Proven Tactics to Weather Through the Biggest Grocery Interruption Amidst Pandemic

Pradeep Elankumaran is CEO and co-founder of Farmstead which is an artificial intelligence-powered digital micro-grocer. In fact, more and more consumers are spending less time at stores and buying more online. That’s why Farmstead was establish based on the desire of reinventing the supermarket model through technology.

However, most industries have been shrunk dramatically during the pandemic, Farmstead is no exception. You know, the biggest disruption to the grocery sector throughout the pandemic has been delivery. So how did the co-founder of Farmstead solve this problem? In this video, he will show us some useful information based on his experience:

  • How is the artificial intelligence delivery interruption in the grocery sector?
  • Why is farm-to-doorstep delivery thriving above other grocery delivery services?
  • What’s next for the grocery sector?


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Pradeep Elankumaran

CEO and co-founder of Farmstead

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