Howler Brothers: From a Digitally Native Brand to a Household Retailer in 4 Countries.

Howler Brothers was established in 2010 which is one of the coolest emerging men’s clothing brands. Their clothing designs honor the soul, passion, and timeless style of sports such as surfing and fly fishing, etc. Every garment and accessory is crafted with attention to detail.

Howler Brothers’ founders are Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian who spent their adolescent summers haunting the waters and fish of Florida and Virginia and riding the waves. The name Howler Brothers was inspired by the sound of the loudest animal in North America, the Howler Monkey.

Howler Brothers members are united by a belief in doing things the honest and pure way. They create all our garments and everything with these passions and values in mind.

To comprehend more about the Howler Brothers, you can refer to this conversation which was joined by Rick Wittenbrake, Chief Marketing Officer. He will share his experience in the process of developing Howler Brothers, including:

  • The way to drive from a digitally native brand to having a presence in retailers across 4 countries.
  • The reason behind the brand
  • How did they strategize for their e-commerce storefront vs. their brick-and-mortar strategy?


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Rick Wittenbraker

Chief Marketing Officer for Howler Brothers

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