Leveraging Social Media to Reimagine Real Estate Practices

As all you know, social media is one of the tools that help you advertise, skill-staff recruitment, increase traffic to your website, keep an eye on your competitors. Besides, you can also use social media to engage with your customers including attracting customers, getting customer feedback and building customer loyalty, etc.

The real estate realm is no exception. “How can you leverage social media to reel in top-notch clients in the commercial real estate realm?” is a question always asked by a businessman.

In this conversation, you will meet Tyler Cauble, Founder of The Cauble Group. He will show us the way that he uses social media to cultivate a customer base for The Cauble Group. He got this experience from a boutique development firm as an in-house leasing agent position. This knowledge makes him confident to start his brokerage and management company. With over 12,500 followers on Instagram, a potential resource on social media can help him cultivate a customer base for The Cauble Group and his future success.


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Tyler Cauble

Founder of The Cauble Group

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