Key Workforce Management Considerations for Reopening Business

Sarah Sunderman is the Director of HR, Compliance & Talent Relations for Hire Dynamics. She had working experience at Walt Disney and Coca-Cola Company. Currently, she is leading HD’s HR and Compliance teams.

Ashley Kelly is a partner in the Litigation practice group and co-chair of the Employment practice group, and a member of the Logistics and Post-Acute Care industry teams at AGG. She plays a role as the firm’s General Counsel and as a member of its Executive Committee. She trains human resource employers to devise a direct approach to resolving employment matters that preserves positive workplace environments.

In this conversation, Sarah and Ashley share their point of view about several reopening-related topics. From safety to employee morale, liability to state and local regulations, any executive leadership teams have to experience a tough journey, Sarah and Ashley as well.


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Sarah Sunderman

The Director of HR, Compliance & Talent Relations for Hire Dynamics

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