stop thinking of connections as people who may be able to do something for us instead of seeing it as the chance to add value to another person.

· How did he transfer into the freight industry without any experience in supply chain or logistics?


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Jeff Lerner

Vice President of Marketing at Flock Freight

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